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28 Sep 2017 07:40:20
People calling for the managers head are knuckle draggers. They are using a heavy defeat to celtic and a half decent aberdeen ending their ibrox hoodoo last season as the benchmark of their 'pedro out' campaign. He played warburtons team of English championship squad players, league 1 bench players and league two players to see if and how they suited his system so he could get rid of as much garbage as he could.

Now this season he is playing a 75% or more new team and we have had a few bad results. This is a rebuilding job which has cost £10m give or take and we would have to pay off his contract and that of a new manager if its the mcinnes or wright people are speaking of who would also want there own players. Where does it end. We don't have a billionaire owner i'm afraid. We can only spend what we make untill we are back in europe properly.

And we probably couldn't afford what we did spend if u take into account the daily costs of running the club. We will be in debt although not huge amounts so its probably manageable. Rome was not built in a day. There is around 5 different nationalities in our squad if u count home nations as 1? Most of which are playing together for the 1st time.

All coming from different playing styles at there respective clubs now trying to get used to caixinhas style and trying to get used to scottish football. I genuinely think after xmas and next summers window we could be pushing celtic all the way. Saturday could of been a different story had our 1st choice centre half and our 1st and 2nd choice left back not all been injured at the last minute (i think hodson who may be willing to play there, but is awful at left back, cost us dearly) .

I honestly think if we could get 3 out of 4 from walker, moult, McLean and shinnie, we would be a roasting team, atleast domestically. We have always had spl players in our successful years. Boyd, naismith, thomson, whittaker etc etc (the list is endless), so i'm astonished when people turn their nose up at scottish lads now?

Any half sensible rangers supporter would surely agree with my points if they sit and read with there head and not there heart? In pedro i trust tbh. The guy gets what rangers is about in my opinion and he needs time to build on this year.

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28 Sep 2017 08:24:37
Knuckle draggers because they don't have the same opinion as you? Do you not think that's a bit of a sweeping statement seeing as you probably don't know any of the people on here personally?

28 Sep 2017 09:11:19
Just thinking that we might have missed the boat with moult as he is creating a lot of interest now hopefully we will get him, If we are smart we can get quite a few players signed up on pre contracts in January so they are free, walker McClean moult Crawford from accies Russell from derby MacArthur from palace if he takes a pay cut and maybe Burke from Swansea all Bluenoses except for Crawford and moult not sure about them, in return we lose kranjar, Windass, Holt, Thompson, dalcio, miller and if we can get a rb hodsons days are numbered would also get rid of Danby Wilson too injury prone there is a great Aussie cb available in Jan for nothing matt spiranovic has played over 30 games for Australia and is a solid pro that would certainly strengthen the squad and cost us very little just wages.

28 Sep 2017 09:15:01
I think its a fairly accurate description of the "pedro oot" brigade. Do i need to know these guys personally to know they are fairly simple minded. I wouldn't say so no. I don't know joey essex on personal terms but i know he's as thick as two short planks! The knee jerk loyal think because we are rangers we will win. And everytime we get a bad result they are in disbelief. They still live in the 90s in there heads and must think we still have laudrup, mccoist, gazza and the likes playing for us. don't get me wrong i don't accept the state we are in. I grew up watching the players i just mentioned and every draw or defeat hurts as much as it does for the rest of our support. But i don't get a wee zap in my brain that makes me go "pedro oot". Because i fully acknowledge the scale of the downward spiral we went on 5 years ago and the struggle its taken to get to where we are now. Especially financially. We will do very well to compete with celtic considering there champs league money and that is just pure fact. If u took the time to read my post and take it in with an open and fair mind there isn't much you could argue with. Maybe my signing targets as they are personal choices. But if we are being honest i'd like to think I've hit the nail on the head no? i'm not trying to start arguements lads i'm just trying to talk a bit of sense into halfwits that assume we should be pumping celtic just because we are rangers.

28 Sep 2017 09:27:30
Sparky, I think his point is fair as there are some supporters who can't move into the 21st century. His comments about where the club is and where they should be is spot on.
The rebuilding should have started in 2012 but it did not for a variety of reasons.
Can/ will the supporters give the guy time to implement his ideas? Personally, I doubt it and the club will just keep going back to GO and start again.
The club just does not have the financial resources to sustain current expenditure and certainly cannot afford to ditch and compensate the latest managerial team. So it's time for patience.
I will also say that Walter etc. who all professed genuine love for the club and made a lot of money from it, could step in and assist without charge but that does not seem to be happening

28 Sep 2017 09:32:09
Oh yes not sure about Russell from Derby he's a Glasgow boy but I am not sure if he is a bluenose or not I guess its a 50 50 chance.

28 Sep 2017 09:40:47
Johnny russell is a big celtic fan guys!

28 Sep 2017 09:43:33
i'm not trying to start arguements lads?

OP. If you're not trying to start what you call arguements - the correct spelling incidentally is arguments - then it might be best not to call anyone who sees that Pedro is not up to the job a knuckledragger.

