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03 Jan 2018 00:35:17
I hope this transfer window we get our main targets in ASAP. I know Murty says he wants them in before the trip away so heres hoping!

Murphy is a good steady start. Hard working skillful player who knows the league and has had a great education over the past 5 years or so playing down south.

Id like to see MacArthur but i can't see that for the life of me. Only way would be a loan and we don't need that we need a steady solid squad so we can move forward.

After murphy i'd say maybe another 2-3 signings. Followed by 1 or 2 young guys coming in on load as squad players to give us a boost not to be relied on for 90mins every week.

To free up some space some need to go.

Rossiter it just hasn't worked out he may well come good but unfortunately we don't have the luxury of carrying a player on such a high wage doing nothing. A real shame for the boy but its time to move him on.

Pena as well if possible i would move him on, A potential cult hero at Ibrox who has a lot of ability and great movement but will never have that hard work ethic required to succeed which is a true shame.

Herrera again i'd love him to come onto a game but i can't see it happening, If we can get a new striker in then i would try and offload him.

Kranjcar is 50/ 50 for me he has bags of class but is expected to play a more physical high energy role which isn't really his game. Keep him or sell him i really don't know. Surely if he stays its to come off the bench and play last 20.

Halliday Forrester Dodoo and ohalloran i'd put into the reserves and put them on transfer list.

Dalcio, Nemane cancel loans with immediate effect.

This is only my opinion and i'm aure some will agree and some will disagree.

What would you like to see happening with players in and players out?

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03 Jan 2018 10:40:11
I think that's a decent assessment of where I'd like us to be by the end of the transfer window, der-goalie. I've already said there's enough money to bring in two players on permanent contracts right now, and others will depend on who we manage to offload. I won't speculate on who might come in, there's enough experts on here with far better 'contacts' than me to do that, but I reckon that in having good attacking skills, Murphy would be a good addition.

I still think we need a midfield player with both fearsome tenacity and an eye for a forward pass, plus a marauder up front beside Morelos, but it's exciting to sit back and watch developments. If Murty wants new players to travel to Florida, maybe we can expect some action by the end of this week.

03 Jan 2018 10:52:57
I would begin by offering new contracts to Wilson, Bates, Thompson, Beerman and Hardie.

Players I would sell or release are:-
Foderigham or Alnwick – Don’t need both and I would promote Kelly and McCrorie.
Hodson – Not good enough, would replace him with new RWB
Alves – Too inconsistent, injuries are mounting and a high earner, would also promote Aidan Wilson, done well last year when he broke into the team.
Wallace – This won’t be a popular decision, but he isn’t the player he once was, and after signing John I fell we have enough cover here in Thompson and Beerman.
Halliday – Not needed, for the DM role, and if going for Murphy, not required for LW either.
Kranjacr – Not the player he once was, out of contract in the summer, not fit enough yet for the run in. I would recall Forrester to fill his position for the run in.
Pena – I like him, but not suited to Scottish football
Dalcio – Cancel loan and return to club
Nemane – Looks a player in the u20s but if not getting a chance, cancel loan and return to club
Dodoo – Never really fulfilled his potential
O’Halleron – His attributes aren’t suited to playing for Rangers with teams sitting back
Herrera - Not suited to Scottish football
Miller – due to injuries and contract being up in the summer, i'd offer a coaching role the now

Positions we need to strengthen would be a RB, a LW, a ST, and a creative playmaker for the middle, be it a no.10 or deeper

GK – 1. Foderingham/ Alnwick 2. Kelly 3. McCrorie
RB – 1. Tavernier 2.?
LB – 1. John 2. Beerman
CB – 1. D. Wilson 2. Cardoso 3. Bates 4. A. Wilson
DM – 1. McCrorie 2. Rossiter
CM – 1. Dorrans 2. Jack 3. Brajonas 4. Holt
AM – 1. Forrester 2. Burt 3.?
RW – 1. Candieas 2. Atakayi
LW – 1. Thompson 2.?
ST – 1. Morelos 2. Windass 3. Hardie 4. Rudden 5.?

Players I’d like to see us go for would be Cadden, Hendry and Morgan. Good young Scottish talent.
I am happy with potential of experienced players like Murphy coming in, but until its confirmed by Rangers, no point in getting hopes up.

