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12 May 2024 19:33:50
Anyone got any names of players we are linked with? Obviously cordoba and jefte but there hasn't been much else.

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12 May 2024 19:46:31
The names I have seen mentioned are -
Lawrence Shankland, Daniel Armstrong, Jefte, Paddy McNair, Conor Barron, Raphael, Ben Johnson, Jose Cardoba, David Watson, Harry Souttar and Lennon Miller. Also Sima and Cortes.

12 May 2024 20:08:13
I’d like us to sign Craig Gordon as back up to Butland if he stays, and as back up to whoever replaced jack of he left. Fill Scottish quota for Europe and is a very very good gk even at 41

Max Johnston at rb and loan Devine out with hopefully both competing long term after tav leaves.

We need 2 starting centre backs so the lad cordoba seems a shout and 1 other.

Jefte and another

Barron and Lennon Miller aswell as another more accomplished mf

Sima and Cortez, another wide attacker
A 1st choice striker and shanks as back up.

That’s what I think we need anyway.

It’s hard for us to pick players we want as our knowledge and price range don’t go together.

Miovski a very good player but will cost £5m+.

12 May 2024 20:13:27
I’ll take all of those Frank ??????.

12 May 2024 20:34:36
Yip would take everyone of them tbf.

12 May 2024 20:38:33
We need 4 wingers never mind just sima and cortes, the options on the bench woukd still be wright, matondo and mcausland, all 3 not good enough, mcausland after a full 1st team pre season may improve but Matondo and Wright are not it. 2 players for each position, we currently have no wingers good enough. And on Sima he is injured far too often and has a poor injury record before playing for us.

12 May 2024 21:23:10
Seasons not even over yet. Why would there be lots of names linked already?

12 May 2024 21:36:02
Given age etc. Miovski worth 5m all day. Should grab both hands at that.

12 May 2024 21:38:01
I think Danny Armstrong would be a fantastic signing.
He’d surprise a lot of fans with his talent, workfare assists goals Scottish. A lot to like. Serious upgrade on wright and Matondo and even mccausland.

12 May 2024 21:49:21
Sima actually was fine until he picked up the injury on int break but we have to get to the bottom of why so many players get injured and it's usually months there out for.

12 May 2024 22:06:23
As a squad player instead of Wright fair enough but we need better imo.

12 May 2024 22:51:56
Think a lot of these make sense, but would not be surprised if we have 6 or more we've never heard of, either on loan or freebies.

12 May 2024 23:05:36
Armstrong, Watson and Miller would be good.

13 May 2024 07:37:26
Stevie does Armstrong meet criteria for Scottish academy traied.

13 May 2024 07:54:47
Stevie what difference does it make if Armstrong is Scottish.

13 May 2024 08:14:46
I don’t think he does John.

13 May 2024 08:24:53
It matters because he understands the Scottish game and has performed well in the league. 36 games 6 goals 10 assists this season and 37 games 9 goals and 8 assists last season. A great return for a guy playing for Killie.

13 May 2024 08:37:58
All sounds hopeful but almost a certainty we won't sign any of those players.

Armstrong, Shankland or Miovski, Watson and Miller would be great additions but just don't see Rangers doing it.

13 May 2024 08:48:04
Bathgate niether do I, but can’t get anyone to answer the question.

13 May 2024 09:21:36
Well John have said yes to that question, but obviously the fact u have asked it In the way u did means he hasn’t.

I’d have thought he was trained for 3 years between at age of 16-21 at Kilmarnock. If that doesn’t make him home trained then a don’t even want to know anymore about the stupid rule.
He’s Scottish he should be him trained simple as that’s

And also the diff him being Scottish makes John is we’re in Scotland were a Scottish club, Scottish fans Scottish history. We should have as many Scottish players in our team and squad as possible without giving up on quality.
He gives us quality and he’s Scottish so no brainier for me.

13 May 2024 09:27:25
This nonsense he understands the Scottish game is pathetic, every player that plays in any team and league will know what to expect.

13 May 2024 09:37:30
Was Stuart Armstrong mentioned not long ago or was I imagining things?

13 May 2024 10:05:09
I’m sure he does not meet criteria, so if we want him in euro squad we need to leave out someone like Cortes Danilo sima if signed.

