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08 Jan 2017 17:43:32
there has been contact with alan huttons agent but wages a problem although length contract may help deal for next season ibrox being huttons preffered move only time will tell

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08 Jan 2017 18:04:05
Wouldn't want him anyway

08 Jan 2017 18:28:51
why not what's your reasoning, seems everyone baulks at ex players coming back, at least he did not want to leave or jump ship, i for one would have him back, gets stuck in where it matters.

08 Jan 2017 18:44:47
No one jumped ship they were told couldn't pay there wages or wed be tottaly ****ed they helped us by leaving when they did

08 Jan 2017 19:00:31
who helped, whittaker and naismith, you must be having a laugh they helped nobody but themselves, pair of whinging moaners

08 Jan 2017 19:45:50
Weeblueguy you are delusional. Every player along with non playing staff was to Tupe over their contracts to the new company. They could then have been sold on to other teams. They would have commanded vastly reduced fees ie 250k rather than the millions they were worth, but any money would have been better than none. Instead they walked away for nothing to negotiate higher contracts with other clubs as no transfer fee was involved. This argument of "they did it for their families" is nonsense. Do you honestly believe that Everton would have been out off Naismith because of a 250k fee? Come on. Bocanegra, Edu, Goian, Bedoya these guys all tuped over to see what the state of play was going to be. The so called Rangers fans jumped ship to line their own pockets and for no other reason.

08 Jan 2017 20:39:02
Cant see the problem with Hutton. He never jumped ship ( 2008? ) we done good business with him as we had a strong squad at that time In fact after his departure we won another three league titles . So Hutton brought value to the club on and of the field.

08 Jan 2017 20:39:37
Spot on Parky. The other guys you mentioned did things the right way and left with their heads held high. The rest worked their ticket for no other reason than money. BTW I'd take Hutton back in a minute. Hope it happens

08 Jan 2017 21:09:27
Love it when the experts tell us they know everything about contractual/ financial undertakings of the club. Absolutely no prejudice in their views. They just KNOW. Smart guys, wish there were more like them.

08 Jan 2017 21:24:30
Also lampard would offer nothing? Give me a break! Jesus **** . Would be the beast player up hear EVEN at 37 years of age mind Clint hills 38 people lamps is also a bear I've heard

08 Jan 2017 22:34:45
Whittaker Naismith McGregor and Lafferty will always be rats.

08 Jan 2017 22:06:25
Frank Lampard was a brilliant player but anyone who has watched him in recent years will know he is a spent force.

09 Jan 2017 00:03:17
I've honestly never read so much pish. Get a grip you lot Lampard would stroll it here but it's never going to happen. Pipe dreams so put down the bong

09 Jan 2017 07:25:02
When is this former players row going to end it was 2012. The way i see it IF these guys had transferred over by tupe, do you honestly think the club would have seen the funds from any potential fee? Did the club see any of the Jelavic fee, or the Arsenal shares? No it would have been used to line those charlatans pockets. These guys knew what was going on in the background more than any of us fans ever have or will.

As for having them back yes I would but more importantly I wanna see this team getting a grip and show the fight that is required to play for this club.

10 Jan 2017 13:42:04
Hutton was average first time round and we bagged 8 million for him. That should have been the last time Alan Hutton's name was mentioned on this page.



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