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09 Mar 2024 13:50:14
Regarding tomorrow's team, for me the best team we can possibly put out. no Barisic and if fit definitely Lunny. no start for Roofe, he is now an impact player. McCausland starting along with Dessers and Silva works for me.

Don't know where Lawrence fits in, but man what a goal the other night. More options than we think with full backs for width. Always remember that Alf Ramsay won the World Cup in 66 with no wingers.

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09 Mar 2024 14:14:27
We are going for a Domestic Treble here . A win tomorrow and we are well on our way . strength in the best numbers.

09 Mar 2024 14:15:16
Always a place for tom lawrence for me deecee ?.

09 Mar 2024 14:39:24
We should play the best possible team from now to the end of the season.

09 Mar 2024 14:54:47
Barasic will get 1st half imo.

09 Mar 2024 14:59:34
Still have to manage players properly with the injuries we have at present we can't afford to stretch the squad any further. Could live to regret it if we don't protect key players. Lundstrum and goldson looked out on their feet on Thursday if we can replace them with balogun and jack we then have them fresh for Thursday both are vital to seeing off benfica imo.

09 Mar 2024 15:44:05
The injury situation is getting worrying now with the amount of games we have. I don't know the timetable for the returns of the injured but PC is going to find it difficult to rotate players now. Never thought I'd say this but the international break can't come quick enough, give the lads a bit of time to recoup. Hope to christ there are no more tomorrow.

09 Mar 2024 15:49:40
We have to manage players properly. one reason why we have injures, it’s not always possible to play the best team because fatigue etc. If we keep playing the same 11, then we will end up winning nothing.

09 Mar 2024 16:40:36
Deecee, I don't think it's relevant how a national team set out their stall almost 60 years ago. The game has changed a wee bit since then. ?? Lawrence will play, Roofe might start, McCausland's great start to his career is beginning to tell on him. So many factors to take into consideration right now when it comes to choosing our 'best team'.

09 Mar 2024 16:52:52
Think roofe will start also. Why would lawrence not fit in? he's playing well and filling the cantwell void.

09 Mar 2024 16:59:58
Storm, I agree. fatigue and injuries are going to be our biggest problem this run in.

09 Mar 2024 17:03:54
Aye Decee, how dare you install some optimism on here ?.

09 Mar 2024 17:53:25
Yeah AlloaGer1.comedy gold . I stand by alf ramsey no matter how out of date as everyone was a winger in his team. in saying that we must put out a strong 11 and have commanding lead so we can bring on the treatment table lads. usually on live chat its the same suspect who is first up wi a bash if things ain't going well. i'm up for the treble and another Euro Final .

09 Mar 2024 18:22:47
What ever the gaffer sees fit to get us over the finishing line is good enough for me.

09 Mar 2024 20:00:48
I will be shocked if roofe starts, won’t manage 45.

09 Mar 2024 21:53:32
Think PC will probably start with Dessers and Roofe might get some minutes in the second half.

09 Mar 2024 21:54:08
Agree John, no way Roofe will start, needs to be used from the bench now.

09 Mar 2024 22:27:05
I see Roofe as more of a impact sub. could yet be important in the run in.

10 Mar 2024 14:10:22
Mark I agree. Roofe an impact sub. If we can get 20 minutes most games Four or five goals I’d be delighted.

10 Mar 2024 14:16:23
All of you spot on, 20 minute man now unfortunately, imagine the player if he wasn't Mr Glass. ?.



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