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08 Apr 2019 10:22:41
Concerning Wallace, would I have a point in saying it’s more the anger at board level that he’s not been playing? As the guy has given Rangers good service ( albeit) he was paid well, but the guy stayed when he could have moved down South for good contracts. It seems strange to me that he hasn’t at least been given a chance this season. ( when fit )

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08 Apr 2019 10:44:43
Hi Ulsterman maybe Wallace said he doesn’t want to play for the club again after the cup final carry on everybody is assuming he isn’t getting picked I have a feeling he has said he doesn’t want to play for the club as I think sg is a fair man and would have given him a chance I think he just wants to move on and get a fresh start and good luck to him he has been a great player and captain that’s for sure 🇬🇧.

08 Apr 2019 11:38:28
He wouldn't have got the same contract / money down south that's why he stayed👍.

08 Apr 2019 11:51:54
Personally I think Wallace has been treated like sh#t. So much for loyalty from the club. Hopefully the real truth will come out eventually.

08 Apr 2019 12:49:26
Pesonally I think wallace isn't good enough, he could have left in the summer if he wanted to play regular football but he chose to stay because he knows no other club would be daft enough to pay him what we are paying him. This wallace is a victim is nonsense. He is not good enough to be near the match day squad. 👍.

08 Apr 2019 12:59:03
Aye he would have Coldo.
Lee Wallace is a cracking professional football player. Treated like shi#te for speaking up about a clueless u19 Manager trying to manage the Top team because the board made a balls up of hiring pedro.
Id rather rangers played people like wallace than steve davis or anyone else who showed no loyalty too our club.

08 Apr 2019 13:20:29
Really yogi you'd play wallace before davis? Quite hard to take you seriously after that👍. Wallace wouldn't have got the same money that's why he is still hanging about ibrox. Great servant yes but not good enough👍.

08 Apr 2019 13:42:47
He is better than any Lb we current have in my opinion.
Davis is shi#e, any time i've seen him in action whether on tele or at Ibrox he is a passanger. My midfield would be kamara, jack and arfield.
And yes! Wallace would get the same if not better money at a championship club in england. No Question!

08 Apr 2019 14:19:51
There was good sensible debate concerning Wallace, glad I posed the question, what I took out from the posts was most of you have or had a lot of time for the guy, but his time has passed.

08 Apr 2019 15:20:02
He is not the best LB by a mile. Why are no clubs in for wallace then yogi? He could have left in january for free mate and got this great wage that you shout about. He didn't leave because no club wanted him or would be willing to pay him what we are👍. I'd play davis before jack👍.

08 Apr 2019 15:48:39
I have no issues with Wallace - I thought he was a great lb. If he was not wanted at the club then why not sell him or cancel his contract.
Whatever he has done he has done it in complete silence along with his partner in crime.

The truth is out there.

08 Apr 2019 16:10:12
There is no why Wallace is fit enough to play he isn’t even getting a game for The reserves anymore from what I can see, has been treated badly absolutely but could have left in the summer but chose not to which is fair enough should he get a cameo appearance if we have any class then yes but what game to we do it on is Celtic not our last home game of the season?

08 Apr 2019 16:23:53
Why not bring him on for the last 5 minutes, when we are 5-0 up :) .

08 Apr 2019 17:17:05
coldo, you get upset when you are accused of being a tim but you really do act like one at times.

08 Apr 2019 17:18:08
Davis before Jack are you for real?

08 Apr 2019 18:27:09
LEE WALLACE is our best Lb in my opinion. Maybe barasic will become our best but i highly doubt it.
I assume that your privy to some sensitive contract data that nobody else is Coldo because you keep refering to this massive wage that wallace is getting. Even if that's true its a just reward for loyalty in my eyes. Yet the boys that jumped ship seem to be getting a more than reasonable wage out of our pockets. I wouldn't give them the stream off a turd.

