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10 Mar 2024 08:54:57
Just read on BBC sport that we are prepared to break our transfer record to land Sima on a permanent deal with Brighton looking for between £10 and £15m, subject to us getting into champions league. I like Sima but no way is he worth that, still raw and has potential but that’s crazy money and I can’t see us going anywhere near that. Should we push the boat out for him?

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10 Mar 2024 09:26:56
Cooper11,i just can't see for the life of me, rangers forking out anywhere near that sort of fee for sima ? He's run down another year of his contract by being on loan with us for this season so his transfer fee value should come down the way from the original fee of £7million or so, brighton originally were supposedly wanting for him ?I wouldn't pay anywhere near that amount for him even though i rate the boy ?I think £5million would be a fair fee for him imo ?.

10 Mar 2024 09:21:32
We won’t pay more than 7m if PC even wants to keep him.

10 Mar 2024 09:21:45
Sima has promise and has a good goal tally, but performances before his injury were patchy. Not worth anywhere near that money.

10 Mar 2024 09:55:53
If Brighton want that money for Sima, then it won't be us paying it.

10 Mar 2024 10:00:53
Agree with the above comments, I’d like Sima but I’d be very very concerned if we were to pay £10m+ on one player. I do believe this news is nonsense though.

10 Mar 2024 10:12:39
5 million would be my price, anything else would be too much.

10 Mar 2024 10:20:16
Potential to be really good, not worth those figures though, 6.5-7.5 maybe, has he not only go a year left on his contract?

10 Mar 2024 10:21:13
Very unlikely we will spend that on one player, but if we are there has to be better plays available at that price.

10 Mar 2024 10:42:03
We're never paying 10-15m for him. Made up media crap designed for clicks.

10 Mar 2024 10:42:58
From what I hear we hope to sort another year long loan and the player wants to stay with us. The price after another year would be more in our spending range.

10 Mar 2024 11:02:26
Brighton can ask what they like with the cash they have brought in over the last few years. Another EPL club could easily pay the fee they want ot a team coming up. Only having a year left doesn't mean much down there.

10 Mar 2024 11:05:29
Scottish come this summer he only has 1 year left on his contract so he won't be loaned to us for next season unless it's a loan with an obligation to buy.

10 Mar 2024 11:23:11
With a year left on his contract, 5m max for me.

10 Mar 2024 11:44:35
Before his injury, it was between him and Butland for our POTY. With a year left, £5m take it or leave it. He also seems to love it here.

10 Mar 2024 11:51:48
1. We don't have the funds for that. W. he's not worth that with remainder of contract he has.

10 Mar 2024 11:52:02
If we spend anywhere near that money this summer it will be for a striker, a think our interest in Dhenky is far from finished, if we win the league can see him and Shankland coming in if we get players out the door, if Sima has a year left cannot see him being near that price to be fair either.

10 Mar 2024 12:31:26
Based on UEFAs new Financial Sustainability rules, I doubt we can afford to spend that on one player - regardless of his ability.

10 Mar 2024 13:30:33
Ibrox4Me, james tavernier is my choice for our player of the year just ahead of jack butland and big john lundstram for me ?A right back with those sort of numbers in assists and goals has to be well in the mix to be the rangers player of the year?Tav's numbers again this season are incredible?graeme souness actually said in an interview today that he would pick tav even ahead of the outstanding gary stevens, if he had the choice of the two at the same time, what a compliment that is ??? I wish some would just for once give the credit that our captain james tavernier deserves because he's been one of the best valued signings ever in our illustrious history ie. a mere 200k from wigan ? unbelievable ?We all correctly thought glen kamara was an incredible piece of business for 50k from dundee, which he was, but tav for value blows even that deal, out the water for me ???.

10 Mar 2024 13:33:30
Afternoon Folks, the same BBC Sport Page are saying today that Rangers are hopeful of brokering a deal for Silva, I would take it all with a pinch of salt, we will never plunge ourselves into debt again that could finish us, I least I hope not.

10 Mar 2024 14:06:10
For value Bassey blows them all out of the water.
300k get 19 million plus.

10 Mar 2024 14:19:21
Absolutely John that’s best but if buisness av seen from us.

10 Mar 2024 14:23:34
Would've loved it if we were in a financial position back then to keep big Bassey.

10 Mar 2024 14:33:30
@Coops, 9 emojis in the 1 post. Is that a record?

10 Mar 2024 14:44:30
Fork I doubt we will reject offers like that for any player.

10 Mar 2024 15:38:19
Anno John, loved the big man, would've been nuts not accepting that.

10 Mar 2024 15:42:37
Jfm how can we make it loan with obligation to buy for next season? It would be a terrible deal as we will be able to sign in a pre contract come jan.

10 Mar 2024 16:46:27
JFM would be impossible to loan to buy for a player whose contract would have ended at the end of the loan.

10 Mar 2024 16:59:39
Do you rate Tavernier Sws? ??‍♂️??? I think James Tavernier is a tremendous captain although Tavernier is one Tavernier we will need to be ready to replace in the short to medium term. Tavernier is having a good season but before his injury, Sima was doing a brilliant job along with Butland although Tavernier is a different player. But not for one second did I not suggest Tavernier wasn’t a great player or even the best Tavernier of the famous Tavernier brothers ???‍♂️?????????

Also, the thread is about Sima and whether we sign him or not. So whilst your opinion of Tavernier is noted, it’s not relevant in the context of this discussion. But I note that Tavernier is indeed your Tavernier of the year. ?.

10 Mar 2024 18:41:29
Oooft ibrox ?? lol, I got shot down after the benfica game, for saying that I think Tavs on the slide, snipers incoming ?.

10 Mar 2024 19:45:24
Don’t think he’s on the slide but he’ll need to replaced one day. Someone with excellent leadership skills, able to produce big numbers (Tav’s are extraordinary) but not planning for a year or two’s time is falling asleep at the wheel. A great player.

Original point, £5m max for Sima with his contract running done, we can’t burst the bank.

10 Mar 2024 21:22:13
Not a chance Tavernier is player of the year. Butland or Lundstrum.



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