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04 Jul 2020 13:11:51
It is being positively reported that Rangers are in talks to bring in Toney.

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04 Jul 2020 13:54:58
No problem with The Rangers trying to sign this lad Toney . 26 goal in league one which for me is on a par if not better that “the Scottish Premiership” .

I do have a problem if Buffalo is sold and we don’t use the money for a European class striker .

When Buffalo came no one knew him. His European goal scoring record is exceptional.

Is this lad Toney going to be able to produce in Europe? We have a duty as we are the only team left representing our country in Europe .

04 Jul 2020 14:11:37
Agree, would like El Buff to stay and our starting 11 improved upon.

04 Jul 2020 14:34:31
Need to cash in on morelos now before he devalues even more.

04 Jul 2020 14:55:58
This will be the season that El Buffalo needs to be fit, be focused, be calm and be ready to score a lot of effin goals.

04 Jul 2020 15:07:35
6counties there is every chance morelos could get off to another flyer next season and his value goes back up again.

04 Jul 2020 15:13:53
It would be a defiant statement of intent if we were to sign Toney, Ferguson, Cosgrove and Dykes, what the hell, Shankland as well, so it would.

04 Jul 2020 15:22:00
closing in on a conference league striker.

04 Jul 2020 15:31:56
Another bear what European class striker will come to
Scotland? None

True blue why would we sign 3/ 4 strikers when we already have 2 and only play one up.

04 Jul 2020 16:10:31
compete for places kj.

04 Jul 2020 16:17:47
Sell Morelos and we give away 20 plus in goals next season. I would take Toney at a decent price but probably won't happen as the English league is way over valued in my opinion. I'd rather buy someone who may get into a national team while he's playing for us increasing the value and then punting them. Don't know if we'll buy without selling if we had a couple of mil spare which I doubt i'd take Shankland and feed him in with Morelos still at the club. Midfielder s also need to score more to take the pressure our strikers.

04 Jul 2020 17:16:09
Eric we have 2 already we ain’t going to buy another 3/ 4 strikers to compete for places don’t be ridiculous.

04 Jul 2020 17:30:29
I'd like to see us keep Morelos and buy Toney then go with two up front. We should get Toney for £5m plus add ons. Another season and Morelos value will have improved and we should be out of this C.V. C.V. and see values improve. Would then just need a good strong midfield player. If we are to sell anyone then hopefully it will be Kamara for a decent price. Ideally we will also bring in the young Leicester right back and with the news that Polster is off to the US this is possible.

04 Jul 2020 17:42:37
Hi guys, just signed up, so go easy on me lol, think we should definitely keep morelos, if he keeps his cool he could wins us league on his own he's that good on his day.

04 Jul 2020 18:44:57
B blue like all your post other than the 5 mil plus add ons for Toney is he worth that and where's the money coming from? Would you pay 5 mil plus add ons for Shankland similar risk? And I Know it's not the same position but even Ferguson? Better value away from England unless it's free cross border end of contract.

04 Jul 2020 20:33:29
Paul86 we all said same beginning of last season and his value has decreased and he doesn't want to be with us anymore thinks he's too good.

04 Jul 2020 21:00:48
Morelos has had his chance, sell and move on before he starts his nonsense again.

04 Jul 2020 21:17:34
Sorry but your original comment is contradictory. You say we should sign a European class striker to then say el buffalo was unknown before we signed him n look how he has turned out.

04 Jul 2020 21:34:55
True Blue, with those signings, intent to do what? Finish fourth?

04 Jul 2020 21:59:37
Not sure about Toney being are main number one front man plus I want Morelos to stay one more season keep his head down and have a really good season and help us win the league and I really really want to see him score in the oldfirm would be a shame for him to leave without that After all the goals and great performances and Just think how mental him and the fans will go when he does that would be Just brilliant lol.

04 Jul 2020 23:36:49
I think Cosgrove would be a good signing. If we go with two strikers, him and Alfredo?

Opposing defence would be in for a shift and they'd know it. Cosgrove is a unit and can put them away.

04 Jul 2020 23:45:56
Unlikely to happen.

04 Jul 2020 23:49:38
Difference is El Buff proved himself under pressure in Europe and big games. Toney, didn’t at Newcastle and only in lower leagues. we are now aiming the arrow in the right direction.
Keep what we have unless too good a deal comes in.

05 Jul 2020 13:47:54
obviously kj you don't know how to build a team, ridiculously.

05 Jul 2020 14:07:11
SG likes to rotate players and, SG likes to at least three players for every position.

Understand the manager and you understand the team.



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