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06 May 2024 09:13:30
Why not put Sterling to right back and include Tavernier in the mid-field and give Roofe a chance at centre, putting himself in the shop window.

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06 May 2024 09:23:39
I'd go for that Berti but I doubt if Clement will.

06 May 2024 09:47:46
Don’t get the obsession with trying tav in different positions ??‍♂️ Probably better just drop him.

06 May 2024 09:53:20
Please can we stop the Roofe stuff, the sooner the boy leaves the building the better that way some other unfortunate club can provide him with the round the clock medical support he needs.

06 May 2024 09:59:54
Simple Tav is not a midfielder, he doesn't have the technical ability and is very right footed, you would need to drop Lunny or Diamonde who our left and right footed and much more technical. Tav would loose possession in dangerous areas. imo the only other place you could play Tav is as a striker.

06 May 2024 10:00:53
Makes sense. If we're using 2 right back Tav better attacking and Sterling better defending. Why not switch them round.

06 May 2024 10:16:51
Why not start Striling at Rb and drop Tavernier? Roofe was absolutely woeful against Dundee.

06 May 2024 10:28:27
Wouldn't mind seeing Sterling at RB, but I can't see Tav playing on midfield.

Don't think Roofe is fit, but if he was I'd start him.

06 May 2024 10:43:34
Roofe nowhere near sharp enough now the sooner we replace him the better.

06 May 2024 11:28:07
Why would we put roofe in shop window, he leaves 1/ 6.

06 May 2024 11:37:04
Bertiboy why are we putting roofe in the shop window when he's out of contract in the summer?

06 May 2024 11:46:00
To me it makes sense. People say play Sterling ahead of him so Tav has cover going forward.

Why no just play Sterling at RB and give Tav more freedom to not have to track back so much?

Surely it's just playing to both players strengths in each position?

06 May 2024 11:54:47
Roofe is done. I can’t believe after the Dundee game people still want him playing. Dessers is not good enough but he’s a million times better than the current version of Roofe. If we are serious about beating Celtic we should drop tav, play back 4 of Sterling - souttar- Davies/ balogun (depending on fitness) - Yilmaz. Tav cannot be allowed to play against meada again.

06 May 2024 12:06:04
Why should we shift the team about to accommodate Tav, PC will leave him where he is against the mob, and have Sterling infront of him and prob Balogun beside him, if his back niggle isn't serious enough to keep him out. Hopefully that covers any potential feck up.

06 May 2024 12:15:31
As much as tav has been poor lately he’s still our biggest attacking threat can’t see pc change much. Prefer sterling in the middle of the park anyway think he’s solid in cm.

06 may 2024 13:15:35
sterling, soutter balogun yilmaz, only way to go.

06 may 2024 14:54:14
and that back four wouldn't even get to carry the bags of a decent rangers defence, this shows how low rangers, and the spl has dropped,

06 May 2024 15:00:15
Roofe's days with us are thankfully numbered.

06 May 2024 15:02:08
Tom, I agree with your back four. sterling has to start.



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