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21 May 2024 15:14:46
Looking like Liam Kelly will be joining Rangers to make up our homegrown and club quotas.

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21 May 2024 15:42:26
The story down in London today is that Southgate told Butland if he was playing in England in that form he would be in the England squad, as he is not he is set to leave - Liam Kelly would not be coming to us as a back up keeper - rumour mill at full speed down here, interesting next few days.

21 May 2024 15:50:01
BigTel, no chance he's going to be number 1 for us. Back up at best.

21 May 2024 15:58:04
Big tel of course he would be back up. nowhere close to good enough for number one.

21 May 2024 16:10:46
Interesting comment Tel, I am at a meeting with guys that are close to the England set up and no mention of Butland at all. Biggest rumours as far as we are concerned continues to be inward investment, (which both John and I have been hearing from different sources for a while now) .
Lots of rumours seem to be swirling round the place on new money but nothing that we are not seeing on-line about rumoured signings for us.

21 May 2024 16:15:53
For as good as Jack Butland has been, he isn't going to move to a big EPL club and be number 1 pick.

21 May 2024 16:28:59
Surprised by this as I wouldn’t say Kelly is any better than mccrorie is… a definitely not a replacement for Butland.

21 May 2024 16:36:04
Kelly not coming to us at 28 years old to be back up, he's in the Scotland squad and he's is No 1 at Motherwell so why would he leave to be a No 2? Wait and see boys - its a rumours site after all and that's the strong rumours down here, apparently Clement rates Kelly.

21 May 2024 16:39:52
DTB 4 clubs apparently enquiring about Butland, none of them top EPL sides but 3 of them in EPL one possibly coming up - its a rumours site and that's the rumours i'm hearing.

21 May 2024 16:41:40
Butlands not going to a big team in England and he won't be picked for the England squad either. He's good but not that good.

21 May 2024 16:46:44
Liam Kelly would be worse than Jon McLaughlin and Ross McCrorie even if Butland is still here to be number 1. If he got injured and kelly is the goalkeeper, we are in big trouble.

21 May 2024 16:50:01
Why would he leave to be a No. 2?

Simple answer - £££££.

21 May 2024 17:04:50
All down to money. If your playimg in scotland outwith rangers or celtic you will find it very difficult to retire 35-40.

21 May 2024 17:18:50
Kelly will not be our main keeper unless injuries have hammered us, not a hope in hell.

21 May 2024 17:20:21
Honestly Liam Kelly is a bombscare at times, I don't rate him, yeah I get the Scottish quota, but I would be really worried with him between our posts, even as anumber 2,
Theres way better,
I know quite a few steel season ticket holders who have no faith in him at all
I would rather promote a youngster than take Kelly.

21 May 2024 17:28:46
If all he cared about was ££££ he wouldn't be here in the 1st place. Turned down at least double the money from Man Utd to come here in the summer and he has stated he is loving playing for Rangers.

21 May 2024 17:29:02
Kelly is not better than butland however if we get him on a free then it's a decent signing. He's better that McLaughlin, I don't know if he's better than mcrorie butif we did sell butland it gives us a fair few quid to reinvest into the squad and 2 home grown keepers.

21 May 2024 17:41:31
Liam Kelly is better than McCrorie and Jon McLaughlin imo always plays well. As a no. 2 at Ranger would he get paid more than no. 1 at Motherwell.

21 May 2024 17:51:38
McLaughlin out of contract and McCrorie likely to leave if Butland stays so Kelly is moving to fight for number 1 spot but more than likely to be number 2.

21 May 2024 17:58:27
Liam Kelly in no world is a number one GK at rangers and Southgate never told Butland that nonsense.

21 May 2024 18:47:35
Agree storm Southgate wouldn't want to be seen influencing a keeper to move for the chance of a game.

21 May 2024 18:49:58
Kelly and McCrorie aye? 2 keepers who will flap at crosses or just no bother even flapping . utter tripe .

21 May 2024 19:16:25
Butland is definitely good enough for England. Ignorance is the only thing that kept him out that squad.

21 May 2024 19:30:32
Realistically u need to replace mccrorie with a scottish goalie for the quota. Some on here said craig gordon at 41 but will say no to kelly. he's not going to be no1 i have no issue with it. Mccrorie needs to leave to play football.

21 May 2024 19:35:22
I rate Butland and he's one of our best signings for a long time imo. With a solid defence in front of him he would be even better! However atm, playing for us he is getting knowhere near the England squad. Conceding 3 etc to Ross County is NOT going to get him international caps. They've a few in the EPL that are playing weekly against many of the best players in Europe.

21 May 2024 19:51:38
McCrorie could be away hence the reason going after Kelly we might have to go in again for another keeper if he leaves Wright for me needs to go out and get game time under his belt.

22 May 2024 08:24:18
Kelly will be number 2 to Butland with McLaughlin and McCrorie moving on, McCrorie has to play at his age, promote a 3rd keeper from youth setup and if Butland leaves, replacement is identified. Big Tel, why on earth would Kelly want to come back to Rangers, probably double or treble his money, chance in early cup games to impress, better training facilities, conditions etc.

22 May 2024 10:04:20
Kelly story being reported on Sky sports news, says rangers are in talks with him so there is definitely some truth in it. Sky wouldn’t post it if no substance.

22 May 2024 10:55:01
Isnt Englands current No.1 Pickford?
Plays for Everton?
He is a decent shot stopper but absolute bombscare most of the time i have watched him. And not just watching the EPL highlights which always flatter to make their league look better.

The way Butland carries himself on and off the pitch is great.

Cant really blame Butland for the goals against County or Dundee. just terrible defending as usual. How many times has Butland saved us.

it depends on what Butland wants to do. play for league titles and cups and play in Europe.

Hes not getting into Man City, Liverpool, Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal so would be a lower table team and then playing for what? Money? England Caps?

22 May 2024 12:49:16
Bigtel that is an absolute pile of rubbish. That supposed conversation only happened in your dreams.

The keepers for next season are butland Kelly and wright. Unless an absolutely crazy bid comes in for butland.



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