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01 May 2024 23:15:42
Barasic has agreed a 2 year deal with the option of another 12 months with trabzonspor and Lunny has already agreed to join.

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02 May 2024 06:05:46
Good news.

02 May 2024 06:14:43
Excited to see who we bring in to replace these guys, one is still a 1st chouce in midfield and we need a reliable quality replacement, one with a but of experience that's good on the ball but still has lundstrams physical traits.
Barasic tbf has needed replaced for a couple of season, even in his good days you didn't know which Borna we were getting, we need to sign a 1st choice left back to replace him, Yilmaz is a good player when fit and you can clearly see the impact he has made on the team but he gets injured too ofter to be relied upon.

02 may 2024 06:42:32
thanks and farewell to both

we need to move on now.

02 May 2024 07:05:16
Good riddance to the coward. The guy's faked more injuries than a car accident insurance scammer. It won't be long to he's found out in Turkey.

02 May 2024 07:15:22
I'd rather see sterling in midfield with diomande and a Scottish left back brought in as backup.

02 May 2024 07:28:02
Yet your username is a player who’s constantly injured ?.

02 May 2024 08:01:37
I think personally the young lad Barron from Aberdeen could do the same job as Lundstrum for fraction of the price and loads of room to develop and sell on for big profits.

02 May 2024 08:40:28
Azul ?? maybe he is talking about roofe instead of barasic as he has faked more.

02 May 2024 08:52:53
Hope they both get a good signing on fee, paid up front.
Good luck to them, both have had their moments for us, and we wish them well.
It's a start of a big change methinks.

02 May 2024 09:11:17
Wish them well if true.

02 May 2024 09:58:19
History will be kind to Barisic. He should have left after 55 and he’s absolutey finished now but a brillaint player on his day. Lundstram don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Play well when it suits you then don’t try a leg when it doesn’t.

02 May 2024 10:12:20
Being constantly injured, to faking injury during a game, and soiling the bed, are 2 completely different scenarios.

02 may 2024 10:18:57
i tend to agree with that wishy.

02 May 2024 10:23:48
Whilst Barasic has appeared to have lost his nerve at times and had some very poor performances, I think that’s a disgraceful slur RTR.

02 May 2024 10:52:00
I4M it's exactly what he does. he's a coward will not be missed. He had 1 good season in 5 or 6. Terrible signings.

02 May 2024 11:45:32
You can’t prove that he did faked injury tho just like I can’t prove roofe faked injury which I believe is true.

02 May 2024 11:46:06
Everyone has their opinions but ids say barasic had much more good games than bad, had a couple of dodgy old firm games which is why most slate him.

02 May 2024 11:51:32
The right move. Not slagging the players but they aren’t what we need anymore. Rather sell Tav, stick sterling right back and bring in a midfielder. Back up choices after first 11 sorted.

02 May 2024 11:58:44
"Just like I can't prove roofe faked injury which I believe is true"! Aye, that makes sense Storm. ??.

02 May 2024 12:16:34
I agree regarding Barron. I’d be disappointed if we hadn’t already made contact with his representatives already with a view of getting him on a pre contract asap… Good young Scottish talent on a free with a sell on potential so it’s a no brainer for me.

02 May 2024 12:17:13
Deffo time to move them on, and agree it’s probably 1-2 season longer than we should have kept BB. Time to strengthen the LB if indeed Yilmaz stays. Sterling isn’t good enough in there being out of position, much stronger elsewhere - on the right and in midfield.

02 may 2024 12:20:23
or cloak for that matter, or any other player.

02 May 2024 13:11:32
Both of them no loss whatsoever easily replaced.

02 May 2024 13:14:05
I feel the criticism over Lundstrum is very harsh indeed, arguably our best player for long spells when Clement first come in, does a lot of work unnoticed, all about opinions but saying he doesn't try is absolute drivel.

02 May 2024 13:25:35
Bar signing on fees always paid over duration the contract

Gjd u need to remember minute someone moves on they get constant abuse and we r told worst player ever.

Look at goldson man’s son seriously I’ll totally run down. He has more important things on his mind
But the best fans ever! Don’t care.

02 May 2024 13:50:45
Thanks to both for the limited memories and success.
All the best to them at their new clubs.

02 May 2024 13:56:45
Raise the Roofe. You stated that is makes no sense that one can’t prove something but believe it to be true. This does make sense. It is entirely possible to have an unproven believe. The existence of God being a good example. There is no connection between necessary truths and contingent truths. Like other posters here, I find your claim that Barasic faked injuries to be offensive. I would find it hard to believe a professional sportsperson would fake being injured and that a ‘fake’ injury would pass screening by medical professionals. If anyone were faking, the medical team would find this out very quickly and such player would be out the door. I really cannot agree with your claims or with your argument against the claims of others. This is not the first time I’ve commented on posts you have made that were false at best and highly offensive at worst.