13 May 2024 10:06:28
Frank the tank

Who is the boy Raphael u refer to mate?

13 May 2024 10:08:32
Every successful rangers team has had a core of players who understand the Scottish game. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that now it’s been lost that half the players seem happy to be in second.

13 May 2024 10:09:51
Burt yes he was.

13 May 2024 10:13:22
Stevie, Danny Armstrong born in England,
Has Irish citenship, eligible to play for Scotland due to parents.

Did not join Kilmarnock till July first 2021.

Youth career primarily Hamilton under three years, signed for wolves. Loan Ross county, but that time counts as English academy as that’s his parent club.

13 May 2024 10:31:35
Burt I asked a few months ago if anyone would be for or against Armstrong.
He’s a cracking player. Better than anything we’ve had this season in that position.

13 May 2024 11:24:08
I would not be opposed because he played for Celtic, if he's a Celtic fan and doesn't want to sign for us that's his choice, he's probably better than cantwell and Lawrence but he's 32 years old is my only issue.

13 May 2024 11:38:36
Personally, i'd prefer getting in young scottish talent that know what it means to play for us and what's expected of you to suceed at Rangers.
Armstrong, Barron, Miller and Shankland should all be considered as serious targets this summer but i doubt PC will go for any of them.

13 May 2024 12:16:28
Stuart Armstrong supported Aberdeen burt?stevie would be a good signing mate.

13 May 2024 12:49:26
Armstrong isn't even Scottish as John stated, he was born in England and was at Hamilton then onto Wolves, loaned back to Scottish clubs but even then he didn't complete the three years before 21 so doesn't count to any euro squad quotas.

Yes he has done well for Kilmarnock but he's 26 and would he really be able to cope with the pressure of playing for us especially when teams sit in against us. Where as with Killie he gets space etc.

Not against the signing but just as back up to replace the ever useless Wright.

13 May 2024 13:01:10
StevieG2 it’s Raphael Borges Rodrigues
He’s a Dutch winger who plays in Australia just now.
I think his family and from a Brazil.

13 May 2024 14:45:30
Mentioned him weeks ago posted twice past few weeks, no interest on here when I did.

13 May 2024 15:43:20
Frank cheers for reply mate. I’ve not heard of him yet.

John apreciate the reply aswell I wasn’t aware of that tbh. I thought he’s came through rank at killie and I didn’t realise his age.

However I’d still take him as a squad player without doubt. Knows the league and has performed fantasia last few years.

Really good player for this league and may well be even better than we expect.

Injuries and a lot more can affect our squad and he’s a good option to have if sima Cortez etc are out for any reason.

13 May 2024 17:38:22
My concern is that we will yet again make the mistake of going for substandard players and have this forlorn hope that if we qualify for the Champions League that we bring in one or two of quality and we will be in the same boat this time next season and will potentially just add another manager to the Merrygoround.
We need to sign quality players and while I am hopeful that given the support by the board that our manager and his team will secure the quality needed I am less confidence that they will give him the level of support required until it is too late if at all.
The logical route in some respects is most likely to go for quality Bosmans on a higher wage since that is a revenue cost and not a capital cost, and to sign a couple of quality loan players, (although we wouldn't get them until their parent club has finalised their squad for 2024/ 25, which might be too late for Europe.
All of the above said, I believe that we need to sign Sima a Centre Back and a defensive Midfield player that will cost us significant money so question marks then arise unless we bring in some funds that are classed as turnover.
Other than selling our main assets, which for me we need to avoid, the only obvious route that I can see is selling the naming rights to Ibrox for an exceptional amount.

13 May 2024 18:22:47
Add Andriy gudjonson Icelandic boy.

13 May 2024 20:02:49
With the exception of the Advocaat era, which ultimately led to Rangers’ downward financial spiral, all of the most successful teams in Rangers’ history have been laced with a core of good Scottish talent. I sincerely hope we see a return to those days and that we start to cherry pick the best young Scottish talent and integrate them throughout our club, from 1st XI downwards. Perhaps we will then see some sustained domestic success and, with good coaching and tactics, continued success in Europe.



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