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01 May 2024 08:23:56
The 20+ goals a season striker problem we now have one on 20 and I do think he will score more in last few games so as rangers fans what do we really want? 30 goals now? I couldn’t believe the stat of 4 strikers since 2000 in top league have score 20/ 20+.
Dessers the answer? I don’t think so but it’s his 1st season in this league and he has hit this mark. We can still win the league but will be difficult. If Celtic win the league this season they will not have a striker hit 20+
So basically my question is if we don’t win the league is it really the strikers fault? As lot seems to be getting blamed on dessers?

I don’t believe dessers or not getting another striker in jan the reason we don’t win the league just my opinion. Goals need to come from everywhere and other than Tav and dessers and sims have a shot enough goals from el.

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01 May 2024 08:29:34
That should say at the end we haven’t enough goals from elsewhere.
Clicked the wrong button?.

01 May 2024 08:34:13
For me we seem a bit disjointed, there seems no flow through the team, chance creation is down also, yes when we get a chance big Cyriel can miss, every striker does, he has 20 maybe more before we're done, 20 is gd could be more, but I'd rather he was in place to miss than not, he won't miss them all.

01 May 2024 08:38:14
Good post storm.

01 May 2024 08:40:08
Good post Storm, I think it's a mixture of poor defending and missing chances that should've been taken, also, a it's a big also, the Officials have been hellish this season, not just for us, but for every team.

I hope PC has already identified his targets, I believe I saw something a few days ago saying that we have had initial discussions with a few players about joining us, we'll find out in due course I suppose.

01 May 2024 08:47:48
The thing is, what we really need is a striker that will score at least (if not more than) 20 goals in the LEAGUE, not just across all competitions. Yes Dessers has Improved from what we saw of him under Beale, however if we are being honest he still has a lot of faults. He can’t hit a first time finish. If you look at most of his goals he takes 3 or 4 touches before shooting (other than the one at the weekend and a similar finish against Hibs, both where he couldn’t possibly miss) . He does work hard but too often let's defenders dominate him and just goes down looking for fouls he’s never going to get. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for his goal on Sunday (which of course was vital) he literally did nothing else all game other than one woeful shot that went no where near goal. If he doesn’t score in a game he usually offers virtually nothing else. He is a decent option to have around, I wouldn’t sell him, but we still need a better first choice pick.

01 May 2024 08:57:23
Nothing to do with not signing striker in January, more to do with picking players who are out of form and have no fight, to get league won, same culprits as usual, but we keep picking them, no creativity in mid field. we go on about how poor a team they are, so what does that say about us. can't see anyone doing us a favour plus can't see us beating them in next 2 games,

01 may 2024 09:41:18
combination of a few issues, dessers needimg 2 mins to control a ball doesn't help him or the guys around him as he stops everything immediately, when its put on a plate he scores, there never usually any great skill to his goals, he can't miss really, people forget how often the ball is in the opposition box particularly at ibrox, the midfeild don't know how to shoot exception possibly i'm diamonde, the wingers don't exist with exception of cortes and the defence is 2 years out of date, celtic and rangers are a pale shadow of former teams, guys like dessers score so many goals mainly because they play against such poor opponents and get 20 chances per game, sometimes more, imo shankland is vastly better player, but he's the only one outside old firm who has any quality, maybe miovski, at this moment in time the rangers centre forward, who plays virtually every game and is virtually guaranteed an abundance of opportunities, often from a couple of yards out should absolutely be scoring a barrowload, let's put it this way, if dessers somehow can't make 25 before the seasons out i would be very surprised . i dread to think the amount of sitters missed so far.

01 May 2024 09:49:11
Gers78 I am not saying dessers should be 1st choice strike next season as we need better. It was 20+ goals a season and now you are changing it to the league only. Only one player so far has 21 goals shanks then Tav at 17 then dessers 14. Celtic best goalscorer is O’Reilly and they are favs to win the league he has 13 goals. So having a 20+goalscorer in the league only is not needed this season anyway.

Gers58 I agree people do say how poor a team they are but it must make us worse at the moment as they are 3 points a head I have never understood that. I think both teams are very poor and unfortunately at the moment we are just a bit worse than them.

01 May 2024 09:49:53
I agree with that fork it would be worse if he wasn’t getting in the positions.

01 May 2024 10:08:42
He has his faults but a big part of the problem is that we rely on him for goals. If we had 2 wide players or a CM who consistently chipped in with goals then his misses wouldn’t be discussed as much. His 20 goals would be looked at with a different slant as we would be top of the league. For me he isn’t the answer moving forward but he’s just a part of the jigsaw that has pieces missing.

01 May 2024 10:13:07
Some of our defending this season has been dreadful.

01 may 2024 10:19:49
i don't particularly think they are better, as proven by europe, i just totally believe there's a large gulf in heart and courage,

01 May 2024 10:31:59
its about big chances missed will
danilo coming back make the difference lammers on loan there was
a time we talking about giving him away now 3 mill looks a possiblity
hagi will he come back if not how much can we expect any truth in tav and goldson leaving again even 10
mill for both we need to be looking
very careful.