08 Apr 2019 19:05:25
Not privy to anything yogi. Why would wallace hang around if he could get the same money else where? He can't otherwise he'd be off. He's not staying at ibrox for football reasons is he? 👍. Jyf I take it you are playing the tim card because you can't face the truth, doiger does the same so you are not alone👍. Davis is a better player than jack and offers much more. For me kamara and davis are better options than jack👍.

08 Apr 2019 19:23:21
Guys, Lee Wallace was a good player and we shoauof not forget that. He is only with us this season however because he is under contract and earning more money than his ability could earn elsewhere. Let’s not pretend it’s anything else.

08 Apr 2019 19:52:19
Banking and coldo are right troops. Lee Wallace done right by us but he's not a shadow of the player he was. The legs are going his game was more about attacking than defending anyway tbf, 2 years with no games tells it's own stories. He's 4th choice for a reason.

09 Apr 2019 06:42:11
Not playing any card coldo just stating that you have turned on our ex captain who showed incredible loyalty when the going got tough and got thrown out of the team for doing what any real Rangers man would do after that debacle. If you are not a tim I certainly do not apologize because as I said YOU ACT LIKE ONE.

09 Apr 2019 10:41:47
I have not turned on anyone jyf. Wallace was a great servant but is no longer good enough. He is still at ibrox because he is on great money that he could not get anywhere else. If you can't see that then maybe you are a tim? Because most tims are deluded👍. Doiger has saved you a spot next to him😉👍.

09 Apr 2019 11:26:23
The midfield that started the last 2 games would be my midfield going forward for next year. With 2 up front and airfield pushing in from a more central position looks good to me. We have coincided so far 26 goals less than last season and scored 3 less with 5 to go. So 442 against Celtic with Morales on the bench. 👍.

09 Apr 2019 11:36:54
Wallace In the beginning didn't stay for just the cash as he could have walked away for nothing. I think his family were settled so he thought why change, why rock the boat. He was happy with his contract and enjoyed playing for Rangers. However after all the stuff that has happened like him I would have seen out my contract and not bothered about playing. So move on. Give him a Cameo from the bench against Celtic, yes I would.

09 Apr 2019 12:39:19
"Im not a tim, you are" nice debating skills coldo.
If you don't see that Wallace has been unfairly treated then fair enough. He and Miller put their Rangers careers on the line by speaking out and telling a few home truths in my view something that any Rangers captain should be willing to do.

09 Apr 2019 14:36:29
Jyf, I haven't said that he wasn't treated unfairly at the time. What I have said is that you can't play the victim card now because he isn't good enough and hasn't been good enough all season. He is still at ibrox for no other reason than money. He might have been treated unfairly at the time and I agree about speaking out for our club but this season he doesn't deserve a place in the team because he is not good enough not because he is a victim👍

You started by trying to win your debate by calling me a tim and now you are trying to slag me for calling you a tim. 👏👏😂😂👍.

09 Apr 2019 15:13:28
No coldo I said you act like a tim.

09 Apr 2019 15:42:44
I'm not really sure if there is a difference between being told that you are acting like a tim and being called a tim🤔, you sure you're not a tim jyf? With your last statement there it sounds as though your educational establishment failed you. I blame the schools😉😁👍.

09 Apr 2019 17:12:30
Well if you're not sure then we should leave it at that coldo, as I said I'm NOT SURE whither you're a tim or not but you act like one.
Over and out.

09 Apr 2019 17:27:57
Prob for the best that you leave it jyf, no point in debating if you just play the tim card everytime you lose a debate or struggle for a comeback. Better luck next time. Tell doiger I was asking for him👍.

10 Apr 2019 16:26:26
Wallace is on the last year of a bumper contract. If he plays more games, he gets a huge wage - it is no coincidence he can't get back in the squad. He will not get a new contract and will be let go in the summer. He did a great service for the club, it is sad that the last years were a bit of a damp squib.



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