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24 Jan 2024 22:11:36
As you all will know on here i'm a big fan of nico raskin but imo at this moment in time, i'd definitely be playing dujon sterling in front of raskin, beside big lunny in our midfield ? Sterling is so smooth and glides across the surface with this terrific engine he possess ?He very rarely wastes a pass and wins the majority of his challenges ?He has terrific movement, with superb body strength ? Thoughts fellow bears, should sterling be playing in front of raskin, beside big lunny ?.

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24 Jan 2024 22:59:01
?… ??.

24 Jan 2024 23:05:43
Hard to disagree.

24 Jan 2024 23:11:43
I have to agree SWS Sterling plays over Raskin right now. I do think Raskin can be a player for us and he is coming back from injury. Our midfield looking stronger than it has done for years with Lunny, Sterling, Raskin, Jack and Diamonde (to be confirmed) . Cifu not in squad tonight I wonder if he will be moved on in January.

24 Jan 2024 23:21:17
No doubt about it. Sterling should feel hard done by falling out the team in the first place. Coming in today he’s shown he’s better than Raskin in pretty much all aspects of the game. Him and Lundstram seem to work very well together as well.

24 Jan 2024 23:25:59
Simple answer. Yes.

24 Jan 2024 23:29:11
He’s quality mate. I’ve really liked him since he got back in. He’s going to make us big money and help us win more trophies. He was class when he came on.

24 Jan 2024 23:42:47
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said there, Sterling looks a natural there and in my mind it's his position to lose from here on out. Having said that in big Phil we trust.

24 Jan 2024 23:56:40
Sterling would never be out my team ??.

24 Jan 2024 23:58:02
All day long. I keep hearing Raskin is the next best thing. I know he's been injured but I've yet to see it.

25 Jan 2024 00:02:49
Sterling is a monster. Has to be a midfielder from now on.

25 Jan 2024 00:08:49
I thought Raskin dome well tonight, made one terrific interception, he's just back from injury and will grow much more in my opinion, I thought end of Beales first year he was superb but then stagnant, when PC come in if memory serves me right he looked superb but then got injured, in regards to sterling I felt games he's played in the middle he was quick, urgent and possessed a lot of character but tonight I thought a few of his passes were superb, actually for me showed a different side to his game, heard he wanted to leave pre Clement but I really do hope he gets the bug and stays.

25 Jan 2024 00:11:26
Was thinking the same, looks better every time he plays, away games in Europe he will be first name on team sheet.

25 Jan 2024 00:14:04
Well I'll sleep better tonight thinking about sterling gliding across the pitch in such a smooth way ??.

25 Jan 2024 00:14:47
Yes same for me, has done very well there and adds a bit of strength as well as surprising me with his ability on the ball, Whether he stays a first pick in there I’m not sure but certainly deserves it.

25 Jan 2024 00:42:37
Have been very impressed with Sterling almost from the off, think he just looks better with every performance. He rarely gives the ball away and fights to get it back if he does. He is also a unit and hard to push off the ball as well as his general awareness of what’s around him.
In other words…that’s a yes from me. I think this lad could make us an awful lot of money one day.

25 Jan 2024 06:35:28
David, the only way sterling was out our starting 11 in our last couple of games was because he had a small injury mate ?.

25 Jan 2024 06:52:21
Sterling never set a foot wrong and hopefully he gets a good run in team - as the lad deserves it with his performances and controlled agression!

25 Jan 2024 07:55:50
Minds me of Kamara when he was actually interested, everything looks easy.

25 Jan 2024 08:09:28
Talk not that long ago was Sterling was for the off, as he wasn't getting game time. Cue our usual injury minefield, he gets a few games, and as soon as Raskin is fit he is dropped. I think the lad will be off at first opportunity
Personally, I'd offer him a raise and an extension.

25 Jan 2024 08:14:52
Sterling was brilliant in the middle when he came on.
He wasn't so good later on when he was pushed wide left ( similar to the Hertha Berlin friendly ) . I'm hoping his adaptability isn't his downfall.
Long term I would like our midfield to be Raskin and Sterling though not sure where Diomande fits in? Are we going to pay the reputed £4+ million for him not to start?

25 Jan 2024 08:39:04
I'd sell Raskin, He'll never be better than Lunny and he couldn't get near Dujon's shadow. Raskin never looks in control. Always getting dragged about.

25 Jan 2024 09:08:40
I think Raskin benefitted by timing, coming in at a time (last January) when we were pretty poor and the vast majority of our fans set their baseline for how good he is based on the previous poor performances of those in the same position. We're pretty good at deciding within a few games if we like someone or not then whatever happens after is irrelevant. Their baseline is set on those first few games.

I don't personally think he's anywhere near as good as billed currently by most of our fans. Potential, definitely and he'll hopefully develop into a good player, but for me he's too wasteful with the ball at the moment and too often drops runners off him.

Our strongest midfield at the moment is Lundstrum and Sterling IMO.

Our biggest issue though isn't who is best from our current group, our issue is more that realistically you pick any 3 from our current group and none of them get a game for Celtic. McGregor, Hatate and O'Reilly are miles ahead of any of our current midfield options unfortunately. Long term, that may swing (as two of those might go from them in the summer) but for now it's where we're at.

I don't think that's as big an issue just now though as the top end of the park to solve.

25 Jan 2024 14:10:10
Can't disagree but going forward we don't need 2 holding midfielders for majority of games so I'm hoping Diomande is more creative although Lunny played a superb pass for yilmaz that's not his game, I liked Raskin when he signed but he's got a lot tp prove or he could be out the door come the summer.



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