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27 May 2024 00:00:40
Hearing Tav and Goldson leaving, Clement naming Butland as new Captain. Pretty trustworthy source, anyone else heard the same?

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27 May 2024 00:15:13
Hope so adamchook.

27 May 2024 00:20:17
0 posts my friend I hope you aren’t trying to take the piss.

27 May 2024 00:35:33
I can get behind this. this has to be the first time I can remember that most of our support would be bothered if both our captain and vice captain left the club… kinda sums it all up really.

27 May 2024 09:18:30
Nonsense. How would this happen? After cup final we announce both of them are leaving internally, ie done deals but no send off for the captain. And why would he pick a captain before their summer break. Made up by poster or who told them.

27 May 2024 09:37:25
0 posts is because I'm relatively new on here, seems though anyone posting gets slaughtered! Let's hope my posts prove the doubters wrong!

27 May 2024 09:38:21
My gut feeling is one of them will stay at least. I think Goldson might go. But there has to be an interested club. If Tav were to stay I think a good move from his part would be to give up the captains armband- I think it’s to much for him I’d also wouldn’t play him in as many games. I wouldn’t give the armband to Jack Butland even if it seems obvious because I don’t want to give the armband to someone that could potentially leave to play in EPL. And I’m not keen on goalies being captain.

I’d give the armband to Dujon Sterling, this is a guy that’s played well for us in multiple positions, who better to give the armband too. But I’d really stop playing him all over the place now. I want him in the midfield- I think he’s got everything needed to be a great box to box midfielder, I’d be building my team around Dujon Sterling. I really rate this guy. If you gave him the box to box midfield role to make his own he’d be a very, very valuable asset within a year. I just think he’s tailor made for a box to box midfielder and as a captain as he gives his all. Even if you don’t make him the choice he should definitely be deployed in midfield. Just my thoughts.

27 May 2024 09:38:33
In my opinion it's a mistake to make a goalie team captain. Having said that, there are no obvious candidates for the role, unless we sign someone strong enough to take it on.

27 May 2024 09:43:18
Tav and Goldson been good servants but it’s clear they’re past their best and their time has come to an end. Really like the idea of Butland as captain although I’d be surprised if he’s not subject to some serious bud this summer which we might have to consider.

27 May 2024 09:48:43
Love it to happen and get a bit of dollar in.

27 May 2024 10:21:36
Stuarty, I agree.

27 May 2024 10:37:35
Solof you only have 14 posts so by what your saying everything u put is a load of crap too read the name of the site bro.

27 May 2024 10:08:12
I think both may stay, but in my opinion they need to be rotated a lot more. People say Tav has been pulling caravans past few weeks but he’s played 57 games this season 55 the season before and 58 the season before that so no wonder he’s knackered.

27 May 2024 10:09:57
For me the captain should be in the centre of the team a Midfielder but that's my point of view.

27 May 2024 10:13:35
There's always time for players to move on can't forget what they've done as players. It'll be a thanks for the memories when they do go. They've been part of us getting back to our feet and becoming a big team in Europe again. Now on to the next level.

27 May 2024 10:47:41
Mr Rangers, Amen to that!

27 May 2024 10:53:02
Rangers rumours…someone posts a rumour, then gets slaughtered!

27 May 2024 11:04:14
Chris 2020 yes rumour site, heard that response 100 times. Doesn’t mean common sense is just completely gone. If I post saying we’re singing De Bruyne, will I get slaughtered? Yes, because there’s no logic to it. Same as the OP, where’s the logic in appointing a keeper, that mate go this summer, as captain when the seasons done, and we have a captain? Even if there’s a chance Tav goes, the OP suggested it’s signed and sealed.

So yes, rumour site should have rumours but try and keep the genuine rumours on the page rather than cabbage views.

27 May 2024 11:15:53
Sterling should not be made captain.
I would have no problem with Butland being made captain.
We need leaders all over the pitch and Goldson and Tav ain’t leaders anymore they are done.

27 May 2024 12:02:26
I reckon Butland is a cert to leave. Would love to keep him but might be the case that we can improve 2 or 3 other positions with the money.

27 May 2024 12:34:01
Dessers would be my pick for captain.

27 May 2024 12:46:40
Strom who's buttons? ?? jks I know who you mean.

27 May 2024 12:55:13
Only 2 I see in the squad at the moment who are genuine captain candidates if Tav and Goldson left are Balogun and Butland both of which may also leave this summer.

27 May 2024 13:08:05
If he were a couple of years physically younger, I'd give Balogun the armband. He gets what its all about to play for Rangers. Obviously, I feel he's too old now to play every game, but certainly give him another year. I just wish with his attitude and experience that he was still 28 or 29 rather than 35.

27 May 2024 15:06:45
If Butland stays then he is by a mile the captain of our team.
Rangers MUST now get rid of Tav and Goldson and we know Lundstram, Barasic and Jack are away. It is a fresh start and the midfield 2 of Raskin and diomande have shown me enough that with an attacking no. 8 in beside then, we will have the makings of a strong midfield.

27 May 2024 17:40:14
So you don't appoint the best player in the team as captain, someone who leads by example to a group that at present hasn't had a true leader for year, just because someone may bid big money and he might leave in the summer? Sollof, what about the other Angle, maybe it's a bargaining chip to keep him here, maybe he loves playing regular football and would maybe consider another year at Ibrox see what lies ahead?

28 May 2024 08:39:00
Dessers as captain!

Hopefully a non-playing captain! Striker absolutely a position that needs added to.



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