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04 Mar 2021 10:51:26
I can’t see the SFA giving Gerrard a ban in time for the game v them.

It took them 2 months to get Neilsons ban on place.

Gerrard was right to call him out as it deflected the fury away from Morelos.

Gerrard backed him live on tv by his outburst and it proved a masterstroke as Alfie got his deserved winner.

Onwards we go.

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04 Mar 2021 11:22:31
They can’t fast track these things apparently he will definitely be in dugout for st mirren.

04 Mar 2021 12:44:58
In the current situation I don’t think being banned and banished to the stand will make any difference whatsoever, everyone can be heard, the stadium is empty, so it’s just a change of seat basically.

04 Mar 2021 12:54:16
Managers should be able to ask refs about decisions they make

Thats why var won't come to scotland as it will show the truth in decisions and how some dive etc and get away with it etc.

04 Mar 2021 14:00:55
INTR yes you are correct they should but not on the park at HT as soon as they step on to the park apparently it’s a red card offence.

04 Mar 2021 14:03:48
I just read the rules.
Gerrard would have had a yellow just for walking onto the park to talk to the ref. If he had done this off the park, ie waited on Beatson to leave then spoke to him in the tunnel, then he would have had a warning.
If he then got angry and argued it would have been a yellow card. Because he entered the field, confronted the ref, swore and shouted, it should have been a straight red. I feel Gerrard had a case for complaint, but he should have known he would get sent off for the way he went after the ref.
Beatson was still a fud, just in case anyone thinks I'm siding with him.

04 Mar 2021 14:50:45
That's my thinking as well colin1968, but most on the banter page say Stevie was right to do what he did .

Certainly not me as he should have known the consequences .

However we all agree it won't affect our team management.

04 Mar 2021 15:10:12
Well done Colin for clearing the rules up, Stevie should apologise, he might do yet.

04 Mar 2021 15:26:50
According to Clyde Rangers have appealed against the booking Alfredo got.

04 Mar 2021 16:35:52
Should have, but see to be honest I have absolutely no problem with him backing any of our players. Especially a young guy who is referred to a different standard from every other player in this country.

04 Mar 2021 18:59:44
Not true lads, the ref was going up the tunnel but Gerrard was not, there was only that chance to confront him. This is actually world wide sports news because of who it is and has shed Scottish football in a bad light. You guys can blame Gerrard if you wish but I choose to blame the awful refereeing we see week in week out. Gerrard is right, how did 3 officials miss what everyone else saw and then accuse our player of cheating?

04 Mar 2021 19:52:00
Jyf 100% correct beaton is a crap ref and he is following in gollum's footsteps with his school teacher attitude towards players and managers. On Alfie's yellow it should be recinded as he was actually fouled where is the consistency after ajeti getting away with his dive with no action taken. On the flip side it's actually embarrassing watching some players flop to the ground in the box, especially the Antwerp guy when davis tapped his ankle.

05 Mar 2021 16:51:42
Stu Munro good shout offered one match ban for tomorrow.



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