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10 Feb 2024 19:07:23
Personally can't say I'm impressed with silva. Defford not a number 9 and it seems his attitude stinks, complaining at every desicion against him even if he's clearly in the wrong and throwing his hands up etc. players like this generally take other players down. Personally not impressed.

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10 Feb 2024 19:49:03
Maybe not his best game to be fair but played well last two games.

10 Feb 2024 20:04:08
Were crying out for a poacher. although games like today need patience as its hard to break down a 10 man defence. County at home am sure will be the same wed.

10 Feb 2024 20:16:57
I'm more in the camp that Raskin offers next to nothing, never looked comfortable again. Thought Silva showed his class with his finish.

10 Feb 2024 20:21:50
Just to further my point. waiting on the var desicion. Every player is calm waiting in there own half and silva is in the opponents half shouting and waving his arms at the ref. This will rub off on other players and hope either tav or pc has a word with him.

10 Feb 2024 20:30:49
3 goals we go top.

10 Feb 2024 20:40:35
I think Silva and Raskin are both top notch.

10 Feb 2024 20:42:11
Mate its a european thing. Mama mia! ? next time u see him tell him you don't like his mannerisms. Is dessers a 9 either? A suitable one. It was a poor game. that's why i think if league went to goal difference we would lose as we lack killer instinct. A work in progress but the woed progress is key. Lots of it.

10 Feb 2024 20:46:51
Diomande looks like he's going to be very good player for us also. His 1st touch reminds me a bit of aribo.

10 Feb 2024 20:48:35
What a load of nonsense silva best Player today I agree he's not a 9 but even he says he's not a 9 so you can'tbe critical of him for that.

Willie collum was at it with him today the booking was soft if he battled for ball ref gave a foul against and if Ayr player battled for ball got away with it.

10 Feb 2024 20:52:37
First game where I think clement got team wrong thought Diomande was a defensive or central mid yet he looked like he was playing silva role and silva pushed into dessers role.
To be fair to Diomande he was in good positions but midfield bottled through balls and it was crab football all over again

Tav goldson raskin were rank rotten.

10 Feb 2024 21:21:39
Got a goal and ran all day and think your way off with attitude assessment he comes across as a top young man and player on and off the pitch.

10 Feb 2024 21:37:56
Can't say I agree I thought Silva showed a willingness tonight he chased and ran the channels. Can't say I've a problem with him showing some passion either didn't think he went over the score.

10 Feb 2024 21:57:52
Scores another 9 goals wins us the league, kicked back to wolves . Who cares it’s 6months.

10 Feb 2024 22:00:28
Go for the gaffer cleared that up said he was out of position today due ti lawrence not playing. Usually deeper.

10 Feb 2024 22:45:15
So what can't play anyone else we don't have forward players

I'm. Thinking now cortes not in euro squad and Diomande is could be a mistake.

10 Feb 2024 23:55:45
We dominated that game from start to finish today, as regards players, i's all about opinions, and we will always have differing ones, I personally think that Silva is a very good player.

One thing I will say is that Golson and Silva could have been Red Carded today for stupid fouls, they need to stop lunging into some tackles, again guys. only my own opinion.

11 Feb 2024 00:11:20
Paul makes it sound worse if we had nobody to play that role with Lawrence out.

11 Feb 2024 01:03:22
Don't think that's very fair Davie, the boy has com out and said he's not a 9 so being played out of position really and imo isn't doing to badly. I do believe he would do well against celtic playing as a 9 were he would have a lot more space, first few games must be an eye opener with so many players behind the ball, he's an intelligent player he'll work it out.
Raskin imo has a lot to prove, could probably count on 1 hand how many good games he's had, expected a lot more from his time at rangers.

11 Feb 2024 01:15:14
Gofor let Clement decide what he needs for Europe mate, Diomande was brought in for Cifuentes, Silva for Lammers, Sima hopefully back the end of next month.

11 Feb 2024 02:04:40

I say give him break. He's unused to c@@@ standard overall of ŕeferees in Scotland and its not in my make up but recently bias against gers unbelievable. Collum case in point.

11 Feb 2024 08:15:33
Bit harsh I feel on Silva he's a very willing runner and always looking for the ball, I actually thought he was fantastic against Aberdeen when he come on, I don't think he is an out an out striker tho i'd say he's more in the centre forward mould or shadow nine as champ man used to call it, again I feel he would be best suited in a pairing with an actual out an out striker.

11 Feb 2024 09:09:40
Its wild that the likes of Cifuentes and Lammers were in our euro squad. What a mess Beale made of our squad. Amazes me how he got another job in football.

11 Feb 2024 10:04:15
Correct Mystar trust PC.

Too many panty wetters on here after a game we won and in the next round and it wasn’t our strongest team.

11 Feb 2024 10:32:08
Gofor really what u r saying manager does not know what he’s doing,

He had players but expla H did not want injuries and wanted to give a player a run out.



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