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07 Jun 2024 14:53:16
Appears rangers have received a credible offer for Davies from forest.

Also derby have made a second offer for yefeko around 650k

Hibs Aberdeen Dundee Utd Motherwell all interested in Lowry not a loan deal.

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07 Jun 2024 14:58:00
Davies and forest? Any idea how much?

07 Jun 2024 15:06:23
John would you sell yefko for that or is he worth keeping?

07 Jun 2024 15:06:52
One Walter around 3million addons sell on.

07 Jun 2024 15:09:56
Great info. Davies is a good one to get out the door as I assume he is on decent money and a sell on with Yfeko may be the best option as he doesn't appear to have kicked on.

is Lowry likely to go or is there just interest from other clubs?

07 Jun 2024 15:11:06
650k for yfeko ? quick sale, SOLD.

07 Jun 2024 15:12:25
John, do you think we'll sign scott mckenna on a free mate ? He does tick a lot of boxes for us ?.

07 Jun 2024 15:13:08
Accept all. None of them have a future with us. In the case of yfeko we are trying to sign players his age and position so must not be wanted.

07 Jun 2024 15:14:10
If we can sell Davies to forest. I think a good move would be to go for Scott McKenna for a free… he’s Scottish only like 27 and knows the league. would be a good addition to the squad IMO.

07 Jun 2024 15:19:09
Interesting John, you hearing anything about price? I obviously don't have any inside info, but had a feeling davies would go this window.

07 Jun 2024 15:26:25
anything like £3m for Davies and we should jump at it. I don't think he's as bas as made out at times, but don't think he has what we need. Sadly I'm also inclined to say the same of Yefko, but in his case I'd be more interested in maximising a sell-on % (and potentially a buy back) to hedge against him being better than expected.

I'd take McKenna over Davies every day of the week as a player, and we need more Scots to boot.

07 Jun 2024 15:59:48
Storm no I would not sell yefeko.

07 Jun 2024 16:02:10
Interesting view dado. Pc like a lot off what he sees in yfeko.

07 Jun 2024 16:12:03
3m would be amazing, I would have been happy with just getting him of the wage bill. Hope your info is acccurate.

07 Jun 2024 16:21:30
Yo jimbo why would we get rid of one diddy in Davies to replace him with another diddy in McKenna? McKenna is a younger shane Duffy. He can’t play in a team that defend high up the park he needs to be defending the box and that just doesn’t happen at Rangers in 90% of the games.

07 Jun 2024 16:49:11
If we are to play with a high line we need pace and mckenna ain't got any also don't think he's better than what we have and at 3m I'd bite the hand off forrset.

07 Jun 2024 16:53:21
Getting shot of Davies would be a good one to help bring in others, to be fair never did much wrong and his performances last few games didn’t do us any harm by looks of it.

07 Jun 2024 17:05:39
Hope that's solid interest in Davies John. He is one they are desperate to get off the wage bill.

07 Jun 2024 17:12:34
I heard Davies was very happy in Glasgow and reluctant to move.

07 Jun 2024 17:12:55
Davies isn't a bad player but his wage will cover two wages.

07 Jun 2024 17:32:13
Here here wishy.

07 Jun 2024 17:37:11
Why would we keep a hold of yfeko, any tine he jas played he has looked poor, his positioning is shocking for a cb, he wasnt really great for the b team tbh and I i honestly think the only reason he is about the squad is due to his build. I know he has only played friendlies and he is still a young boy but he looks even a good bit off of King and i don't think that King is of the standard. 650k is good money for Yfeko.

07 Jun 2024 17:45:23
Imo Davies is nowhere near as bad as many say. Was his wife not critically ill? That being said he is still part of a squad who have won very little and will probably be on a decent wage? 3m would be a great deal.

07 Jun 2024 17:51:10
John, I've heard from a contact at fir Park that we hold an interest in Lennon Miller and that motherwell would be willing to get Lowry plus some cash for the lad. For me it would be a great bit of business as I can't see lowry succeeding at our club but think Miller has the potential to not only succeed but to go on and make us good money.

07 Jun 2024 17:57:39
Davies wife hasn't been well, not sure if she's recovered or not.
He won't be in a hurry to leave Glasgow, she's from there.

07 Jun 2024 15:09:07
Weren't Derby a week away from going under?

07 Jun 2024 18:45:02
3 million would be a very good deal for us.

07 Jun 2024 18:53:39
Bellshill your info accurate, although it’s Mccrorie and wright who well May be interested in as part of deal

Lowry also would do well there imo.

07 Jun 2024 19:47:31
Lowery plus cash to motherwell for Miller, maybe devine back on loan aswell ?

Yfeko, he's 21 this month so if PC not seriously considering him and going to give hime game time then i'd sell and add in a decent sell on %.

Wright plus cash to killie for Watson. Maybe king on loan.

07 Jun 2024 20:22:57
Nottingham forest need to urgently sell players this close season to abide by ffp. There's 3 other epl teams this is also affecting.

07 Jun 2024 21:43:10
John, would be happy to lose both to pick up the lad. The coaches I know can't speak highly enough about him. They think he will be special. What's your thoughts on young Bailey Rice? You think he is still ahead of Miller now Miller has a season of senior football under his belt.

07 Jun 2024 21:46:16
Davie you sell at a good price and bring in cheaper players, u still need to have a squad.

08 Jun 2024 00:04:27
I would keep Davies unless we were making some profit. I have always liked him, not done much wrong tbh. If we bring in a new strong RCB could be a good pairing.

08 Jun 2024 06:20:16
Kári Árnason, then of Aberdeen, said that McKenna was the fastest player at the club (when he was there) .



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