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25 May 2024 01:03:21
As i have alluded to before i grew up and am close friends with one of our first team players. I received a signed first team top for charity from him just last week. He has told me that his preference is a move down south but he is being offered a route to the sheep as part of a move to bring one of their players our way.

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25 May 2024 01:39:48
Who are you talking about mate?

25 May 2024 06:07:33
Sounds like it could be McCrorie? Loose links to Miovski. Could be a deal of McCrorie and cash with Miovski coming to us.

25 May 2024 06:26:14
Mccrorie possibly.

25 May 2024 06:30:02
Ac21, that’s a bit random mate. Are you drip feeding us info or have we to guess who?

25 May 2024 06:33:35
Wright or McCrorie?

25 May 2024 06:51:30
Would be silly for him to give up his mate rfc22.

25 May 2024 07:21:03
I really really hope we get miroski or shankland, ONE of them is a must both of these guys are sublime strikers in our league, n if we truly want too prize the title away these are the striker's too do it

These guys week in week out have done this for seasons n I get they are expensive but all good players are

N yeah they are at rivals but ad rather we pay up n get them or see them in green n white

Honestly a strike force of miroski, shankland, n dessers playing behind them, is unplayable, think of that up front goals galore they all bring something to the table

Two absolute foxes in the box

I'd rather pay up too hearts and the sheep, than see a foreign striker come in and fail

If lammers goes use this cash for at least one of them.

25 May 2024 07:27:17

25 May 2024 07:28:38
Can’t be Barron, as he’s free, so it must be Miovski. Interesting to know what Rangers first team player you’re talking about? Has to be Scottish, so you’re looking at McCrorie, King, and Wright (doubt this one though) . I’d say it’s maybe King and a loan for McCrorie

I’m just guessing btw.

25 May 2024 07:42:48

Shankland and Miovski don't do it week in week out.

Them two and Dessers? Apart from Miovski there isn't really much movement or pace between the three of them.

25 May 2024 08:00:47
That's not true because I have it directly that the club were not entertaining any outgoings for players under contract before cup final. Approaches have been made for Scott Wright but were turned away.
There has been no approach for McCrorie.

25 May 2024 08:05:57
Scott they score goals mate
N for seasons have been the best strikers in the league,
It's exactly what we need
Tell me two better we could get

Who gureentees goals slow or not
These guys do bar them at celtic
Give me a better striker partnership
Than miroski, n Shankland we could get here in Scotland

It's just fact mate
I don't try n glam things up I just state the truth weather I like it or not.

25 May 2024 08:30:50
Hopefully it's Wright. should never have been signed.

25 May 2024 08:47:47
I think if Mccrorie leaves he is most likely to stay in Scotland, he must be sure first team football.

I’d keep him.

25 May 2024 08:52:28
Was in the paper yesterday that Aberdeen are interested in Mcrorie.

25 May 2024 08:56:03

25 May 2024 10:01:39
We ain’t signing both strikers. We have dessers and Danilo as well.

25 May 2024 10:43:27
Storm, I don’t think we are after either.

25 May 2024 10:43:39
If McCrorie does leave, I hope we include some sort of buy back option.
Taking a lower fee just now to allow him to get game time but including a buy back option could save us a lot in a few years if he does as well as many think he will.

25 May 2024 10:49:36
Chasni24, if Barron we would have to pay a development fee of approximately 375k

I’m sure ac refers to our goalie.

25 May 2024 10:59:36
Paul86 you’re spot on. Crcp you do know that most deals are done by agents before clubs even talk?

25 May 2024 11:03:16
Maybe it’s mcrorie for Barron?

25 May 2024 11:57:18
I’ve heard that he is more likely to go to them.
Miovski that is.

25 May 2024 12:04:21
I don’t think we are either John but I have no contacts. Miovski is going to move for 6 million roughly we ain’t paying that IMO for him.

25 May 2024 12:21:06
Dailly boy Mcrorie! Good Ayrshireman who should move on. He won't be no1.

25 May 2024 12:36:40
375k would be a good deal for us.

25 May 2024 12:47:05
Barron is available on a free transfer.

25 May 2024 13:12:09
We already have the best striker in the league - Danilo.

Unfortunately 2 serious injuries have prevented us from seeing his full potential. This season we will see his true capabilities.
I'm betting at least 30 goals in all comps from him next season, especially if he is flanked by 2 fast skilled wingers that can pass and cross precisely. put a quality midfield creator behind him like Hagi or Cantwell and it's on.

25 May 2024 14:30:34
Copland we still need to pay a development fee for Barron he wouldn’t be free and no player is ever free anyway.

25 May 2024 22:29:44
I heard Barron to us was a done deal a couple of weeks ago.

26 May 2024 06:52:56
McRorie. And you don't have to have grown up with him to have this info. Available on other websites.

26 May 2024 07:21:58
Laudrup hagi i have not seen any of this from Danilo to suggest he will be the best striker in the league tbh. AC the squad are very good at signing tops. Had had one off Jack before and start this season got 1 off Souttar whos a mate of a mate. Good info, from you i certainly don't doubt you.

26 May 2024 13:09:04
Storm - ? think someone posted it was a development fee or a swap with McCrorie.
Cheers mate.



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