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19 Mar 2024 20:09:56
Heard today from a lad at work that we are currently looking at 3 players playing domestically. He says he is waiting to get names confirmed so will update if he gets names. He doesn't think it will be purchases for all 3.

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19 Mar 2024 22:29:22
Chat from Killie side is that we are interested in Watson.

20 Mar 2024 05:28:05
Good info bellshilllad83 ?Never heard from CoplandFront5 for a while now who also has cracking info ?Hope you're doing well mate ?.

20 Mar 2024 06:22:11
No starting a Shankland chat again but he should be a no brainer as we will need 2 strikers. Plus the need for home grown.

20 Mar 2024 07:30:27
Aye right Dado? going to be about 3 pages of it noo ?, but aye your correct bud, think one would be enough though, to replace roofe, who most think will go. ?.

20 Mar 2024 07:55:11
Could be a few from Shankland, Barron, Armstrong, Watson, Miller and the like.

20 Mar 2024 08:13:09
One scottish player we should take a look at but he never gets mentioned is that lad at hearts, a striker i think.

20 Mar 2024 09:43:38
Fork ? probably. Roofe will need replaced and can't see dessers lasting beyond the summer. Be gutted if we don't keep Sima as well.

20 Mar 2024 11:06:15
Rangers r extensively scouting Scottish academy trained.

As I said b4 a goalie, miller, I doubt we can afford him

Cameron, Mackenzie, Barron, Watson.

20 Mar 2024 11:17:25
I would imagine Miovski, Shankland and Conner Barron are on shortlist. A lot depends on if we win league and get Champions league money as Sima and/ or Silva would probably be signed permanently if deal could be done if we do qualify.
Still fully expect Shankland brought in once Roofes out of contract and Shanks enters final 12 months of Hearts contract at same time.

20 Mar 2024 12:08:58
Good to hear that John227, would be nice to get the best from local academy trained prospects, help with Euro squads too??.

20 Mar 2024 12:45:55
John when you say we can't afford Miller do you mean we won't be willing to pay 2m for him? can't see it being anything over that. If we are serious about signing the best young local talent then do it. After all we waste millions on foreign duds every year.

20 Mar 2024 13:17:32
I can’t see rangers paying two million for a reserve player.

20 Mar 2024 17:50:26
John 2m for Miller would be a very good investment i think.

20 Mar 2024 17:50:50
Would really like Watson.

20 Mar 2024 18:27:17
Who is Cameron and Mackenzie? Excuse my ignorance. I’m assuming young emerging talent?

20 Mar 2024 21:22:01
Clans at culloden ah think ?.

21 Mar 2024 01:22:03
Think Watson from Killie is the one lads, shoe in for YPOTY for me.

21 Mar 2024 11:27:55
Ac reading he scored for Scotland u19 against Italy yesterday.

21 Mar 2024 18:45:42
Seen that MyStar, he looks a real talent.

22 Mar 2024 15:18:41
Miller is the better of the 2 at the minute and 1st team ready.



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