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08 Feb 2024 19:48:30
Were we appealing against sterling's red card today? Any news on it?

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08 Feb 2024 20:34:16
Appeal was rejected. Two game ban.

08 Feb 2024 20:45:05
Rejected. Fast track decision.

08 Feb 2024 20:50:40
We have appealed it yeah.

08 Feb 2024 21:06:35
Lost the appeal.

08 Feb 2024 21:07:01
The appeal failed.

08 Feb 2024 21:51:29
We were always going to lose that appeal. Referees in media lately saying not getting support from Hampden and a ref finally sticks to their on field decisions
decision. All politics but he misses Ayr and Ross County I think so we’ll cope without and move on.

I said it yesterday and say it again, never a red and ref stuck to that decision out of arrogance.

08 Feb 2024 23:03:22
Always had to appeal it to be fair but never thought they would let him off, two games that we should be ok without him tho, newsboys should get a start on Saturday still keep a strong line up tho until game is won then get subs on, time to get used to burying teams and get games won as quick as possible, win every game up to split should be enough to wrap up title.

08 Feb 2024 23:12:43
Feel for Sterling though I’d imagine he would have been starting on Saturday so although we will cope without him it’s a kick in the teeth for him personally.

09 Feb 2024 00:20:52
People need to take blue tints off he's lunged and landed on boys foot easily a red and no way the appeal was going to work.

We should be compiling the events of season though desser/ roofe goal
The handball last game blatant decisions that seem to keep going in celtics favour the obvious media campaign against rangers with penalties even though celtic have had more in league and conceded none and keep getting soft decisions.

09 Feb 2024 03:28:32
Red card every day of the week.

09 Feb 2024 04:01:35
That wasn’t a red and it wasn’t a lunge he slipped studs weren’t showing either. It’s one thing I can’t be accused of is blue tinted specs.

09 Feb 2024 06:48:31
I was told I obviously have never played football at any level if I thought that was a red. Didn't realise you were only allowed an opinion if you had played.
Storm there was a slip but I've looked at it over and over and the slip happens at the same time as contact is made, it didn't cause the contact, it did mean he followed
through and made it look worse. It
was a silly challenge that didn't need to be made in that area of the pitch and he gave the ref an excuse to flash the red.

09 Feb 2024 08:07:20
Yeah the chosen few on here that have played the game nonsense Jfm63. don't know why they are on a fans forum in the 1st place has they clearly know more than the rest of us. Guys that played the game 25 years ago know very little of the game now as its completely different to when they played. The other one that's appearing a lot on here a lot is the Clement knows better chat. Yes of course he does but this is a fans forum for fans to debate all things Rangers.

09 Feb 2024 08:55:11
Thought it was a red personally. Easily meets the first criteria of endangering an opponent and excessive force. Could easily meet the second criteria as well (though I don't think it was a lunge I think it was a slip - either way, the lunge isn't required, the excessive force and endangering an opponent criteria is enough) .

Actual IFAB Rules wording:

Serious foul play
A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.

09 Feb 2024 09:27:18
I'm a qualified referee and tbh I don't think it's a red, however I can also see why the ref did give red in real time due to speed sterling went in at. I'm surprised he didn't overturn it at the monitor tho.

09 Feb 2024 10:03:57
Endangers the safety of an opponent?
Standing on someones toe? Both feet on the ground?
I know what guys i wouldn't want playing for my team or having my back, wow.
Are we now penalising players for being bigger, stronger and faster?

If that's a red card then there is going to be 3 or 4 red card a game.

Celtic vs Hibs, Ralston goes through the Hibs player in the build up to the 2nd penalty, yes he wins the ball but has slide in two feet off the ground and put the Hibs player up in the air.

So is it ok to endanger a player if you win the ball?

09 Feb 2024 10:09:00
As much as I would rather we weren't as lightweight in todays game. That is a red card all day long by todays standards and had I seen it in any other game I would have expected him to stick to his decision.

09 Feb 2024 10:58:49
Ally with the dictionary definition of blue tinted specs there.

He was neither standing nor had two feet on the ground, Sterling literally slid right through him (though obviously unintentionally) and wiped him out after he stood on his toe.

If he hadn't slipped and gone through him, he wouldn't have been sent off IMO, but he did so he was.

And "winning the ball" means nothing in the modern game, no. If you win the ball with excessive force endangering an opponent you're walking. We've seen it multiple times.

09 Feb 2024 11:14:51
At the game I thought it was 100% red card all day however after having seen it back although it was careless, definitely only a yellow.

09 Feb 2024 12:23:10
Never a red.

09 Feb 2024 12:50:50
It was never a red but the appeals committee were nevr going to over rule it . If Cifuentes`ordering off for the small tap on the Dundee player was upheld then this one was always going to be the same. We should be okay for the next two games without him, take it on the chin and move on. No offence to the " qualified ref" who thought it was a red, we are watching qualified Grade 1 refs getting decisions badly wrong every week throughout the league, not something to boast about mate.

09 Feb 2024 15:05:38
I said i didn't think it was a red wsl, if that was aimed at me. What i said was in real time I can see why ref thought it was, I also said I was surprised it wasn't downgraded when ref had chance to see it again on monitor.

09 Feb 2024 15:45:57
Sorry but if that's anyone on a rangers player your all calling red card.

13 Feb 2024 14:12:11
I'm honestly not!



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