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16 Feb 2024 07:15:54
Would like mph to answer this as he is the resident statistics man. Everyone banging on about needing another striker or if we had another striker we would have scored more. Could you maybe put up who the 23 on target shots were all from. In my eyes desse had 4/ 5 clear cut chances. He scored two, hit the post with one, and had one off the line after his initial good work. Lundstrum had a few straight at the keeper, same with lawerence. Cortes had 2, matondo etc etc. Someone said to me yesterday at work that if shankland had matondos chances he would have scored them. The point is shankland wouldn't have been playing the same position as matondo so it is a moo point.

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16 Feb 2024 07:56:21
People are far too harsh on Dessers the guy scored a double an basically won us the game, he's played 22 and scored 10 and set up 2 on the stats site I looked at, according to some he scores 1 in 10, would like to know how many actual shots on goal he gets in a game to his goal ratio, the one of the post was very very unlucky so was the line one, thought the header at the back post was a poor one but bloomin heck some fans need to cut the guy some slack yes the cltic game was a bad miss but he has scored some big classy goals for us.

16 Feb 2024 07:57:35
Shankland also not got the pace to get in that position that matondo found himself in. But dessers had 5 clear cut chances in the 1st half.

16 Feb 2024 07:58:09
You cannot say with absolute certainty that someone else would have acored those chances. How could you possibly know?

16 Feb 2024 08:21:29
Done yesterday.

16 Feb 2024 08:22:05
In my opinion Sharkland would score a barrow load in that team, the problem is he couldn’t get in that team. From what I’ve seen of him (and in my opinion) he doesn’t have the engine behind him to press the ball the way PC wants. He’s a big guy and in fairness to him he’s outstanding at holding the ball up and winning headers but I can’t see him working anywhere near that rate of Dessers / Silva.

16 Feb 2024 08:22:56
Discussions posts Orangetinted??.

16 Feb 2024 08:42:09
Posters who say we "don't know" another striker would have scored these chances, I say this to you. We don't know they wouldn't have, do we? You see what I done there?

As much as I think Shankland would do a job for us, I have always said I wouldn't pay anywhere near what hearts want for him. 2 - 2.5m tops for me.

16 Feb 2024 08:43:55
For GJD83:-
Dessers in SPFL so far.
10 goals in 22 games from 17 starts. Averages 62 minutes per game.
Scores every 137 minutes.
He averages 3 shots per game.
He averages 1.5 shots per game on target.
17 big chances missed this season.
15% goal conversion.
1 headed goal
5 with his left foot
4 with his right foot
Now we all know he has his failings. But he's all we have along with Silva that is currently fit. And Clement obviously didn't feel that others were worth the money or good enough for his long term plans.
Do we need better - yes IMHO.
Will we still win the league with Dessers? You better believe it. ?⚪?.

16 Feb 2024 08:45:32
You tell them Larry??.

16 Feb 2024 08:50:11
Dado. how can you say Shanks would score a barrow load but wouldn't get in the team HAHAHA
The whole point of football is to score goals and shanks would definitely do that at Rangers.

Shanks or Miovski would of scored 4 or 5 goals in that game.

Also the chance Dessers had that was apparently cleared off the line. Dessers kicked the ball at the defender, the defender didn't save it. It was very very poor.
Dessers will score the hard chance and miss the easier ones.
Matondo is not good enough for Gers IMO.

16 Feb 2024 08:51:37
I always hold my hands up when I'm wrong, it's no big deal.

Dessers, as much as he can frustrate, is delivering what's expected of him, and is a very important player for us. Yes, he can make the easy things look hard, and makes the hard things look easy, but his numbers don't lie. So, on that basis, I would like to apologise to the big man and admit I was an arse for describing him as 'dire'!

16 Feb 2024 09:14:21
At least you hold your hands up, others don't, for all I kid u about Shankland, he prob would do a job u don't get his numbers if your pants.

16 Feb 2024 09:32:40
While I quite like Dessers attitude and feel he is paying the price for his fitness levels under Beale, he's done pretty well since PC arrived and especially in recent games, I would say that we would still be at top of the league if it weren't for defence shutting off the other night, feel that's happened several times this year, despite having the best defensive record in the league, in fact if they'd been a bit more switched on, on a couple of particular occasions, we'd be ahead on points as well as goal difference. Small margins, eh?

16 Feb 2024 09:33:21
Think miovski is far better option than shankland 20 goals in a poor Dons side he's got power pace and youth on his side.

16 Feb 2024 09:44:48
Cheers mph.

16 Feb 2024 10:16:09
I disagree with not bringing a goal scorer in instead of Dessers. Silva to me looks so much sharper as a forward and would like him to get more chance. But games need to be put to bed early to get a chance to blood others it's why youth isn't getting as much of a chance as they should.

16 Feb 2024 10:16:19
Correct Baz - we have lost very basic goals at back ie - not marking and balls over top and caught for pace - much though our record at back is pretty good its not quality goals we are losing more basic errors - If we are still challenging come next Old Firm I would definitely have a man marker on Kyogo as he has killed us over last few years - stop him by marking or severely reducing service from mid then we can better the Eastenders.

16 Feb 2024 10:31:40
Dessers will either score the goal to win the league or cost us the league lol its a cert man.

16 Feb 2024 10:38:00
If you read my post Ally you will see what I’m getting at. His lack of work rate would stop him getting into the starting 11, especially when Dessers and Silva are scoring goals and playing to the system (high press in case you’ve missed the point) .

16 Feb 2024 10:49:48
its nonsense to say shankland would score more, will he be in the same position to even hit the ball etc. we play totally different to Hearts. anyway even the brilliant McCoist missed some sitters in his time. Dessers is what we have and until he goes we won't get another i don't think. we need get Roofe off the books as well before we re-invest up front. have faith we will win the league with what we have.

16 Feb 2024 11:40:02
All this rubbish regarding Shankland would have scored more goals if he had played in that game, You are all forgetting about the 19 saves the GK made, would Shankland have scored the first one Dessers did, I doubt it, It's totally irrelevant in any case, We scored 3 and won the game, we move on to the next game, we concentrate on winning and 3 points, if we do that successfully the league is won, "simples".

16 Feb 2024 11:59:33
If the manager thought Dessers was hopeless and Shankland was the new messiah I would have expected a bid or at least an enquiry for Shanks.

PC is getting a fantastic tune out of Beatles “empty shirts” and demonstrates belief and faith in his squad ~ time for the fans to do the same.

Will the likes of Dessers Wright and Matondo win us the CL? Nope IMO but they can help win the league this season.

16 Feb 2024 13:31:24
Why are people going on about Shankland he's a Hearts player PC decided against him and Dessers is our striker so ill support him i think he's getting better with every game, he works hard leads the line well and scores so for me he's doing what is expected of him.

16 Feb 2024 14:29:56
OT that shankland if he had motondo chances he would have scored both was on the phone in the other night and I said what you did right away shanks wouldn’t have been in motondo position as he ain’t a winger.

16 Feb 2024 14:33:13
Paul what is your point are you saying dessers should have scored 5 instead of 2 in first half because it’s very rare for a striker to score every chance they get no striker in the world does.

Dessers is better than some think on here and if it wasn’t for his goals we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

16 Feb 2024 14:37:53
Wright won’t dk he hasn’t done much this season at all.

16 Feb 2024 14:40:19
Bang on the money dado. He's just not blt to press from the front mate.

16 Feb 2024 20:29:31
De Boer said of Dessers that he was exceptional but only when his confidence is high. So, keep his confidence high.



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