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06 May 2024 14:55:51
We score an average of 2.2 goals per games in the league.
From an average of 21.7 shots per games.
Where an average of 7.5 shots per game are on target.

And yet some think we were going to eat into Celtics goal difference with a 'donkey' as our main striker, a RB as our RW and a £35 million pound ' diving waste of space' as our front 3.
Throw in Roofe who couldn't get off the bench, a young RW who apparently isn't good enough and an attacking midfielder who is deemed not good enough by some.

So where was these magical goals going to come from for a 5, 6, 7 etc victory?
Not destroying teams hasn't been the issue on why we are behind Celtic.
It's the 9 points thrown away at the start of the season under Beale, especially the defeats to Killie and Aberdeen.

It's the failure under both Beale and Clement to lay a glove on Celtic in 3 league games - especially the fact we've dropped 5 points to them at Ibrox.
And it's the failure to hold on to top spot when we had the chance but the same old failings within the team ended up seeing us capitulate to Motherwell, Dundee and RC when a statement of intent was required.

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06 May 2024 15:20:02
Mph we aren't pulling back the goal diff but if we had a front 3 of correz danilo sima half a chance but we've blew our chance at RossC and Dundee.

06 May 2024 15:23:38
So the player's were right to take there foot of the gas at 3-1 and not at least try to eat into the deficit? What's your point?
Mph your now calling dessers a donkey but 2 weeks ago you said you can always count on big man for a goal, putting up article's calling him clinical, are you bipolar mate? Or just having a bad day? If so, keep the head up it'll pass ?.

06 May 2024 15:27:36
Agree with that. I don’t like how we sit off Celtic and let them play the ball about like they’re world beaters. Are we really saying that either we don’t have the energy to press them, or that their attacking force is far superior and we have to be really defensive, or that generally they have better players and are a better team and we’re trying to frustrate them? That’s generally the reasons why a team would sit off another team rather than having a go. They are not world beaters and we should be confident to play them in any stadium and have a go, they do it at ours.

06 May 2024 15:57:50
Can't argue with that tattie heed.

06 May 2024 16:22:20
Mr P, it is down to the level of player that we are signing and it's not just about quality, a lot is about mentality. They just don't have what it takes to play for a club where the history standards are such that they are expected to win trophies.
There isn't that 'win at all costs' mentality.
That is what needs to change, too many are willing to accept being second best and it isn't just the players unfortunately.

06 May 2024 17:09:04
Ows what happens if we win 3-0 on Saturday that sends up top.

06 May 2024 17:20:18
We don’t have the players to go to a hostile place like parkhead and win, I’m struggling to see a match winner on the pitch . I will be so happy to be proved wrong, I will watch hoping for some sort of transformation from boys to men but I expect a bad Saturday.

06 May 2024 17:27:28
Bb3 he isn’t calling deserts a donkey that’s what fans on here are saying.

06 May 2024 17:47:10
I never called him a donkey?
The apostrophe means I’m taking it in context from others, BoyBlue.
And I’ve always stated he isn’t the answer going forward but he’s all we have.
You don’t rate him and say Colak was better - he’s outscored Colak.
You said we needed a 20 goal a season striker. First player in something like 15 years (? ) . We have one and you changed it to 30 goals with 20 needing to come in the league.
So you must be the bipolar??.

06 May 2024 18:48:20
I'd love to know what you are seeing My star that makes you think that's even a possibility? Do you think we'll win 0-3 "easily"?

06 May 2024 18:58:48
Mr ph I blame the schools, grammar is a thing of the past, your post was very clear

Ah but Colak scored three goals this season in Italy second league.

06 May 2024 19:12:04
Dont think we need to worry about that happening, my star.

06 May 2024 19:28:36
I dunno if anyone that attends Ibrox watches our warm-ups and specifically our finishing drills, every home game I am yet to see an away side with worse finishing than our own players.

06 May 2024 19:48:28
Of course we have the players to go to the piggery and win, cutting out mistakes and taking our chances would be helpful right enough, we are not favourites and have injuries but personally a think we flood the midfield and play on the break we will stop them playing and get chances, it ain’t Man City we are playing troops.

06 May 2024 19:50:42
And still after that I bet every Rangers fan out there hopes if a half chance comes along that it doesn't fall to him, that’s not me having a go just the way it is he takes to many touches instead of striking for goal, he’s one of those strikers that’s more likely to score a harder chance than an instinctive one.

06 May 2024 19:54:22
I love this place, everybody's so nice to each other ??.

06 May 2024 20:04:43
Lol same a can't see that.

06 May 2024 20:05:45
Raisetheroofe we should have won the league easy or are you must be saying different mate?

06 May 2024 20:17:12
John, i honestly don't wear this that colak has only scored 3 goals in serie B? It's about leagues that suit you imo mate and i think most definitely colak was suited to our scottish league and undoubtedly the swedish league with malmo ? He's proved for me in his time with malmo and rangers he's a one touch finisher and if you play to his strengths he'll finish most chances he gets within the 18 yard box without a doubt for me ?I 'm right behind big dessers but there's nobody on here telling me that if colak had a lot of they chances that dessers has had, when he should have hit first time instead of trying to beat the defender again and wanting too much time, then the net would be bulging, as colak would finish those with ease ?.

06 May 2024 19:40:52
If we get a result at the weekend it'll eat into goal difference. If we win by one goal that's a two goal swing in our favour. Win by two and it's a four goal swing. We've then got Dundee at home so possibility of a good win while they go to Killie. If we win at the weekend it's far from over.

06 May 2024 20:52:08
How do we go top with a 3-0 win when the goal difference is 5? Am I missing something?

06 May 2024 22:15:38
Monty you being serious mate?3 for us 3 off them.

06 May 2024 22:27:27
Now tattie bearing in mind it's in spl I'm talking about with this post as I state alf only got 11, he actually scored 17 all in.

28 Feb 2023 18:24:13
Difference being that mob were terrible that year and he only scored 12 that year let's be honest his time is up there main striker is gona finish up with well over 20 in spl if we want to match them or better them our main striker needs to be scoring at least 20 alf has never scored that many nor will he ever so unless we are gona settle for 2nd best alf needs moved on imo.

So that puts to bed I was asking for 20 then changed to 30. I've always said we need a striker scoring 20+ goals in spl

So now I've showed you that please show me the post were I say colak is better than dessers, its all well and good just saying things, proving it is another matter. Apologies for misreading your post.

John27 English has never been a strong point mate, am just a lad fae posso. But while we're on the school subject numbers obviously not a strong point for you 25million was it? ?.

06 May 2024 22:37:00
We win 3-0 they go to a GD of 55 (?) and we go to GD of 56 (?), so ones a number they hate and one's a number we want, oh aye we go top.

06 May 2024 22:44:15
Sir Walter it’s a FACT he scored three goals this season, did not want to play for us so feigned injury, I have no interest whatsoever in colak.

06 May 2024 23:23:07
MOH, losing 8 points to Aberdeen and Motherwell this season was the worst thing for me.

07 May 2024 10:08:05
Could you imagine the meltdown fork that would be class ??.



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