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25 Jan 2024 14:01:34
Diomande to be announced tonight. Had his RTV stuff done today. Plan was for it to be confirmed on Monday but travel issues held it up.

Another 2 to come in after him if all goes to plan.

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25 Jan 2024 15:59:39
Great stuff Copland exactly what I’m hearing
U getting anything on Manhoef.

25 Jan 2024 16:04:09
Copelandfront5, any news of players leaving? that would be 4 players signed this window, I'd have thought we would have needed to trim the size of the squad.

25 Jan 2024 16:04:36
That’s brilliant news Copland any chance you know the positions that are getting brought in.

25 Jan 2024 16:09:00
Nice one.

25 Jan 2024 16:09:31
Thank god I was getting worried.

25 Jan 2024 16:09:56
Anything about outgoings CF5?

25 Jan 2024 16:12:13
Thanks for the info, any idea who the other 2 are or what position?

25 Jan 2024 16:12:35
Nice one CF5, thanks for the info as always.

25 Jan 2024 16:20:27
4 signed this window?

25 Jan 2024 16:23:40
Good man CF5, great to have a man with the plan.

25 Jan 2024 16:36:55
Thanks Copland, I already confirmed exactly that the other day.

25 Jan 2024 16:42:51
Good news.
A couple more quality players and this could be an excellent season ahead.
That’s if our players would stop getting injured every five minutes of course.

25 Jan 2024 16:58:00
Cheers Copland.

25 Jan 2024 17:01:41
Thanks for that info Copland. With the Brighton winger going on loan to Vitesse things are looking promising for Manhoef.

25 Jan 2024 17:13:36
Excellent hopefully we get all targets PC has identified, muchas Gracia's Copeland.

25 Jan 2024 17:30:04
Thanks CF5 ??.

25 Jan 2024 17:46:49
Nice to see players coming in, however we really need to trim the squad.

25 Jan 2024 18:54:25
Still waiting. Is it a late announcement.

25 Jan 2024 19:04:32
Copeland will the announcement still be tonight with the news of davis retiring or do you think they might leave that till tomorrow out of respect for davis? cheers!

25 Jan 2024 19:13:38
As usual your info is very much appreciated on here CoplandFront5 ?
Have you anything at all on borna barisic if he's leaving this month mate and is roma definitely in for him ?.

25 Jan 2024 20:39:38
Still no announcement.

25 Jan 2024 21:26:13
The squad will trim itself to the tune of 5-6 players all out of contract end of season, Only 1 i can see Clement offering a new deal is Lundstram, in his prime and bossing that CDM position better than ever.

So Jack, Barisic, Roofe, Mcgloughlin, Balogun won't be offered new deals, most of them well past there prime or too injury prone.

Sima - End of Loan.
Silva - End of Loan.

Players out of contract summer 2025.

Lawrence, Lowry, Williamson, Mcrorie, Wright.

25 Jan 2024 21:35:21
Makes no sense to sell Barisic now, already in our Euro squad, His contributions in the League, Cup and Europa are worth more than we would get for him.

25 Jan 2024 22:02:47

25 Jan 2024 22:15:06
Roma are short of LB's just now, with both there 1st team LB's out injured, so maybe they can pull off a cheeky deal for 1 mill for Barisic (worth 5 mill), which then leaves us short for experienced natural LB's, not a good position when we are going up against the big teams now.

Roma are still in Europa too, Feyenoord is all that stands in there way of making it to the last 16 and joining the draw that includes us.

With a front 3 of Dybala, Lukakau, El Sharawy they should smash Feyenoord.

25 Jan 2024 22:37:21
Balogun should since he is still. fit as feck and clearly Phil rates him above souttar and davies.

25 Jan 2024 22:38:18
Hope not any panty wetters.

RTV stuff is 100% done, Davis stuff maybe took precedent and after I was told the RTV stuff was done I thought it would’ve been today as it usually tends to be when the RTV stuff is done on the day.

25 Jan 2024 22:43:54
Laudrup we sold Williamson.

25 Jan 2024 22:50:06
Seeing is believing ????.

26 Jan 2024 00:46:48
Thanks for the update Copland. Appreciated.

26 Jan 2024 01:23:55
John - Cheers for the info, wasn't aware Williamson got sold.

26 Jan 2024 08:21:05
Not wanting to take shine off Davis retirement. Now frees up the number 10 shirt for Diomande. Can’t wait till this is announced! He’s a baller!

26 Jan 2024 11:08:12
Bit later than expected but still good info! Thanks for sharing.

26 Jan 2024 16:00:42
Hope all goes well.



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