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25 Apr 2018 15:48:01
I see oddschecker have removed the page for 'Next Permanent Rangers manager', does this mean some people know very well that its done?

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25 Apr 2018 16:35:50
Strikes me that with all the transfer targets being leaked to the media the new manager must have been appointed as he must be approving them. We just have to wait for the announcement.

25 Apr 2018 17:20:14
@tom vallance firstly its not a manager we are after, the DoF dictates that therefore any signings now and in the future will be on the authority of mark allen.

secondly mark allen is the reason we are signing these guys now regardless of who our new HEAD COACH will be.

genuinely wish people on here would acknowledge and understand the way the club is being ran now

25 Apr 2018 17:36:37
Its all being leaked for one reason only = season ticket sales!

25 Apr 2018 17:49:14
Future signings won't be on the authority of mark allan. rabc10000
He stated when he took the job that the final decisions on signings will be decided by the manager. Mark allen will identify targets and put them forward to the manager, who will then decide if he wants them or not.

25 Apr 2018 17:55:03
Betting back up for next manager with some firms. The betting now show Neil Warnock now joint favourite with some firms.

25 Apr 2018 18:28:47
Spot on Honda am quiet sure there is a manager in place and not announced to give murty some respect till the end of the season what a don't agree with is rangers don't tell there paying fans what's the plans of the club 4 weeks till first payment and if fans don't get any news on the situation by then well that will be utterly out of order buy Dave king that's just the same as paying for your shopping at Asda before seeing what is on the shelfs

25 Apr 2018 18:45:47
exactly honda

people on here bit confused about DoF role

he does not ‘dictate’ anything and decisions aren’t made solely on his ’authority’

his remit is to identify signings for board and head coach who are resp for making final decision

as for head coach himself, DoF will deliver a list of suitable candidates and board will decide.

25 Apr 2018 19:10:10
Trevor no7 as u posted that's exactly what I was meaning and more so with your last paragraph, the new head coach ultimately will have a say who he signs providing it's a name off a list. Pretty sure that's why a lot of British based managers rarely work abroad as they are not used to working under a DoF where they ultimately don't really have the final say

25 Apr 2018 20:06:53
“They ultimately will have a say” but “they ultimately don’t really have the final say” sounds like the opposite of what Trev said! As Trev says I think some people are confused.

25 Apr 2018 20:10:13
skyhi bet still showing SG at 1/ 2 with NW as 2nd fav at 13/ 8

25 Apr 2018 21:04:35
A lot of criticism about the appointment of Steven Gerrard possibly becoming Rangers manager because of inexperience at management! Got to laugh Graham Souness didn't have much experience in management and he didn’t do to badly at Rangers. Gerrard is a massive name in world football and I’m sure W would attract a lot of quality players to Rangers which for a start can only be a good thing👍🏼👍🏼🇬🇧

25 Apr 2018 21:39:37
Gerrard may be able to attract players but they still want to be paid and Rangers can't afford big wages. Gerrard is never coming to Rangers in the first place and do Rangers want to risk an unproven manager? don't think so

25 Apr 2018 21:42:13
28/ 1 get on Padrew people!

25 Apr 2018 23:05:58
Johnnymac at the last count, Stevie G was worth an estimated £60m personally with companies he owns worth another £30m. I don't think somehow that money would be an issue if we were giving him a platform for a few years to prove he's ready for the Liverpool job - a bit like Souness, actually, who was also an unproven manager. As was Walter. As was Struth. As was Wilton and even Greig. It's not always experience that's important, it's more often the calibre of the man, as we have proved often in our illustrious history.

25 Apr 2018 23:42:22
There a few Differences between Souness and Gerrard appointments- we had money back then, Souness was naturally always going to be a manager, he wasn’t in the worst period of rangers history where every year seems to have further disappointment and more unknown answers and embarrassment. Gerrard would be an awful appointment, management just isn’t the same anymore

25 Apr 2018 23:59:07
Hondaintegra, correct.

26 Apr 2018 12:03:51
So we’ve got Mark Allen to thank for bringing that rat McGregor back?

26 Apr 2018 14:45:48
Well said Burnbank. Same people on here who don't want gerrard want arteta.
Mcgregor also improves our team, if we don't improve we won't win league

26 Apr 2018 16:31:26
How long will it take for the Rangers board to learn from past mistakes. We first had Paul Le Guen, then Pedro. How many more mistakes. Steven Gerrard was a great Player, but has not managed a football team. How many of the Board have ever played football. Playing for a team and managing a team are two very different things. Rangers could end up the laughing stock of Scottish football.

26 Apr 2018 20:41:20
Any managers a gamble. Players are the bigger signing this summer. Put Pep into our team as manager and we are still average. Put better players in under murty and we get better so. Gerrard brings game knowledge and great attitude. i'd welcome it if he can bring in a few good players or at least influence the DoF's signings



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