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08 Mar 2024 09:11:13
A wee question for one and all on here ? Dujon Sterling can play in numerous positions and is good in them, although i really like him in midfield the best. ?

He's becoming a very important member of our squad but i can't help but thinking he might well be our long-term replacement for our superb captain James Tavernier, as like tav he has some engine - ? Thoughts guys? ?.

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08 Mar 2024 09:34:13
He's a natural right back so I think it's a no brainer tremendous tho to have a player you can trust 100% to play anywhere and beat least a 7/ 10 every gsme.

08 Mar 2024 09:41:40
Think Tav will outlast Sterling in a rangers jersey going off what we’ve seen of Sterling so far. Think next season he needs to really lockdown a position and we could move him on for big bucks.

08 Mar 2024 09:43:02
I don't see it SWE - Tav is an exceptional modern FB who spends 70% of his time attacking and setting a high standard of contributions.

Sterling is a very good and robust player with huge potential but I don't see him as an attacking FB.

08 Mar 2024 09:43:58
I like him in the midfield too much to even think about him at rb. hopefully we won't have to worry about replacing Tav for a few years yet.

08 Mar 2024 09:47:57
Definitely like to see sterling staying with us for long term if he continues putting in these displays. Think Tav will remain out first choice right back for atleast another season after this but sterling is vital for us as he can cover in numerous areas. Top targets in summer should be Center Half's along with Cortes and or sima and a striker.

08 Mar 2024 09:49:34
Like Sterling in m/ f tbh, but Tav is waning in my opinion, he will need replaced as has been discussed on here at lenghth, tbf to Tav at League level he's fine for a while yet though.

08 Mar 2024 09:54:11
Can’t see it Walter
When tav time is up we will be looking for a replaced t who is not yet at the club in my humble opinion mate.

08 Mar 2024 10:47:41
For me Sterling is wasted on the RW.
That's not a criticism of Clement or him as it's a case of needs must right now.
You can't fault his effort or commitment where ever he is asked to play.
I would love to see him get a run of games in the middle.

08 Mar 2024 10:48:07
Tav waning? It’s his best defensive season ever IMO and has 21 goals fork ?.

08 Mar 2024 10:57:04
Dujon far better up the park. Keep Lawerence fit and he is going to be a top player for us.

08 Mar 2024 11:05:04
David, looking strengths of boy should have to be unbelievably big bucks. Personally he could be shoe in next decade unless he wants to leave, personally most honest player I've ever seen. Covers every blade grass. Captain material not far off. Could be our next Slimmer, football brain Bobby Shearer.

08 Mar 2024 12:37:17
I have never doubted his ability going forward Storm or his goals tally, you have heard me say it many many times, yes u like him, I get that, but defensively he's on the slide, in my opinion, as was discussed recently on here, by many.

08 Mar 2024 12:57:49
I agree storm ?Tav has most definitely improved on his defensive duties this season and last night against benfica alone he had three last minute blocks, that probably saved certain goals against us ? His goal tally speaks for itself and doesn't surprise me ?.

08 Mar 2024 13:28:18
He used to play up front at chelsea youth.

08 Mar 2024 15:27:35
I think Tav game has changed over last 2 years. He does not charge up and down the park the way he used to.

But he might actually be a more balanced player now. He picks his moments to charge forward rather that his gung ho younger self.

He does still get caught in the channels at times but no where near as much as previously.

I see him as an experienced full back now and without both his and Goldson experience last night I believe we lose that game.

08 Mar 2024 15:59:33
Dujon sterling is so versatile i reckon he could play the lead role in Forrest Gump.

08 Mar 2024 17:11:57
Couldn’t make it up storm. Defensive ability on the slide. He’s defending better than he ever has and we all know that’s not his main strength in the game.

08 Mar 2024 20:32:54
Yeh, I agree Storm. Tav not bombing up and down the wing all the time has made him a better defensive player and still scoring and assisting a barrowload. We kinda slate our players very few errors because it doesn't happen often, but they're human.

09 Mar 2024 06:38:35
Captain Tav, nothing has been made up, imo he's on the slide, as discussed on here by many on many occasions, I have no doubt whatsoever of his attacking abilities, people forget due to his forward play, we can be exposed and teams exploit this, granted he's more reserved under PC, his pace to recover has gone, can still get in timely blocks, challenges and I'm not the only one on here who thinks it, great player absolutely, but for me, no room for sentimentality, You may not like it but that's my honest opinion.



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