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08 Feb 2024 21:58:55
Shankland scored another quality goal last night- he may not be the quickest however his football brain is quicker than most defenders. We need to get him signed this summer.

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08 Feb 2024 23:35:59
Window has only been shut one week is that us back onto the Shankland posts, let's leave it for Koppen and Clement in choosing out cf or any players in general, think Koppen could do very well for us, he looks in different markets, bought some young boys in and the buying club has made a big fee when selling on just hope he continues this at Rangers.

09 Feb 2024 00:00:23
Miovski 100% would be a far better option. Also has youth on his side compared to shankland.

09 Feb 2024 00:09:27
Spfl page on facebook have just shared his 1st goal and his last goal (50th) and would say he is now w stone heavier. Kinda bit like boydy now. Heavy slow but will get you a goal. Also surprised he's only just scored 50 league goal. Late bloomer defo.

09 Feb 2024 00:29:03
Something I said last season to paul86 but I think miovski will be priced out of a move to rangers and celtic now lower prem or higher championship have got to be watching as well as so. E decent European clubs I'm sure.

09 Feb 2024 00:56:56
Never going to happen, but for sure the boy Is a predator. Agree paul definitely late bloomer, just seems to have all came together for him, brilliant goal.
Lanzarote would have loved us to get him but let's be honest, he wouldn't fit in to what pc is building, definitely not built to press from the front, which is a shame as I really like him.

09 Feb 2024 01:31:38
Miovski will go for close to 10 million and there’s no danger we’re paying that.
The bonus of Shankland is he’s homegrown. We need more Scottish players in the team because the like of McGlaughlin, McRorie, Jack, and Wright will all be gone in the summer.

09 Feb 2024 02:07:33
Miovski goes for 10m i'm a german. Good player bur 5m will get him. Agree on shankland for 2m in summer ro replace roofe.

09 Feb 2024 03:34:12
I want denkey. Think he’ll be a superstar and we’ll be lucky to have him 2 seasons.

If we can’t get him I’d be over the moon with miovski z

Guys class and if Danilo and dessers lammers and Roofe and Kent and so on are worth their fees then surely he’s worth £4/ 5m?

09 Feb 2024 03:54:47
Aberdeen won't have european football so they won't be able to hold clubs to ramsom for miovski. 5mill he will be away.

09 Feb 2024 04:03:32
Correct paul that’s who I would go for if we could get him not shanks.

Rangers will not sign shanks we didn’t in January and we won’t in summer.

09 Feb 2024 05:02:08
I agree with both paul and storm that for the full package i'd prefer us to sign miovski over shankland and i like and rate shankland but miovski better value all round for me ?I hope we sign either bojan miovski or kevin denkey as our new no.1 striker for next season ?I would be very happy with either of them ?.

09 Feb 2024 07:15:44
Honestly sick hearing about Shankland, he's that good no bids were received at Hearts. Jeez let it go. Probably get better for the silly money they're asking for.

09 Feb 2024 07:23:22
You have to remember, MyStar, that a lot of posters have chucked the league when we didn't sign Shankland or another striker in the January window. ?
Even though since the window opened we have:-
Played 6, Won 6, Scored 16, Conceded 3
Who else is panicking? ?.

09 Feb 2024 07:56:41
Warnock's loves him, he will use his contacts down south and get a pretty penny for him, with a bit of 'commission 'for him possibly.

09 Feb 2024 09:01:50
Blue 89 McLaughlin not classed as Scottish.

09 Feb 2024 09:22:34
Hopefully Dessers is punted in the summer, can't handle watching him anymore.

09 Feb 2024 09:35:29
No chance Aberdeen get anywhere near 10m for miovsky, he's a good striker but not that good.

09 Feb 2024 09:37:55
I prefer Miovski and think that although he is not as suited to what we face in Scotland (low block) he would be ideal in Europe and against teams who come out against us.

It is all about horses for courses and having a good mix so that you can adjust to any given opponent. The problem under SG and MB was there was only one plan under the first and we are still trying to work out if there was any under the second.

PC is a smart manager who knows how and when to change things and it is a joy to behold!

09 Feb 2024 12:09:33
Fed up hearing about Shankland on here! The window is shut!
The only striker we should be looking at is Miovski. Younger, faster and will score for fun.

09 Feb 2024 12:39:02
Sign both miovski summer shankland Christmas.

09 Feb 2024 13:22:53
6 games after window we're getting told you so posts ??? it's like being back at school in here at times.

09 Feb 2024 13:40:42
I'd much rather be in the positive camp after 6 games than the 'chucked the league' version?
Some times it's better leaving the adults to get on with it. ?.

09 Feb 2024 14:00:10
Dessers should have been replaced in that window.

09 Feb 2024 14:21:54
Shankland half price in summer and with us playing almost every midweek once season gets started he could be no brainer for our squad, looking forward too the summer when the pages are filled with the Shankland argument again lol.

09 Feb 2024 14:22:45
Think Silva will be big player for us between now and end of season. Will supply his share of goals, so missing out on so called traditional centre forward will not stop us winning league, as a lot of people said will happen as we did not sign Shanklin, good luck to Shanklin he done right thing staying at Hearts if he wants to go to euros.

09 Feb 2024 14:48:09
Danilo will be our 9 next year, Miosvski miles better value than Shanks tho.

09 Feb 2024 14:53:28
Four rangers managers three directors of football. Various recruitment say no.
Ther has to be something in it

Why do English championship show no interest whatsoever.

09 Feb 2024 14:54:41
Silva/ coldo what has this post got to do with dessers?

Correct MpH everything was doom an gloom because we didn’t sign shanks.

Miovski will go for more than 5 million unless he is going into last year of his contract.

09 Feb 2024 16:19:21
Stormtrooper what's my post got to do with you? Do you see were this is going?

09 Feb 2024 16:56:30
As why look at miovski the window is shut.

09 Feb 2024 17:09:36
Desssers has been far better than folk give him credit for its strange than even on our good run fans want to attack some players.

09 Feb 2024 19:54:05
Coldo, dessers was not in this post but you can’t help yourself with the bs it was the same with Alfredo and now it’s dessers have a day off. This is the longest you have lasted with a name in over a year ?.

Ps if you are going to post at least post on the subject of the actually post instead of your constant drivel ?.

09 Feb 2024 22:40:07
I think Shankland at 1.5 m in summer is a good move, but don't think it'll happen now. Denkey all day long for me, believe we were close to getting him in transfer window there. Think miovski will go down south for 6-7m.

10 Feb 2024 11:28:58
Denkey would be a cracking signing.



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