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26 May 2024 14:16:41
I think a reality check will come this summer for a lot of rangers fans can this mess be fixed all in the summer, I don’t think it can and I think it will take more than the summer window to get right and all the players that need to leave but I also don’t think Pc will get the time needed. I don’t want him sacked but a bad start to next season fans will want him gone and we will be back to square one and the viscous circle will start all over again.

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26 May 2024 14:52:23
Agree storm, imagine we loose first old firm game.

26 May 2024 14:57:58
This needs to end Storm - that's twice we've agreed.

26 May 2024 16:19:48
100% storm in PC we trust and will anyone else come in better if he did think not.

26 May 2024 16:20:21
Agree storm I personally don't think the turnover will be as big mainly due to fact we don't have rhd money to replace all the dross but if we are to give PC money then he must get the chance to take us at least next season unless we have a drastic start and fall behind early now is the time for our club to be bold and brave and meet the challenge of taking on an ordinary but wealthy other mob.

26 May 2024 15:05:35
He must be given time Storm no matter what, we sacked Gio and that's compo. We backed Beale and sacked him that's compo and now less than a year with a massive clearout needed we cannot be sacking Clement as the compo in less than 2 years will be stupid and then to appoint another manager. We need a reality check that we need time to build this squad away from the lower league English dross we have in this team.

Koppen and PC need a couple of windows to fix this mess and the board really need to stick to their plan and give him the time and backing he deserves! Any fans wanting rid are armchair fans and have no understanding of the game.

26 May 2024 15:14:57
Storm, I can't see more than 10 players going this window. in reality we need far more to go. Borna is the first, hopefully in the coming weeks there will be a lot more.

26 May 2024 15:29:32
Correct storm.

26 May 2024 15:32:02
?? it will be back to normal soon enough, ehl ?

Bgate it’s at Parkhead as well ?.

26 May 2024 15:45:34
First old firm is at the piggery, I think he’ll be gone before Christmas.

26 May 2024 15:48:23
Of Course it can be sorted in the Summer. Look how we performed 2nd half yesterday. Add a few with the correct mentality and ability and we have a team. Put Sterling at RB and get rid of Tav. A quality CB, 2xCM, RW and ST to Butland, Sterling Balogun, Jefte, Diomande, Cortes and I think we are on the right track. Might have to wait until certain deadwood contracts expire to get rid of them. Add the likes of yfeko, rice, mckinnon and we're not far off.

26 May 2024 16:22:34
Mate I said and asked many times how many rebuilds every summer can we do and how many managers can we bring in that’s left with previous rebuilds they don’t seem good enough

I’m actually at a loss how the club moves forward just now to be honest

We possibly do need to get a few quality signing s in along with our own young players coming through in certain positions
And giving the Manager til January if he is getting a tune out of new players and youngsters we give him more to bring in more to push on and again asses in summer how season has went and whether we’re going to let him continue through next summer into next season to get it completely right

If come January his new signings not up to scratch then we won’t be able to continue with him

This is a complete dilemma because if it isn’t working and players decide by January they don’t like him or have fallen out etc then he will have to go and new manager comes in might not want what’s their once again

What a vicious circle we’re in right now?

26 May 2024 16:38:23
Correct the stig.
Agree with the majority of the rest of comments also.

Mark I don’t see massive turn over that’s why am saying need more than the summer window.

26 May 2024 16:46:02
We simply cannot keep sacking managers, we need to accept it might take a couple of windows to right the ship.

26 May 2024 17:19:59
PC needs to be given the backing by the backing by the Board that is needed to get us back to the top. If they do then I am confident of a successful season. If we have to start next season with Tav as captain, Goldson at centre back and players like Wright still in the squad then we will struggle but that won't be Clement's fault.
he would just be another scapegoat for a Board that lack ambition, is stale and needs replacing.

26 May 2024 18:07:58
Just to play devil's advocate,

Clement gets rid of the players that are no longer required.

He brings in new fit and young quality players and we see a free flow attacking, pressing team in the managers image that comes together well over pre season and does the job in qualies to reach Champs League.

We start season stuffy but hit some good form as players start to really gel. The blend is just right with experience and youth.

We win fist old firm game of season. Celtic injury list starts to mount up already as they lose MacGregor for 3months. They get humbled and ko the champs league again.

Just as easy could go this way.

Just sayin.

26 May 2024 18:12:10
Correct guys ? clement just can't cull that amount of players in the one go ?As storm states he need about 2 or 3 transfer windows to bring in what he needs and get the majority out that he deems fit to ?.

26 May 2024 18:51:44
lets take a moment when we won 55
the other mob were in dissaray they
needed a new manager a complete rebuild and we bought into it the
56 t shirts were allready on order
but we know what happened big phil
niw has to earn hus keep look for
players to win domestically then we can dream of europe.



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