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10 Feb 2024 01:19:15
Lundstrum new contract will see an increase in wages to 25k a week basic. Two year deal guaranteed and if he plays at least 50% of games in both seasons 3rd year is guaranteed. If he doesn't play 50% club have option for third year.

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10 Feb 2024 02:19:10
If he keeps playing like he is then he will play every game as long as he’s not injured… so sounds like a decent deal.

10 Feb 2024 06:02:44
That would be a good deal for Rangers and Lundstram.

10 Feb 2024 08:46:25
Changed days from when people wanted to drive him to the airport etc, Shows you how quickly things can change. Btw I think the guy is class.

10 Feb 2024 09:06:53
Would be fine with that but I can’t see his base wages being below 25k atm.

10 Feb 2024 10:03:49
David sure jis basic is 22k ish at the momemt. Goldson our highest earner.

10 Feb 2024 10:20:16
Andymc. staying injury free is not something we as a club have been lucky with the last 2 or 3 years. fingers ?.

10 Feb 2024 10:59:29
He's the fittest player at the club, usually wins the bleep test. I had my doubts if he'd still be here last summer, but he's proved me wrong. Only downside is I've heard several times he always raises his game around contract time. Do think PC will keep getting best put of him tho.

10 Feb 2024 13:21:46
Great news. Bring on #56.

10 Feb 2024 13:24:57
Goldson being highest earner is criminal imo.

10 Feb 2024 13:50:09
Just a cheeky wee question folks, not too long ago some were shouting for Lundstrams head and wanting to run him to the airport themselves.

Recently he has been awesome, what do you think has brought on this change in form? Is it Beale leaving or the fact he was playing for a new contract, or a combination of both.
I am a JL fan and was disappointed by his form laterly under Beale. But suppose he wasn't the only who dipped.

10 Feb 2024 14:57:02
Pacific probably a blend of things.

10 Feb 2024 20:35:01
Wins the bleep test = 50k a week player.

10 Feb 2024 23:37:13
Dado, I'm saying he's a good athlete which is crucial in todays game and also to PC methodology, so get over yourself, bleep test is a universally acknowledged indicator of top fitness and the figures mentioned was 25k not 50 k so what's your point.

11 Feb 2024 10:16:18
sorry but were are you getting that information from sounds like it's been made up and past on to you.

11 Feb 2024 14:54:12
Bazbear just a wee joke mate i get your point.

11 Feb 2024 16:06:22
Seeker I'll put my hands up and admit I was one of them. But been a totally different player under clement shows the difference the right manager makes.

11 Feb 2024 16:41:03
Big dado, Goldson was free that was just about away. We saved £3-£4m+ at the time in a replacement so wages already over 3+ years is fine. Wages, signing fees and transfers are all together now. Players that sign on frees can and do look for higher signing fees, rangers saved cash that year by spreading.

11 Feb 2024 17:37:10
Not sure he deserves a wage rise just because he has played well under Clement?
He should be judged over his full Rangers career.
Pivotal to the team just now but as we have seen previously he has been poor under Gerrard, Gio and Beale.

His best was on the run to Seville.
But he was honking last season.
If he brings consistency he will be a huge asset going forward.

11 Feb 2024 18:03:16
Fair enuf bigdado, I'm torn with Lunny, heard a few times he ups his game around contract renewal, but he's second guy on the teamsheet at moment.

12 Feb 2024 08:55:48
If you play well consistently and the fans can tell you are giving your all then the fans will sing your praises.
If you are not performing well then the fans will hound you.

Such is life.

12 Feb 2024 11:57:35
Gofor ?.



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