28 Sep 2017 09:49:58

If some of the support don't think the manager is the answer then they are entitled to voice that opinion. The reality is that no managers have very much time. Look how many mangers have been sacked already in Britain. De Boer got 5 games. Results have been poor and the team lack pace, imagination, creativity and heart. Under him we have lost to the 4th best team in Luxembourg which is by far the worst result in the clubs history. In 3 games his team have offered nothing against Celtic and have meekly lay down to them. His comments about having the best squad make him look stupid and picking fights with opposition players and coaches does nothing to help the cause. He has failed so far as Rangers manager and needs to go

28 Sep 2017 09:58:39

No your post isn't balanced or fair you have just cherry picked out certain things to make your post sound fair and balanced. Never mind Celtic we can't even beat Hearts, Hibs or Progres. You say we need to be back in Europe properly? We were in Europe this season but managed to lose to a team that finished 4th in the Luxembourg league. The most embarrassing defeat in the clubs history. Even with the players he inherited from Warburton your not telling me we shouldn't have beaten them. He has had 3 games against Celtic and while I didn't expect us to win any of them I did expect at least a bit more fight and determination. We meekly lay down to them and let them walk all over us. That's totally unacceptable for any Rangers team no matter who plays for us. Both Hibs and Hearts have rebuilt their squads too this season yet we are on a par with both having spent far more money. Instead of buying the unfit Pena or the cumbersome Herrera he could have used the money to get players like Moult and Walker both guys who have proved themselves in the SPFL

28 Sep 2017 10:54:55
I've not joined in the Pedro must go-Pedro must stay debate so far but I think the guy who posts as"thinkaboutit"talks a lot of sense. First let me say to the likes of Fod the prod, Naz, Sparky that I have been distinctly underwhelmed by Pedro so far. Our loss to Progres was pitiful, the loss of our home record to Aberdeen dire and our displays against Celtic so far pretty abject mostly. There is however a big but and that's if he does go then what? Where will the money come from to pay off his staff and him, to compensate another club if we poach their manager. e. g Aberdeen, for the turnover of playing staff which a new manager would undoubtedly bring. Quite a few million I reckon that would take. Yes shareholders will probably vote for a new issue at the AGM but I think a lot of that money would go to pay back loans already given to the club. The retail deal will begin to make us money but that will be in the long term. Now keeping Pedro because we can't afford to sack him and all the financial cost that would go with that isn't great but seriously I ask what realistic and I mean, realistic choice do we have? I remember having the same discussions about Warburton this time last year and if he hadn't done a runner to Nottingham he would have probably seen the season out, for good or ill. Pedro was given a lot more money than I expected in the summer so maybe our benefactors on the board have a lot more money available to bring in a whole new management teams and load of new players but I doubt that. All I've got at present is hoping for the best that he'll work out and that some his du bious (Pena, Herrera), disappointing so far (Alves, Dorrans) and wasted (Dalcio) signings start to truly justify their worth. I would however be happy to hear about realistic alternative plans and where the money would come from to act on them from any of the Pedro must go squad.

28 Sep 2017 11:06:07
Sorry boys meant mcburnie from Swansea in earlier post jeez having a bad day.

28 Sep 2017 11:57:25
Sorry because people don't think Pedros up to job doesn't mean their knuckledtaggers what a stupid statement same school of thought that people who voted for brexit are racist. no people are entitled to their opinion not seen much improvement so I can see where their coming from but I'm willing to give him this season

28 Sep 2017 12:03:48
Liverpool Ger

I totally get where your coming from and yes I think what will save Pedro is that there is no money to sack him and his staff however what happens in January? Does the board give him more money? Or is it a case of having to sell before he can buy.

28 Sep 2017 16:35:04
The same people that are whining about opinions are slating mine. That to me shows slow mindedness as you are contradicting yourselves. Sparky you say i'm cherry picking then you litteraly do it yourself by mentioning celtic defeats and progres. Progres was awful mate there's no denying it but i'm afraid these things happen. Game came too early for a new squad maybe but i'm i can't even makes excuses, we should of pumped them. I think by the end of the season you wouldn't be saying we are on par with hibs and hearts etc as we will be above them comfortably. Aberdeen will be close again. Celtic certainly won't be 39 points. And my point about knuckle draggers is directed towards the pedro out guys who can't back up a valid reason why. i'm so far yet to hear one so aye i stand by my claims if u wanna get serious about it. Most reasons are based on the fact these guys want to go and cry into their pillows because 55 hasn't come just because they want it to. i'm guessing there's a few young guys behind these keyboards and i will say it again, there is not a shred of sense sacking the manager and setting us back yet again! Your asking for it because if results aren't coming that's what clubs do. Have a day off eh? Its all very good palace sacking de boer but palace are in the premier league where they make hundreds of millions. Get a grip lads honestly. Some of these counter arguements are valid to a point and i do accept peoples opinions. Just not ridiculous ones.

28 Sep 2017 16:42:49
No we won’t have to sell because we will get moult and Walker for next to nothing or even for nothing in the summer good move by Pedro maybe he’s not as daft as you think! instead of paying £2mil?

28 Sep 2017 19:56:12
What if we sign moult and walker and they flop, who will you blame then.
Ohalloran looked good at st Johnstone we signed him full of hope, but he was rubbish now back at st Johnstone looks good again . Its not easy playing in front of 50000 some players just never show their true capabilities because of the heavy expectations . Wevneed to get behind the club at the moment because there are a lot of people happy to see the current chaos go on.



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