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04 May 2024 07:24:50
@John 27

Morning John just read a reply you put to a post their from yesterday I think
Regarding if Butland goes you would possibly like Mccrorie to be given a chance?
Am I right in reading that?

I don't know if you can remember but before Jack Butland came here last year I think I said many times I would be happy to see Robbie get a chance I've still too witness him have a bad game when he was called upon

I said before and I still believe given game time and a run of games and a decent defence in front of him he would be a very safe pair of hands in our team just my opinion
But if a big bid comes in for Jack and sways the club and the man himself to leave I'd happy give Robbie the gloves he's a good keeper in my eyes and would only grow in confidence.

What's everyone else thoughts? I await the barage ??.

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04 May 2024 08:22:49
I feel for the keeper who comes in to back fill our number 1 spot. We’ve been spoiled with Butland and McGregor over the last few seasons.

04 May 2024 08:41:29
Stig, I'm sorry, but McCrorie isn't good enough to be our first choice keeper.

04 may 2024 08:56:05
i agree with mark, never ever believed the boy can be a rangers no one, i think he has a choice to make.

04 May 2024 09:07:32
There's a reason we went for a no1 this season, mcrorie isn't the answer imo, if he was as good as some think he would be our no1 now.

04 May 2024 09:19:16
I’d like to keep butland however I’d be happy to give mcrorie a chance as number 1 and I think he’d do fine. I feel if this was the scenario the cash we would generate from selling butland would be better used spending on improving other areas of the team. Mcrorie would also class as homegrown for our European squad and I feel this is also important.

04 May 2024 09:26:05
Alex Ferguson once said a top class keeper is worth 10 points a season, Butland is showing how true that statement is, I think if Mcrorie was no1 we would loose the 10 points. JB is many levels above and was prob close to world class at some point in his career.

04 May 2024 09:50:13
There’s a reason he’s never been first pick or overlooked. Back up keeper at best imo.

04 May 2024 09:58:33
I don't think a goalie is what have to worry about it's the defence in front of him whoever is in goal.

04 May 2024 10:48:40
He's not good enough to be our number 1 keeper! If we go from Butland to McCrorrie it's an automatic drop in class, and a massive backwards step. How in God's name is that going to make us progress as a team?

04 May 2024 11:06:04
Yes stig I’d give Mccrorie a chance as no1

Although it seem many want muumuus to be next no1. Pmsl.

04 may 2024 12:19:11
muumuus would definitely be a mistake.

04 May 2024 13:33:32
Munn tt. Have a very bad eye day.

04 May 2024 13:48:08
I'd have no concerns with McCrorie getting a run as number 1.

04 May 2024 16:22:56
I'd give mccrory a chance.

04 May 2024 16:53:12
Would be a no for me and John not one person said mum should be number one.

04 May 2024 19:17:01
Storm people wanted him in the squad b4 end of season in case butland leaves, there is more than one rangers site where people can post.

04 May 2024 20:02:18
A massive task trying to find a replacement for Butland if he leaves Rangers.
Butland has been outstanding and worth 10-15 points a season as he is top drawer.
Hopefully he stays.

04 May 2024 20:13:20
Parma result was awesome. I also won a fiver off a mad pool fan who thought we would get beat!



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