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25 Nov 2017 22:59:53
First time on this. I think our pronlems come from the very top. Our chairmen trusted 3 numptys to pick a manager and bankrolled him to the tune of 10m signing diddys that are quite clearly hopeless and no good enough. Imo the clear out must start with king and his 3 blind mice.

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25 Nov 2017 23:50:00
Ok Jake, . Who bankrolled the 10 mill you mention and who is going to roll up and buy the club 20-30 mill and then bankroll another,10 mill+ for January window.
Just asking?

26 Nov 2017 09:17:35
There has also been a fair bit of cash spent on repairs to the stadium. I think it is funny that last year people were saying this I'd a long road and will take a few years, yet one year later we expect to be winning the league and ready to play in Europe. Things will take time but if reports are true that we are waiting until after the agm to get a manager seems sensible as getting a resolution on the rights issue passed will help generate money that will enable us to get the best manager we can rather than the budget one. After everything that has happened I don't want to see us jump into this as that would lead to more embarrassment. We just need to take stock, there are too many on here that only want negatives and look for them at any cost. Where were we 5 years ago, what was the standard of player like then, what sort of regime was in charge, what standard of manager did we have and for the main positive we now have a youth system in place that is better than any time in my memory in fact for the best part of 50years it was non existent yet now we are doing something that will put us in good stead for years to come it shall save a fortune and could bring in one too. The football world has moved on and bypassed Scottish football with its money and the fitting up of European competition to suit 4 leagues we must realise where we are, where we have been and what we need to do to get back. A few years of hard times will seem like nothing when we are producing youth that can take us back there, as that is the only way as we can no longer afford to buy in, so the last thing I want is the quick fix that wins us the league robs the young players of their chance they move on for peanuts become amazing and we can't afford to resign them and we end up in financial ruin. To me our youth is such a sign of encouragement that we should do everything we can to make them succeed it is the only way we will ever see £30/ 40m players playing for us, and before anyone starts saying that our players will never be worth that, well look across the city not at dembele as he was a bargain buy that will also generate them a fortune but to young Tierney that boy like it or not is a £30m player and will have an amazing career no matter where he goes. At our own club the foreigners were good but davie Cooper, Ian ferguson, Derek Johnson, willie Johnson, Willie Henderson, Jim baxter, ally mccoist, sandy Jardine and John gregg were better and all Scottish that if playing today would be worth 10's of millions each and were all men who played for the jersey and would have played for less money than any imports.

26 Nov 2017 09:38:07
Can't disagree with anything u say gary75. We r all hurting massively at the moment. the AGM should give us a clearer picture of where we r heading. Next managerial appointment MUST b right one. If we have to wait another couple of weeks so be it. Jury still out on DOF appointment however he seems to be getting the scouting sorted out. No use having a 14 million quid training facility that costs plenty to run each year without getting a return on it. Stay strong Bears we WILL get there. FIRB

26 Nov 2017 10:01:29
Well put mate!

26 Nov 2017 11:29:13
bil72 Who bankrolled the £10 million?

Mainly us fans buying season tickets.

As for the theory that we are waiting until after the agm to get a manager I would say it's more likely that the board are waiting on the final Dave King/ Concert Party ruling as this could prove highly negative for the club.

26 Nov 2017 11:32:18
Superb, well thought out post, and refreshing against all the negative stuff. The board have stabilised our club and injected serious cash, it's unfortunate that neither Warburton or Caxhinia worked out, but that's life. It is crucial to get the right manager in now, and if it takes time, then so be it. We have a decent pool of players just need 2-3 quality additions and we will be fine. A good striker to take the strain off Morelos, a dominating midfielder to run the show, and a winger. We are climbing a large flight of stairs and need to take one step at a time. Follow follow.

26 Nov 2017 11:51:12
Well said Gary, a manager who can improve young players and will get them in the team is my main priority, hopefully with the scouting now addressed we can pick up a few players on the way up also!

26 Nov 2017 12:01:23
Our season ticket money pays for day to day running of club including wage bill for staff and players.
So yes I believe board made investment to back Pedro but unfortunately it has not worked out.
I think our squad has improved overall since last season but we need someone to get best out of them and organise them. We are still on our journey back to the top and we are bound to have setbacks along the way. Hopefully this is a turning point, lessons will be learned and we will move forward and upward.



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