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31 Jan 2024 00:32:13
Torino and Verona rumoured to be coming in with late bids for dessers tomorrow.

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31 Jan 2024 01:26:10
That would be great news. I know he's scoring but he's still not great. His performance at celtic was unforgivable and my mind has already been made up on him.

31 Jan 2024 03:25:38
These late bids are going to be knocked back but it’s probably missing news for the summer.
He scores the winner in the quarters of Europa and next min we’re in n semis and he’s worth it all a sudden so I wouldn’t let him go til summer now.

I’d say as it stands tonight I’d want €3.5m euros for him.
So we get our money back I believe.
If he keeps improving and scoring then in summer we could be askin for upwards of €6-7m.

31 Jan 2024 03:26:38
Teams come in late gives us no time to replace.
These clubs know that, sometimes it’s like a show for their fans.

31 Jan 2024 04:26:03
How on earth would that be good news and leave us us with no strikers ? Paul that’s a ludicrous statement and because of one game also.

Narrow minded.

31 Jan 2024 06:37:00
I'd chase any would be suitors for dessers, aye he misses chances, yes celtic one, but what if he goes on 2 score 15-20 across the remainder of season, better to have than have not as we are light up top.

31 Jan 2024 06:37:15
Agree. Storm.

31 Jan 2024 06:41:57
Narrow minded on here storm, surely not.

31 Jan 2024 06:57:55
Kinda like selling butland because he missed a few saves, strange thinking.

31 Jan 2024 07:08:27
Meaning only if we can find a replacement obv storm but yeah he's not great. If we can get someone to replace him then yeah no brainer.

31 Jan 2024 07:10:03
Looks like folk want a euro squad of 13.

31 Jan 2024 07:24:55
We can’t let Dessers go till Summer.

31 Jan 2024 07:30:09
Great news for our only fit striker to leave 1 day before window closes? I'm sorry but I would not describe that as great news, and to say your mind is made up on him is beyond ridiculous.

31 Jan 2024 07:39:57
Some on here would sell everyone! It’s quite laughable and concerning at same time.

Dessers is twice the player Colak was and most thought he should stay! It’s fricken weird how some of you think. But hey each to their own ?

Dessers going nowhere
Butland going nowhere
Yilmaz going nowhere

If Butland and Yilmaz do go, forget any other trophy. You don’t sell these types of player in Jan and still have desires to win things. That reason alone suggests it won’t happen. Not in Jan.

31 Jan 2024 07:48:03
Not a chance address goes would fook up euro Squad to many changes imo.

31 Jan 2024 08:14:11
We ain't letting Dessers go as much as it pains me. We would have virtually no Euro squad strikers.
Lammers, Danilo and Sima all out. Ridvan stays he definitely comes in. That leaves 2 spot's. Assuming Silva takes Simas spot that leaves one out of Diamonde, Cortez and a new Striker.
Unless club fully focused on league then we ain't going deep in EL.

31 Jan 2024 08:28:45
The Butland comparison is nonsense though because Butland 95 out of 100 times makes the save.
Compared to Dessers who 5 out of 100 chances scores the goal.
Huge difference.
Dessers may score 15 - 20 goals this season but he will miss 1000 chances.

I replacement should have be bought straight away.

31 Jan 2024 08:44:23
Funny that, I remember when we sang Ally Ally get to f@#k, just what was I thinking.

31 Jan 2024 08:57:47
Ally MC there is absolutely no way they number add up or make sense haha 5 out a hundred he's scored more than that to rubbish ratio already I imagine.

31 Jan 2024 08:58:11
Silly statement Paul, lose our only fit striker who's finally coming onto a game now. I've said it before and I'll say it again, McCoist and Hately struggled at first and look how they turned out.

31 Jan 2024 09:14:15
JOHN27 euro doesn't matter the league is priority if we can get our money back on dessers . jump at it?.

31 Jan 2024 09:43:16
Dessers is now showing that he is a good player. McCoist and Hateley were booed and written off in my day. Dessers was not match sharp in the first half of the season - now he is and it’s showing.

31 Jan 2024 09:50:05
1000 chances, he’s not been great but will be going nowhere or we are playing Tav up front in Europe.

31 Jan 2024 09:58:55
A month or two ago I'd be all for it if it meant making our money back. Now, I'm minded he's coming on to a game under PC, and more importantly he's in the Euro squad and I just don't think we can afford to lose any more players from the Euro squad given we can only make 3 additions to it.

31 Jan 2024 10:03:39
Dessers needs too stay he is a really decent part of our team
All strikers will miss chances but honestly I think he's coming on to a game n getting better same as yimaz, would be silly to let him go.

31 Jan 2024 10:32:31
Euro doesn't matter, we make more per game if we win than what we get for winning the League. please don't say money doesn't matter. and yes i get the riches to be gained from winning the league, how about we do both would that not be better?

Dessers is far better than what you are making out. just another whipping boy for some.

31 Jan 2024 10:46:31
Naw folks don’t want a squad of 13 ?

Ludicrous and narrow minded ?

Everyone one on there period lately this site more natty than ever!

You can’t seem to have an opinion or a bit of crack on here these days!

31 Jan 2024 11:12:37
Bazzaboi - Europe doesn’t matter if we can get our money back for him. Haven’t you considered he could be the difference in getting us the Mo eh back we spent on him by getting us through? Before you question that thought, he played a very big part in us being in Europa with his Betis performance.

31 Jan 2024 12:38:55
Ill tell you what is laughable someone comparing Dessers start to the season with Butlands or even with Ally at the start of his career . Even at the time the fans were giving him stick he was scoring lots more chances than Dessers. I doubt Dessers will go this window but the type of chances he misses and how generally slow he is, means he will probably be gone in the summer. He ain`t even as good as Colak.

31 Jan 2024 13:46:24
Colak isn't any better than dessers, he's got 3 goals in 16 games for the best side in serie B. He had a good run for us that's all. Just like dessers is having right now a good run. If he can keep it up who knows.

31 Jan 2024 13:58:24
Me u mean lol?.

31 Jan 2024 14:04:01
Wasn't really comparing butland and dessers, was saying that u can't just sell a guy for missed chances, just like u wouldn't sell butland for not making a save, re:- Ally comparison, was at Ally mc in the previous post to mine, not Mccoist, humour a lost concept on here recently.

31 Jan 2024 14:05:32
Exactly wsl laughable, dessers has scored a few lately but let’s look at the opposition! If selling dessers frees up some significant revenue to go out and sign a top striker then I’d be all for it! We have a chance of winning the league this season and with the riches of the champions league that has to take priority over Europea League.

31 Jan 2024 14:14:15
Buy a ‘top striker’ in 24 hrs ???

Give me strength. Thank god you’re not in charge eh HighlandBear!

Summer you make significant changes. Jan you add!

31 Jan 2024 14:25:31
That striker got us 3 points at the weekend or would u rather be eight adrift.



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