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11 Feb 2021 12:51:42
Hi Ed.

Not really football related more about the posters on our pages.

I get the feeling recently that some posters have multiple username accounts using them to boost agreements on their own posts.

I know you have talked about it a few days ago but was wondering if you feel like I do some could be using VPN to do this and is there any way to catch them out.

{Ed033's Note - If poster's do this and make a mistake with IP addresses and usernames, then they can be discovered on here.

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11 Feb 2021 12:57:59
Blue billy even if some do that. What actually difference does it make.

11 Feb 2021 13:26:24
If some people are that board burning lockdown that they feel the need to agree with themselfs or in fact someone reading every post to see if they use the same words or grammar.

Let them get on with it, if I make a valid point that I think is 100% right does not matter if 10 different users disagree or 1 user 10 times, unless I’m asking for other users opinions then all are valid ofc.

{Ed001's Note - it matters because they use it to be an arse, because it is dishonest and because it is against the site's t&c.}

11 Feb 2021 13:28:34
John if you have seen some of the silly arguments on here backed up by suspicious looking replies by posters who think they are never wrong, it may put a damper on them? .

It is after all an opinion site, and we all deserve to express them by being treated honestly.

11 Feb 2021 13:28:34
Billy, likes John says, who cares about “ likes “ I certainly don’t look at them, I actually forgot they were there TIL I read your post, it’s laughable but means zilch mate,

11 Feb 2021 13:35:46
Think I’m going to agree with my own point of view but cannot be bothered making a new name to do so 😳.

11 Feb 2021 13:36:46
This place is getting very paranoid these days and like John says, who gives a monkeys?

11 Feb 2021 13:49:37
I agree with the ED, people do it to be an arse, quite pathetic to be honest and say's a lot about the person👍.

11 Feb 2021 13:56:03
Sorry Ed, when I said they meant zilch, I meant they meant zilch to most of us, obviously they mean something to you,

{Ed001's Note - but it is also dishonest, so it should mean something to you too. How can you have a discussion with someone who can't be trusted to even make their point honestly?}

11 Feb 2021 13:56:25
Blue Billy it was myself that brought this up a few day as I was very suspicious about it with certain replys that come on posts from diffrent usernames and normally the posts are right beside each other. you just have to flick through comments and look at who's posted a comment and then who posted the very next comment after them.1 or twice is fair enough but when its continuos and the comments are written the same type of way you can soon pick them out. personaly I couldn't care less about it but I'm ready to call them out soon as it's clear to see, or it was a few days ago and sure it will be now or if not very soon.

11 Feb 2021 13:59:41
Sgree with ed, it's not what the site is about. 1 poster, 1 username. can't be having multiple accounts to come on n stir the pot. Make an account n post what u like, have the grapefruits to put your point across. Sometimes even admit you are wrong ( a long shot for some on here)

11 Feb 2021 14:07:51
Anyone on here with suspicions should name names. You must know who it is you suspect, so If you're that confident, step up and name them.
Before you do, can you wait 10 mins until my popcorn is ready so I can sit back and watch the s#@tshow unfold? 🤣🤣🤣
I'm so glad I'm back. And me! And me! Me too! Don't forget about me! 🙈🙈😜😜.

11 Feb 2021 14:10:21
I am with John on this couldn’t care less about it but I don’t understand why anyone would do it it’s sad.

11 Feb 2021 14:15:15
Nothing to do with "likes" Tom, i'ts about people backing up their arguments dishonestly by using different usernames to make them appear that their opinion is the only correct one.

Anyway, was a talking point was it not.

11 Feb 2021 14:24:41
Only Coops can do this and get a mulligan.

11 Feb 2021 14:29:45
Ed01 I was more talking about from a users point of view ofc as admins you enforce the rules.

As said on here many times, it’s hard to tell sometimes as ips change per mobile device.

You guys have a hard enough job when some of us post drunk and without putting our brain in gear 😀.

{Ed001's Note - because of the dishonesty of it. Surely it bothers you that someone is dishonestly using more than one account to try and put pressure on those that disagree with them? They are trying to make their point of view seem more valid than anyone else's.}

11 Feb 2021 14:37:33
Bluebilly, I get your point totally and that off Ed’s. I remember I was locked out, had two names ie John 25 and John 28, so it can happen.
I immediately posted I was one in the same person and thanks to Ed we managed to rectify it quickly.
I think the issue is where a regular poster posts, sets up another account then agrees or praises himself. That is so so wrong.
The Ed’s do a fantastic job, we should try and help them and play by the rules.

11 Feb 2021 14:53:16
Why are we discussing it like it is definitely happening? 99% of the posts are from established posters so are you saying it's been going on for ages?

Similar to if someone should have the balls to stand up to their point without the need for a second name, if you are going to keep bringing it up yous need to be naming names.

11 Feb 2021 15:04:11
Spot on ED👍.

11 Feb 2021 15:20:33
Very sorry again Billy, foolishly I read your opening gambit as saying “ agreeing “ and being a fool I thou Agree and like we’re almost the same thing

Il try not to offend you again mate.

11 Feb 2021 15:24:14
Very well said snell.

11 Feb 2021 17:32:35
OK guys,

To bring the discussion to a close.

I used to post on the Rangers News Forum but it has been suspended for posts due to a person doing exactly what was discussed ie accusing everyone who disagreed with them as celtic supporters timms etc backing themself up with multiple usernames.

Don't want this site to end up the same.


11 Feb 2021 18:29:56
Sounds familiar bluebilly🤔🤭👍.

11 Feb 2021 19:42:54
Sure does Coldo mate .

Lets's leave it at that to eh.

Will take a long long time to come out.



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