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10 Jun 2017 23:15:48
Was thinking about Mckays future and the fact we must submit a team list for the Europa Cup. Will we be putting Mckays name down? We must get him to make a decision and surely he isn't going to act like a div.
If he is not going to sign he must let us know so we can put the strongest squad together.
Maybe he has let the Club know he doesn't want to sign which imo is the case

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10 Jun 2017 23:48:08
Isn't he surplus wasn't the new deal withdrawn

11 Jun 2017 02:46:43
McKay can f off, overrated numpty whose more concerned with his hair doo! Jamie Walker is twice the player with half the plaudits. With Dalcio and Candias arriving, I am more than confident he will not be missed!

11 Jun 2017 04:00:30
As far as I'm aware he knocked our first offer which was about 3-4 wks ago I think? Anyways he's sitting tight waiting for a second offer. If I'm wrong then someone tell me as imo this needs to get sorted ASAP due to the fact that we must submit our squad list for the Europa Cup.
No point putting him on it if he ain't going to sign whether he gets Transfered before or after the 18th!
And if it's Forest who are interested then you can bet we won't get a bid until last minute.

11 Jun 2017 06:09:58
Think we're being a bit hard on the boy. We don't know what he's been offered. He's every right to look after his own interests just as any other player would no matter what level they're at. As for his ability, to me he's the best young player we've brought through in last 10 years. His confidence though is shot to pieces. i would think playing with a bit of stability and more quality in front and behind him, he would hopefully flourish. Some of the comments i read about him are a disgrace

11 Jun 2017 09:32:54
Going by the season he has had I just don't think he has been good enough this season to earn a big pay rise contract, I might be wrong but in my opinion he found his level in the championship in Scotland and really can't see him cutting it in the championship in England if he ends up there with warburton or any other team down there

11 Jun 2017 09:57:04
It was clearly documented that a new offer hadn't been offered. It was just the press talking about a new one. McKay said in an interview that he can't refuse something that wasn't offered and Pedro said it was being looked at with no confirmation. Either way I rate the kid. He has potential but needs to be playing with a higher caliber of midfield to assist him when he gets cornered, to offer him options and to help him move the ball. Plus- he isn't a left winger, should be played on the right or through the middle

11 Jun 2017 10:42:04
I DO THINK that McKay will be a £5m plus player in a couple of Seasons. Whether it's here or down South in Championship he will get there. But right now he must inform the Club what it is he wants as we cannot mess around due to the time we have left to submit our squad! .
Would love to know just how much we have offered. I think we would go as high as 15k a week which due to his current form is a decent offer. But again got a feeling that his agent may have his ear plus the likes of Forest imo could prob afford to top that and give him 20k a week.
Is he currently worth that and is it a gamble we can afford. Like I said I do think that he will be a top player but we've been busy with Transfers and brought in Dalcio and Candieas.
Hyndsight is wonderful but it's how Pedro see's it.

11 Jun 2017 11:27:42
Calm down on the Europa league registration guys. You register a squad for the qualifiers and then there's another registration date for the group stages where changes can be made. Although the main problem will be having enough home grown (played for 3 years between 15 and 21 in scotland) players to register. You need a min of 4 home grown at club and another 4 hone grown in Scotland.

11 Jun 2017 12:00:02
I completely agree with you Chinabairn. Some of the comments on here about Mckay are disgrace. You can see the kid has talent. He is going to be low in confidence if he reads all these massively negative comments about him. He is a good player and we should be keeping him.

11 Jun 2017 12:34:31
Mackay has football ability but lacks commitment and offers little defensively. While to can be argued that he should not be expected to be overly defensive which is fine but he generally comes over as a bit of a wimp that does not work hard enough or commit enough to 50:50 balls!

Should he be offered a new contract, possibly. Certainly we would be likely to get more for him if he was committed for three or four years rather than 12 months and he will have suffered just like the other players from the Warburton "no aggression" policy!

If MacKay would rather play for Warburton and the so called rangers man, Weir, that, like he did with Naismith will be trying to get another Rangers player on the cheap, then we don't really want him at Rangers but surely he wouldn't want to play for a manager was a total failure in the SPL!

11 Jun 2017 12:49:05
Mckay would be great player in better team, the lad had to constantly track back because our defence was so poor with a strong back four we could let him go and flourish.

11 Jun 2017 13:10:41
McKay is not good enough to be a luxury player and doesn't contribute enough or have the courage to be a solid team player. Sorry, I'm a great lover of kids of our own coming through, but Barrie's not going to be at the level required.

11 Jun 2017 14:54:07
McKay has the ability to be a a really good player but he is to fragile and can't put in a decent tackle he always backs out.

11 Jun 2017 16:38:43
Tom! "so called rangers man" give it a rest! Weir in his playing days gave his all for the club! Next u will hit us with "mccoist isn't a rangers man" because his managerial tenure!

Absolute nonsense

11 Jun 2017 22:51:10
Parky7720, I wouldn't worry about the home grown requirements for the Europe league squad - McKay, Wilson, Bates, Barjonas and Hardie all count as they came through our youth system. And Miller, Wallace, Holt and Jack all count as homegrown in Scotland. And even if any of the guys I've listed leave, all it would take is promoting the required number of players from our youth setup. There's definitely nothing to worry about with regards to the homegrown rules.

12 Jun 2017 14:46:45
simple answer to the problem with mckay he had little service and was marked out of most games as he was only danger man we had!

if we get him to sign on the dotted line we can get more for him in transfer fee.
if we sign him up we have at least another few monthas to see how he plays in a team with more than one attackingt threat and a defence that is going to be a lot lot better



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