03 Jan 2018 11:03:41
Pena has go no ability whatsoever!

03 Jan 2018 11:43:26
Pena does have ability, you don't get 20 caps for Mexico (plus goals) with no ability. His movement and finishing is very good, he just looks like it's too late in his career to have played all his days in Mexico and all of a sudden change to Scottish football, it's too fast paced for him.

Mind boggling signing, but again, that's what you get when you sign a manager who has never managed in British football.

03 Jan 2018 14:35:59
Pena, is an enigma. maybe not well suited to the Scottish game. but you can't say 'no ability'. I doubt you would say that about many Scotland Internationalists and our FIFA ranking is a long way off Mexico's? 9 Rangers appearances and 5 goals? Morelos claims he is the best player he had played with? I thinks he has bags of skill. but slow and lacking aggression. On his day one of our best players

03 Jan 2018 15:02:13
Morgon is signing for Celtic.

Hendry is no netter than the young centre halves we have.

Jack is a DM and Dorrans is an AM.

Declan John can't defend so I'd move him forward as we don't have a left winger and sign left back cover for Wallace for when he's fit.

If bruno goes we need a centre half. I'd take Martin, always thought he was the best of a bad bunch for Scotland. Danny Wilson is rotten.

Murphy would be a good signing as would James Macarthur.

Looks like we're bringing in a young guy from QPR he will likely be cover for Jack.

I can't believe you're debating whether we keep Wes or alnwick. Wes is the best keeper in the league and has saved us loads the last 2 year's. Ok he's not excellent at commanding his area but that seems to be the case with most keepers nowadays. We won't sign a better keeper than Wes if we let him go.

03 Jan 2018 15:03:08
That was aimed at Gordon83

03 Jan 2018 15:20:07
Wison isn't that bad, the boy from qpr is a left midfielder / left back. Dorrans is definitely not a defensive midfielder. I don't think we'll pay a transfer fee for anyone playing in spl. How many players will murty actually get to sign though?

03 Jan 2018 15:46:35
Hes murder and i don't care how many caps he's got. there's been players over the years that have caps for better countrys than mexico that are crap as well. it doesn't mean because you’ve been capped you’re all of a sudden a good player

03 Jan 2018 16:18:46
Hi SG34, I don't quite agree. What you are saying is the exception to the rule and therefore I don't see why any reasonable person can't use the capped player scenario as a general yard stick with regards his ability. What you say is irrelevant.

03 Jan 2018 19:16:54
“Bags of ability “hahahaha. i think saying a player has been capped therefore has ability is just plain crap. TJBB let me ask you, have i never thot a player is crap that has caps for whatever country?

04 Jan 2018 08:39:20
Stuart AC you will find that Jack and Dorrans have both played more in the CM positions for us this season with McCrorie playing DM in the diamond formation. and before this in a 4-4-2 partnering each other. Hence why have them both as CM's.
Hendry would be decent cover.
Until Morgan is confirmed by Celtic why can't we put a bid in, plus all I was saying was that I would like us to go for these guys, so wind your neck in.
Wilson has been our best CB this season, if you don't think so, please explain who has.
Im not debating who goes out of Fod or Alnwick. i'm simply not fussed as I feel both are adequate, as Alnwick has proven with his shot stopping also in the cup games, but we could get more money for Fods. (something apparently we need according the financial experts on this site) .
I fail to see how McCarthur would be a good signing now tho.

04 Jan 2018 14:16:40
Gordon it doesn't matter where they have played this season Jack is a DM and should be played there. Dorrans is an attacking midfielder so should be played there same position as kranjcar and pena.

Alnwick has played 3 or 4 games in the cup only one of these games was he really tested.

Wilson is rotten. At fault for 2 goals against st Johnstone and one against killie. I'd rather Cordoso got a run in the side.

04 Jan 2018 15:07:26
So by your rationale McCrorie shouldn't be playing DM as he is a CB. But I'd move him there permanently.

Move the players about all you will, CM DM AM, its all relative, but I suppose you know the players better than our managers, who have chosen where they play, wait who do you manage again?

You have still not answered is Wilson is so rotten, who has been our best CB?

If you ain't impressed with Alnwick then sell him, I don't care which one of the two goes, as I feel we have cover.



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