02 May 2024 14:10:28
Sterling + Dio ideal pair in the middle of the park.

Don't know the full story with Lowry, but he would be a cost effective squad member . or are his bridges well and truly burned?

02 May 2024 14:18:05
Stuarty definitely agree. Not only him. There is a few young talented players I'm hoping we will move for in the summer. Young lad from motherwell Lenton Miller and the young lad from Kilmarnock. Both have impressed and if being greedy I think Miovski would score us goals and the keeper at killie who is on loan from team down south.

02 may 2024 14:43:00
sorry john, nobody absolutely nobody would criticise goodson if anyone knew his son is “ seriously unwell”, no can’t have that, that’s just ridiculous, you saying people on a football site can’t criticise in case someone has a family issue, because that’s the very first i’ve heard of connor’s sin, and i very much doubt i’m alone il say this again, this is not a place to support, it’s a place to debate, good or bad,

nobody knows anything about goldsons kid, we are football fans not phsycics, few physcho maybe but not phsychic.

02 may 2024 14:44:36
i’m actually shocked at that john
you have basically just said nobody here cares about connor’s son, your way better than that mate, way better.

02 May 2024 15:07:33
I didn't know his son was ill either, John, and as a parent of a young daughter who has her own health issues, my heart goes out to the guy. I also echo what Tom said, and you are being very unfair on posters who didn't know.

02 May 2024 16:17:47
No Tom I’m not. It’s well known his son had major issues.

Tom plenty on here only good at dishonour abuse re players plenty

Raise rife so u say it’s alright to abuse barisic.

02 May 2024 16:40:01
Here's a thought, maybe we can all just fully get behind the team, every single one of them for the last 5 games. Creating negative energy does absolutely no good especially within the stadium itself. 5 games, full support. Imagine. I'm absolutely sick of the bed wetters all over twitter creating nothing but hate and negativity. We have no divine right to win every game, all teams go through bad spells but when we do it's so toxic towards the players. At least them across the City as mad as they are aim most of it at their madcap conspiracies and not the players themselves.

02 May 2024 16:49:45
It's clearly not well known though, everyone is allowed their opinion and are allowed to criticise when a player isn't playing well. If he has more important things on his mind then he should have been taken out the team before now.

02 May 2024 16:50:21
Poor post John, people pay hard earned wages to fund these players lifestyle if they want to criticise their performances they can. Doesn’t mean they don't care about what Goldson is going through. He really should have been taken out the team sooner as it’s clear it was effecting his performances, tnat would have been best for him and the team.

02 May 2024 17:02:42
Rabbi they have won nearly every trophy for 13 years it’s not comparable to us who have had false dawn after false dawn. People are scunnered with this same group of players who have failed us constantly. However that being said when In the stadium people should support them.

02 May 2024 17:04:16
Wushy poor post from u. Simply ignore me

People think they have a right to abuse people.

Site has certainly changed signe this season.

02 May 2024 17:04:41
It's an online football forum, do you think Barisic gives a toss what's posted on here, John? Not a chance! You're coming across all self-righteous now. Abuse?! ??.

02 May 2024 17:20:59
Goldson has been a liability for years. This isn't a new thing.

Heart goes out to his kid if he isn't doing too well but goldson has been a problem for a long time.

02 May 2024 17:22:55
Ask Sheff Utd fans about Lundstram, non trier for last 6 months will be confirmed . The game either slows down when he is involved or someone in row Z of the stand is in danger with his wild attempts on goal.

02 May 2024 17:24:50
John27 How are people supposed to know about goldson and his son you done the same about prodan when the guy posting about him being worst signing, he never knew he passed away and you at it again with this.

02 May 2024 17:50:37
Hope goldson son is ok, didn’t know he was Sick.

02 May 2024 18:06:57
The criticism does go way over the top right enough, funding their wages or not. TT12 can you imagine we had social media when you played in the 3rd division? You’d be offering people out to the 'car park' every night. oh wait, nobody cares about 3rd division footballers who every day claim to be a fountain of knowledge regarding all things football.

