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08 May 2024 20:17:37
I was listening to cammy bell on radio clyde on the topic regarding who should start between todd cantwell or tom lawrence ? It's a topic that a good few of us on here have spoke about, leading up to this crucial league game against celtic this saturday afternoon ?So i'll kick this off tonight ie. who should start, cantwell V lawrence and for what reason/ reasons ? I just can't see both starting.

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08 May 2024 20:37:58
Tav Souttar balogun yilmaz.
Sterling lunny diomande
Sima Lawrence

That’s best we've got for the job at hand imo mate.

08 May 2024 20:49:28
Wouldn’t start either SWS, Sterling, JL and the Dimond in the sky would be best in my opinion.

08 May 2024 20:56:07
Both are overrated, and pretty poor, so not exactly a great pair to chose from.

08 May 2024 21:11:37
Maybe neither will start.

08 May 2024 21:21:08
For me it's Cantwell starting due to his energy and hard work, Lawrence on later for his directness.

08 May 2024 21:22:34
There's absolutely no doubt for me that one of cantwell and lawrence will start ?.

08 May 2024 21:23:57
Raisetheroofe, i most certainly wouldn't say cantwell and lawrence are poor players mate, far from it ?.

08 May 2024 21:43:02
Well, they've been poor for us, Coops. Are you saying the haven't mate?

08 may 2024 21:44:28
cantwell will start

don't know who the diamond in the sky is but we need some gems that's fir sure.

08 May 2024 22:27:52
Cantwell left wing and silva on his arse. Sterling into the centre. McCausland starts. Diomande can be the driving midfielder. Lawrence sub. Alistair johnstone is a scare with fouls and i believe Cantwell can take advantage of this.

08 May 2024 22:46:13
Neither are great SWS, can’t see either being remembered fondly this time next season.

08 May 2024 22:58:13
3412 for me, both starting.

Sterling Souttar Davies
Tav Raskin Diomande Ridvan
Dessers Lawrence.

08 May 2024 23:00:04
Lawrence just doesn’t do it for me, must be Cantwell and hopefully he has a decent game. What I will say is that mob are so confident about how this game is going to pan out, if you listen to them it’s about how many they are going to win by. Please let us put on a show.

09 May 2024 06:17:16
Will support any team PC puts out as long as everything is left on that park and we chase every cause, fight and run from 1st to last, mark every opponent and give no space and not one head goes down - time for anyone with leadership within to stand up encourage the man beside him and give us something to cheer about?.

09 May 2024 07:58:57
Roofe is 100% correct in the grand scheme of things both have been poor for us the majority of the time.

09 May 2024 08:05:15
You're more likely to get a goal from Lawrence, he's also more physical, so he would play in my opinion.

09 May 2024 08:15:39
Cantwell for his energy needs to play deeper though to drive the team from there.

09 May 2024 08:57:19
Has to be Lawrence for me, Cantwell just doesn't do enough to merit his place in big games. Lawrence isn't the best but he is the better option in my view. LEt him run at their defence for 60 minutes then Cantwell to dance for the rest of the game.

09 May 2024 09:02:33
Let them be over confident mate and it will be one helluva come down for them, if we go and beat them at the famous breeze block boulevard ? I remember not so long ago before our last game at Ibrox against them that they were fearing the worst and some of our supporters were very confident of us stuffing them ?.

09 May 2024 10:00:04
Both can go in the summer. no matter what happens we need a complete rebuild this summer.

09 May 2024 10:43:52
Neither are particularly great options based on performances/ output this season IMO and I hope we replace both in the summer.

For Saturday I'd play Lawrence, if I had to choose between the two.

He works harder and doesn't try to do the difficult thing in big games because "it's all about him", like Cantwell, in a nutshell.

In these games you need players that will do the right thing the majority of the time and Cantwell has proven that in big games that isn't him. He's not the only one mind.

I'm not overly confident if I'm honest. I think we need to have a really good day and they need to have an off day. I hope that's what happens.

Tavernier, Souttar, Davies, Yilmaz
Lundstrum, Diomande
Sterling, Lawrence, McAusland

That's what I'd go with, of the players (I think) we have available.



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