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01 Dec 2023 08:04:44
Anyone concerned that Clement may look to offload Cantwell? I get the impression that he just doesn't rate him. Taking him off him after 36 mins last night and persevering with Lammers in what is arguably Cantwells best position.

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01 Dec 2023 08:15:27
I think he was subbed off because of what happened for the goal may be wrong but that was the impression I got.

01 Dec 2023 08:16:21
Think he picked the wrong team last night cantwell for lammers and young Ross on from the start . hindsight eh .
Cantwell needs a chance is the middle . Reckon the gaffer will be shipping cantwell out first chance he gets .

01 Dec 2023 08:22:09
Lammers and Lawrence performances made clement look a fool.

That should be cantwell nailed on in the 10 with mccausland wide.

A really really poor managerial decision.

01 Dec 2023 08:31:09
I’m with you Storm, this was a power play around the goal, I’m sure of it.

I don’t care if Cantwell stays or goes, PC needs the power to decide on who makes his team and how doesn’t.

If he thinks Lammers is better and more deserving of the number 10 position then he’d better win the two cups and have a cracking run in Europe. Failing that then he’ll find himself in trouble.

01 Dec 2023 08:46:10
Clement did say he knew Cantwell best position was number 10 or from left but it seems at the minute he plays Cantwell on the right as SW injured and he doesn’t want to the throw RM into ever game from the start which I think is sensible. He said Cantwell can play on the right it’s just a mental thing with Todd. It will be interesting to see how the relationship develops but Cantwell needs to prove to PC that he has a good attitude and can play for the team even played out of position. A RW still a priority signing how many years have rangers fans being saying that. Get that signing correct then hopefully he will get Cantwell or Lawrence playing the 10 role.

01 Dec 2023 09:17:59
Cantwell clearly wasn’t following the instructions he was given by clement hence he was hooked.

01 Dec 2023 09:20:25
Agree with others, he didn’t get the starting line up correct but from what I took from his interview was Cantwell got hooked for not playing down the line as instructed. Cutting in made it easier he said for them or similar he said. I’d love Lammers to kick on but he’s just not clicking and last night that position was non existent because Lawrence wasn’t any better.

Do we feel like the squad is currently slowly transforming to PC style and that’s why we’re seeing mismatches and some disconnect? To me they’re struggling to click. I would say Cifuentes looks leggy and a worse player than he was when he started, his body is technically at the end of the season for MLS so little bit of excuse there. Clearly struggling in there with Jack and Raskin out, otherwise at least one would have been replaced.

01 Dec 2023 09:55:03
I can see why he subbed Cantwell he is a decent player but his arrogance shines through these pirouettes step overs ETC usually lands with us loosing possession like last night for their goal, if he wants in the team wherever that is he needs to buckle down cut out these daft tricks and dives and play for the team I remember Gio’s assistance saying during a training session that tricks were for the circus and I agree do the job the manager tells you to do or you’ll be subbed and rightly so.

01 Dec 2023 10:29:02
I'm not slightly concerned about the manager possibly selling Cantwell, in fact I would welcome it. He isn't half the player he thinks he is, in fact he's been a complete passenger this whole season. He's far from the worst in the team and should be played before the likes of Lammers but if there was a suitable bid for him, I would happily accept it. In my view, the change we need is to bring HAgi back and play him in the Number 10 role. HE is head and shoulders above anyone else we have at the club currently.

01 Dec 2023 10:31:23
I couldn't disagree more.

Whether Lammers or Cantwell should start at 10 is a different argument (I'd have neither on current form) but once Cantwell goes on the park and refuses to do the job he's been asked to do it doesn't matter how bad Lammers is playing, if you pander to that and take Lammers off to let Cantwell, who isn't doing his job, do what he wants to do then you've lost the players.

Why is anyone ever going to do wat you asked them to again if they think they can just do what they want and you'll fold like a cheap suit?

I was delighted he took Cantwell off last night as it was blatantly obvious he wasn't doing what he was told to do.

And if Cantwell won't do what he's asked going forward, then he should be sold. The players job is to do what the manager tells them, otherwise that ends up in the managers job.

We've had 3 weak managers who let players rule previously, I'm delighted we've got one now who isn't taking that nonsense from anyone. Sets the correct standard IMO.

01 Dec 2023 10:33:35
Thats twice now that Rangers have been down by a goal with the fans on their backs and then PC brings on the young fella Ross. Great goal last night and only bright spark in the team really.

But surely that cannot be good for his development. Towards the end he was forcing it too much and losing the ball.
The wee man must be raging that the likes of Lammers and Sima are getting game time in front of him, especially Lammers.

On another note, the midfield and defence looked terrible last night and against Aberdeen. Looks as if the formation is all wrong and as the players were all over the place.

And if any signing is the priority it is a goal scoring striker, someone that can actually put the ball in the net.
Especially in Europe where you might only get 2 or 3 good chances (if that) and we cannot have Danilo, Sima, Lammers and Dessers having 10 or more chances to get 1 goal between them. Rotten.

01 Dec 2023 11:30:04
You can't say PC started the wrong team just because he never started Cantwell in his favoured position.
Especially considering the substitution got us back level.
I get people don't like Lammers.
But I'd much rather have a disciplined player who follows the managers instructions than a liability.



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