Its your right to criticise players constructively and its others right to stick up for players. Sticking up for players does not mean accepting mediocrity. Some live in the real world and accept we will never see a team like Dick Advocaat's wearing the famous royal blue ever again.

02 May 2024 18:41:05
No John you are wrong it’s not commen knowledge the first I heard was CF5’s post and I’ve reached out to my friends network and none of them have heard this.

02 May 2024 18:41:46
Is it not better this info comes out end of season, what benefit to the team at this point.
I know these things get leaked but not good timing.

02 May 2024 18:54:32
It does make sense I can’t prove it but I believe he did. Can you prove barasic did? No you can’t but you believe it ? boak.

02 May 2024 18:56:54
Correct Ronald but roofe has always been like that and I find it funny ? he isn’t the sharpest.

02 May 2024 19:01:38
John with all due respect it’s not well known as I didn’t know either so quite a few on here have said they didn’t know. I hope his son gets better soon as they are a lot more important things than football.

02 May 2024 19:06:45
Was also unaware about Goldsons son until Copland5 mentioned it the other day.

02 May 2024 19:19:36
"Bed wetters"! The only bed wetters are the ones on the park, not the fans. Stop trying to blame everyone else, when it's the bed wetting players who are at fault.

02 May 2024 19:28:47
Good post Wishy.

02 may 2024 20:11:00
first time I've ever heard anything at all about that, and i didn't mean to offend or argue john, but this is a site fir debate as far as i'm aware, I've said befire, we all cone on here to support then its an incredibky different, and extremely tedious place imo

again, i had absolutely no idea of any issue with connors son, i have never regarded him as a good rangers ch but that's my opinion, i don't like my big strong centre half shutting his eyes and everything bouncing of& him

but i sincere, y hope his family are very happy.

02 may 2024 21:15:12
captain tav, you have been trolling everything i say for a long time now. It's an obsession kid, plenty people spoke, i simply told john i have no idea goldson's boy is sick.

only person you want to talk about is me, you know as well as me it's nonstop, now, i'm old, why don't you let it go and just ignore, that would be best, god knows what this ramble is about but its obviously just another personal attack, jog on and ignore me, fair enough.

02 May 2024 21:21:45
Ah well, the forum's resident Einstein (??) has spoken, so I suppose that's it for me. Who sees the irony?
I'm sorry, Storm, I could explain your post at 11.45 this morning, and the absurdity of it (go read it again), but I just don't have the time.

02 May 2024 21:35:13
C'mon Captain Tav, nobody is saying we need a team like Advocaats, just one with bottle.

We had the league, there for the taking, and there is noway you're telling me that we needed the likes of Numan, Fergie, Rio, Reyna etc to beat Motherwell at home, or R County and Dundee away?

I've always liked you as a poster (you don't post enough), and I know we are complete opposites on here mate, but surely you can see that?

02 May 2024 21:55:31

02 May 2024 22:12:11
People here have weird memories with our defence. BB is probably the best LB we've had since Papac. and was instrumental in stopping 10 in a row and the push to the Europa final. he's bottled it on occasion but also come up with the good on just as many big nights. Lundstrum has only felt like a poor mans McCulloch for me and when he's one of the best paid guys in the squad we need him to play at the level he was when he was battling for a bumper contract off PC he simply doesn't.

02 May 2024 23:04:42
Lundstrum will not down tools like a couple did last season, not been playing great the last few weeks but has not hid in games a has tried, time for him to leave YES but he will play every game till end of season.

03 May 2024 00:07:30
Lundstram should be taking out the team in my opinion he's not had the same drive for well over a month.

03 May 2024 06:20:08
My star I agree in this one he's an empty Jersey now, give someone else the Jersey who wants too play here, lundstru. sfin n done his part, n I for one think it shows.

03 May 2024 06:31:05
Agree with Star, binned, if he's going he won't be the same as he won't want to risk injury.

03 May 2024 09:05:57
King two very reliable posters put it on here last week.

04 May 2024 18:00:21
Barasic has had his time at Rangers and in the past has been a good player for us. He will be remembered fondly and I wish him well although I'm not so sure that he has made the best choice in terms of his next move.
As far as Lundstram is concerned I wouldn't have him in the Team. He is far too negative with sideways and backwards passing. In that role I want a strong, hard tackling player, (when looking at past teams, a Souness, Ferguson or a Graham Roberts) .
I watched Lundstram a number of times in the second half of the season at Sheffield United, the year they were relegated, he was like a man down. While he hasn't been quite so bad with us, he certainly isn't playing like a player than wants to win the league at all costs!



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