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07 May 2024 11:03:39
So player and coach fighting a player and a fan having a go several players who want out no wonder we are in this position of watching them poss winning another title . A team that's not united won't win anything.

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07 May 2024 12:10:42
A player and coach fighting according to a celtic twitter account.

And you can't comment on barisic until you know what was said. Our fans have been shocking this season towards the players and in the stands. It's embarassing.

Empty seats everywhere on Sunday. Poor atmospheres. Throwing bottles. leaving on the 75th minute.

Then the green brigade banner on Sunday. i'm sure they'll miss a banner when they lift another title.

Just embarassing.

07 May 2024 12:23:40
Tjn the players have been embarrassing losing 6 times already failing to. lay a glove on them and the sooner PC rids of us the bb lunnys goldsons and serial losers the quicker we will get back to winning regularly.

07 May 2024 12:28:47
Tjn you seem very confident that mob wins the league, we win on Saturday we will win our 56 title this season.

07 May 2024 13:08:20
Walter to the contrary borna looked very United sticking up for butland wife and kids, could easily have ignored

R u telling us the team you talk up all the time don’t have dressing room spats.

07 May 2024 13:29:32
A lot of our performances have been embarrassing aswell tjn. Goldsons weekly wage is probably not far from the whole entire weekly wage of teams like motherwell, rc, Dundee and killie, so it's kind of levelled up in that respect.
How can you not see this Is all born out of frustration of continually being 2nd, people were probably walking out on 75th minute because they saw what many saw, our team taking our feet of the gas, sauntering about waving at fans, with not one bit of urgency about them, yet your annoyed at our fans for that. Maybe borna should have went for mcgregor when he was chasing him up the line shouting rubbish bag at him in front of millions, not been the same player since that day. the guy probably told him he bottled playing celtic, didn't like the truth.

07 May 2024 13:30:12
John this happens constantly mate.

07 may 2024 13:46:29
part and parcel of dressing rooms since god was an alter boy

every single club has seen battles, often sqabbles sometimes real fights, its managing the outcomes that matter

the borna thing was unfirtunate but caused by grown men who made a fool of themselves, these things can happen when feelings run deep and alcohol has been taken, its happened everywhere, nit embarrassing at all, except fir the grown men who caused it.

07 may 2024 14:22:42
“ you can't comment on barasic until you know what's been said”

more nonsense, we can comment on anything we want too.

07 May 2024 15:01:04
Very true, Tom, my auld man used to witness fights and squabbles nearly every day in training. Some players just don't like each other. Life I suppose.

07 May 2024 15:03:15
Corrrect Tom, honestly if I’m rangers I’m banning them, pick the target a man with his wife and kids.

07 May 2024 15:03:46
Mystar we will now win the league if we win on Saturday. You have some awesome whoppers only a few weeks ago we were winning the league easy ? when will you ever learn?

07 May 2024 15:05:36
John I'm. more int in. how bb plays when he's on the pitch tbh he's the 1st one I'd have out.

07 May 2024 15:08:05
John. the guys iv talk up as you put it were and are winners and I wish we had 1 in the ilk of bomber brown or mcCall guys who'd leave there heart on the pitch not feign injury as bb has several times.

07 May 2024 15:42:44
Storm don't you think we should have won the league easily? most do, if we win on Saturday my opinion we win our 56 title this season, reason because they will not win in Kilmarnock and the players confidence will take a nose dive.

07 May 2024 17:20:37
Never say die?

07 May 2024 18:03:40
Onewalter, I agree 100% but unfortunately no one is going to turn down the sort of money that these guys were offered to come to us. The fault lies with our previous Chairman, his CEO, DoF and their Scouting Department. I do feel that PC and his backroom staff are more competent and I have a lot of time for our current Chairman and CEO.
It will always come down to finding the right players and having the funds available to bring them to Ibrox.

07 May 2024 18:12:40
No and quite a few on here told you it wouldn’t be easy.

Most didn’t think we would win easy. Anyone who thought we would win easy knows nothing about football In my opinion.

Celtic 1st 11 are better than rangers 1st 11 that’s plain and simple the proof is in the pudding. They have winners we have serial losers.

07 May 2024 21:58:58
And storm when it comes down it unfortunately more of there players would walk into our team but who from us gets into there's, butland the only 1.

07 May 2024 22:05:14
Bb you have a point look at the length of contract players are put on and weekly wage that's why so many hang around because no other club will pay the same wage Kent morelos lunny all walking for free BB as well guys like Wright no1 wants so he hangs about till he can leave for nothing goldson on a fortune over 4 years ridiculous the highest wage bill for 3 trophies.

07 May 2024 22:13:46
Tom quite frankly, you're just being ridiculously petty towards me at this point. You can't comment because you don't know what was said, it's quite bloody obvious.

Winning on Saturday doesn't mean we win the league. We either need to rely on killie taking a point from them or us beating them by 3 goals and going on a major scoring spree for 2 games.

Just isn't going to happen. Same players have chucked it once again.



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