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22 May 2024 22:09:47
Tav sterling Davies yilmaz
Raskin lunny diomande
McCausland dessers sima
If balogun is fit I'd play sterling ahead of lunny but we must match up there 3 failure to do it costs us.

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22 May 2024 22:32:42
Cantwell must start.

22 May 2024 22:52:14
Lundstrum shouldn't be near that team. Nor should Tav.

No Cantwell?

22 May 2024 23:39:47
Think we need cantwell and see if he can pull out a performance.
Also Sterling for Tav. And hopefully one of CH are fit.

22 May 2024 23:57:44
If Balogun not fit we are in bother, hopefully the formation is tweaked at least to get another body in midfield when out possession and make it into a fight ; Silva and Sima getting at the full backs and getting in at back post is how we win the game if we decide to turn up.

23 May 2024 00:35:25
If any player want to sell himself. This is the stage to do it. I would play Todd.

23 May 2024 01:20:03
Cantwell needs to start in one of the 3 forward positons if we want to hurt them.

23 May 2024 02:53:19
Lost me at Lunny.

23 May 2024 04:36:30
My rangers team against them on saturday would be -

23 May 2024 05:32:45
Problem is that Balogun and Sterling will be tied up covering Tav, who should be dropped.

23 May 2024 06:11:03
Cantwell must start? Why? He's been dire! Are we just supposed to expect a performance in the last game of the season from him? Good luck with that one.

I believe he will start, but only because we're not exactly blessed with options. Honestly, what are some seeing in this boy that most don't?

23 May 2024 06:23:46
Is cantwell disciplined enough to play in a 3 man midfield? Tbh iv not been so uninterested in a cup final because I struggle to see us winning.

23 May 2024 07:22:33
Lundstram and Tavernier both start it's time for the manager to be questioned.

23 May 2024 07:44:16
Dont think sima will start but i would. We need to have him on the field to get ahead rather than bringing him on to change a game.

23 May 2024 08:25:03
Fork and As1974, completely agree.

23 May 2024 08:40:07
Ror because that’s my opinion, only guy who has ability to do something diff With the ball.

23 May 2024 08:42:00
No brainer for most tbh Mark?.

23 May 2024 09:02:21
100% agree john we need him on the park.

23 May 2024 09:16:14
Does anyone really think Tav will be dropped for the first time in 9 years for an Old Firm cup final or just saying that so you criticise when he isnt.

23 May 2024 09:29:02
Cantwell is our best outfield player. can't see how anyone can argue that.

No one else in that team has the fight or heart to do anything other than lose, so it seems anyways.

23 May 2024 10:06:42
Spot on John ? cantwell's brain and football talent better than anything we have at ibrox and has to start for me also ?He without question has the ability to hurt celtic ???.

23 May 2024 10:07:23
Hoey he doesn't deserve to start.

23 May 2024 10:58:53
Huey, he will start bud, but shouldn't tbh.

23 May 2024 11:02:52
Problem with cantwell is he doesn’t show it enough.
He may have a football brain because he certulay ain’t got a brain when it comes to stuff of the park posting silly things on Twitter or insta.

23 May 2024 12:05:31
My team for what it’s worth, There needs to be changes if we have any chance on Saturday
Sterling Balogun Davies Yilmaz
Tav Raskin Cantwell
Sima Dessers Silva
1. Sterling can defend
2. Tav spends most of his time in the midfield / forward line anyway, Why not change it
3. Sima on Taylor to Run him ragged, Then bring on McCausland
4. Silva had the beating of Gollum last game, Before being subbed for some reason only PC knows why, Gollum also reminds me of Anton Rogan, There’s a red card or penalty awaiting
C’mon the Rangers ???????????.



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