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08 Mar 2018 14:37:08
I posted on here about 7 months ago about david murray wanting to reinvest in the gers. At that point he was trying to broker a deal with 2 saudi business men to buy the club and right the wrongs that he feels that he has done. I got the usual shot down in flames. (The deal fell threw)
Murray has been looking for an oppertunity to get back involved with the famous and from a personal point of view some of my best memories where under him but that aside i feel that we would be crazy to turn any money that he offered down. I feel he is a true rangers man and would have learnt a hard lesson on the mistakes that he made and would hopefully not make them again.

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08 Mar 2018 16:21:09
I'll take his cash, but he can get ti!

08 Mar 2018 16:41:04
No true rangers man would of sold us out the way he did.

08 Mar 2018 16:56:40
I feel most of us on here would agree with those sentiments however, many see him as the man who sold us to the first idiot that came along. What followed was unimaginable so I reckon that will be hard to forget and forgive for most of us.

08 Mar 2018 18:38:20
Totally agree with you united kingdom. When david murray was in charge he was brilliant and the players he brought to rangers were unbelievable -laudrup, gasgoigne, numan, albertz, mols to name just a few. The list goes on and on. In my opinion the only thing he done wrong was sell to whyte, and i genuinely feel that has hurt him ever since, and if he could go back there is no doubt he would of done things differently. I feel he wants to try his best to get us back to where we belong and maybe right some wrongs. and he has the resources and the contacts to do it. I would back him 100% and i'm sure the majority of fans would get behind him. RTID

08 Mar 2018 19:51:32
Guy only did what he had to do mate. That’s my experience of business when the bank is driving. They tried to close me down after failing to get £250k from me. I then sold my business for a nice profit within 3 weeks. With no luck I was bankrupt.

Not looking for an argument lads. Guy still must answer some large questions.

Let’s not take the focus off Sunday as we can do it on our own for now.

08 Mar 2018 19:52:04
The deal fell threw?! Supposed to take you seriously? Don't want Murray back anyway. King committed his money and that counts and credit where credit's due.

08 Mar 2018 19:53:43
Murray due to his own financial mess which was out with his control was forced by bankers to sell. He oversaw 9 in a row. I would welcome him back with conditions of proper control.

09 Mar 2018 09:41:24
David Murray duped Whyte and allegedly pointed him down the ticketus route. Whyte had zero personal cash to invest.
Hunt him from Ibrox

09 Mar 2018 10:15:35
Murray like most of us was conned by a man who made out he had Rangers best interest at heart.

09 Mar 2018 11:32:06
Kfraser if u where on here when i orginally posted it i just wrote the deal fell threw in fact it never got started my friend worked for a company that was brokering at deal between murray and 2 Saudi's for steel for oil platforms. When the deal was being discussed the saudi business men where also discussing the possibility of purchasing a football club in the uk the gers and leeds utd and sheffield utd where looked into they decided to go for leeds utd and that deal fell threw as leeds chairman refused to sell mate. plus i don't really care if u believe it or not but Will agree that king has been great for the club.



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