01 May 2024 10:48:22
If we don't win the league it's not Dessers fault. Poor defending lost us vital games. Threw it away!

01 May 2024 11:08:25
You are spot on, Storm.
To win titles you need goal scorers all over the park ( and a decent defence ) .
In the last 10 seasons, 5 top goal scorers have been with the team that won the league.
SPFL League Winners / Top Goal Scorer
2013/ 2014 – Celtic / Commons
2014/ 2015 – Celtic / Rooney
2015/ 2016 – Celtic / Griffiths
2016/ 2017 – Celtic / Boyce
2017/ 2018 – Celtic / Boyd
2018/ 2019 – Celtic / Morelos
2019/ 2020 – Celtic / Edouard
2020/ 2021 – Rangers / Edouard
2021/ 2022 – Celtic / Giakoumakis
2022/ 2023 – Celtic / Kyogo
2023/ 2024 -? / currently Shankland.

01 May 2024 11:37:00
Dessers has 14 goals in the league, not 20. However he must have 100's of misses which is not good enough and potentially cost us the league.

Our RB has the most in the team and fair enough he takes penalties and freekicks but I wouldn't want Dessers taking our penalties or freekicks LOL.

Cant blame the defence either since we have allowed the least amount of goals.

The other main thing has been ref/ var decisions which are all over the place but big calls against Celtic were shocking.

Dessers needs replaced asap, sooner rather than later!

01 May 2024 12:07:49
Totally agree Storm and similar to what I was saying the other day about wide players being the issue.

For folks going on about misses. Seen a stat on MOTD that Haaland has missed 40 big chances this season. All strikers miss chances, good ones keep putting themselves in positions to get more. Dessers has done that.

Disagree with Dessers only scoring easy goals, he has scored lots of really good goals from low xG this season.

01 May 2024 12:20:43
TT good post apart from he only scores ones he can’t miss as that’s just not true and shankland being a better player than dessers I don’t believe he is tho he is a better goalscorer

Ally who said he had 20 goals in the league? You wouldn’t want dessers taking pens? He has scored 2 from 2 this season ? also no one is saying dessers should be number one striker going forward.

01 May 2024 12:21:44
Good stats as always MPH if we had a striker scoring 30 goals in a season on here then someone would moan he should have scored 40 unfortunately it’s just the way it is.

01 May 2024 13:25:14
Glad that dessers has scored this amount, but he gives the impression sometimes of not thinking quick enough in the box, and appears to " dither" rather than quickly shoot. Not sure if a strike partner would help, would Phil have to change formation. We definitely need more goals from the team, and have for years now.

01 May 2024 13:40:10
Storm a can't believe your asking the question what do we want 30? Geezo! Of course we want 30, or should we leave that to the big boys like kyogo and shankland, settle for 2nd best. What an attitude to have mate, not wanting our striker to hit the numbers we know are possible. Mph good stats but what your stats prove is that if you have the top goalscorer in the league you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning it? So that rules us out of 5 of them right away because we've never had a top goalscorer since we came back up. Nobody's blaming dessers for anything, the guys done ok, but all that first player since carry on doesn't make it an achievement it just highlights our failures to find a top class striker. Next you'll be telling us it's OK to have the 2nd best defence, midfield as long as it's better than years gone by. 14 league goals is not nearly good enough, alf was posting similar numbers for years, wasn't good enough so we got rid. Still none of you answered the question of why colak was slaughtered on here by you both, with one less goal than dessers, why is that?

01 may 2024 14:56:30
i thought colak was the most natural finisher we have had in many years, somne say he had other issues and i can't argue with that because i don't know, but what a goalscorer.

01 May 2024 14:58:16
Colak was slaughtered because he refused to play if he stubbed his toe, BoyBlue.
Loads slated Morelos for being unfit but he also rolled his sleeves up and played with injuries in his final season because we were down to the bare bones up front because of Colaks reluctance to play for the cause.
You rated Colak and yet someone you don't rate has the same amount of league goals and has scored more in all competitions.
Now I don't think Dessers is the answer going forward. He has limited ability but continually works hard for the team. But going by goals scored he's better than Colak who you rated?

01 May 2024 15:07:12
Boy blue u have been told by many on here he feigned injury so not to play, u seem to choose to ignore this

Doing same in Italy. We were well rid.

01 may 2024 15:17:03
shankland, imo, organises his attack and midfield expertly, he's a good footballer imo, way ahead of dessers, but that's my take.

01 May 2024 18:07:39
John that was a rumour mate, take all roumers on here way a pinch of salt tbh.
Mph, I never fully rated colak, my debate at the time is he was better than alf and his goal to game ratio was better than alfs in league. Never once said I don't rate dessers either, my point was people getting carried away with 20 goals in all comps as if it was some achievement pretty simple.

01 May 2024 18:25:31
Boy blue where did I say I don’t want a striker to score 30? Maybe learn to read the post before posting bs mate.
Who is getting carried away with dessers scoring 20 we have all said we need better. You really don’t read much on here by the looks of it.

Ps he has scored more than Kyogo this season ?.

01 may 2024 19:47:13
kyogo scored about 30 secs into an old firm game, again, that's the difference.



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