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14 Jun 2024 21:05:28
DOIGER - Welcome back on.

Not a fan of Scotland but enough of my fellow gers fans on here support them passionately so i wish them and you all well.




01 Jun 2024 17:37:23
Might not get a lot of agreement on this one but I'd give Dowell another year if we're convinced he's over any legacy injury issues.

I think there is a player in there. Even as a squad player.



1.) 01 Jun 2024 17:55:09
Might not have a choice, need someone to want to buy him.

2.) 01 Jun 2024 18:05:11
Sorry but its a no from me. Agree he looks tidy but he had problems before us.

3.) 01 Jun 2024 18:18:33
im the same mate.

4.) 01 Jun 2024 18:31:05
Yeah i think dowell is a good player. Were not going to be able to move everybody on.

5.) 01 Jun 2024 18:33:52
Doesn’t really bring anything to the table another one Mystar said would be a player but will have forgot he said it.

6.) 01 Jun 2024 18:52:38
We need players that are available week in week out and he is not one of them. 152 games in 10 years is enough evidence that he is not the correct type of player for Rangers. He won't turn the corner and suddenly be able to play 40-60 games and that's what we need. I do like him and think he is a good footballer however he's not that good to justify keeping for a handful of games per season.

7.) 01 Jun 2024 19:13:12
I think we need to stop believing that the walking dead will somehow be anything but next season, some sports people simply don’t have the physicality for top level sport and continually breakdown, it’s really unfortunate but we need to stop being a rest and recuperation centre for these types.

8.) 01 Jun 2024 19:16:33
Was there not talk of the player himself wanting away?

9.) 01 Jun 2024 19:56:17
We need players for a squad so if he's a bench warmer, yes.

10.) 01 Jun 2024 20:01:03
After jack and lunny leaving we still have few options in middle but nobody who sticks out we need a massive upgrade in midfield. Dowell is a tidy enough player but to be successful we need him to be noore than a squad player.

11.) 01 Jun 2024 20:10:28
Storm if you can't see Dowell quality as a player that's cool, certainly doesn't surprise me man.

12.) 01 Jun 2024 20:20:36
Dowell is poor and injury prone. Too slow for our Mf.

13.) 01 Jun 2024 20:56:29
My star to be perfectly honest with you mate storm can't see anything unless John says it ? He's like one of the three blind mice ?.

14.) 01 Jun 2024 21:05:38
Storm Is like an elephant forgets nothing lol. Agree with storm mystar when has he actually showed he's a player? He's either injured, or when he plays he's mediocre mate.

15.) 01 Jun 2024 21:31:18
Only showed it in a couple of games boy blue, be happy if sold but we'll get a fee for him, many championship clubs will be interested in him.

16.) 01 Jun 2024 22:49:43
Had high hopes for him mystar but like Lawrence always felt I was waiting for him to hit form but neither ever did.

17.) 02 Jun 2024 03:34:22
Completely agree My Star, Dowell clearly a very tidy player. Just don’t think he suits our system unfortunately.

18.) 02 Jun 2024 07:37:45
Dowell nowhere near good enough.



13 May 2024 07:34:42
I can't believe there's people even discussing PCs future!

The fact he even made it a title race with this squad is an achievement. That's not to say 2nd place is ever acceptable, BUT, look at the mess the squad was in.

If we had carried on that same trajectory with Beale, where would we have been just now? 15 points behind? 20?.

In my opinion he doesn't get judged until the END of next season. NOT xmas, NOT after the first game at their hovel.

He has a big task ahead of him.


1.) 13 May 2024 07:55:01
athole, granted he had good results ( not great performances) for 3 months, but it is being discussed because we look worse now than when Beale was in charge.
Alarmrm bells were ringing in January when it was clear to most people we needed a striker and a centre half, at least, and imo, that is what has cost us the league.
Next season will tell, and he will have no excuses.

2.) 13 May 2024 08:13:07
Folks, my problem now with PC's tactics is he's doesn't appear to have learned anything from the previous 3 games against them. As regards Sterling, a very good player that we will waste if we don't use him properly. The Board need to find the funds to let him get the players he needs, sadly is it too late now with them going to be out of sight financially for God knows how long, big, big decisions now for the Board.

3.) 13 May 2024 08:50:34
Yes, results when he first took over were good, but there was more than one patchy performance. Yes, getting results against the lower teams, while the tims had a meltdown, got us back to the top, with the chance to pull further ahead, but we messed that up big time. Yes, we won a cup, which in my opinion, was lucky as we never came up against them.

At the end of the day, and what PC will be judged on, is his games against the tims, which up until now, is dire. If we don't win the SC (I have no faith we will), and he gets beat in the first game against them next season, then the pressure is on.

Answer me this. What's the point in beating the likes of hibs, hearts etc, if we can't beat the tims? If we can't beat them, we are never winning the league. PC's tactics against them have been woeful regardless of the personnel, and the most alarming thing is, he doesn't appear to learn from it.

For such a backwater league, the top 2 jobs in this country are viscous, where 2nd place means nothing. For either team to be champions you must be able to beat your biggest rivals. Any manager, no matter who that is, will never be allowed to continue if they can't beat the tims. It just isn't happening.

4.) 13 May 2024 09:17:24
I've backed PC on this site but the 1 thing I'd critisce him for is not changing the formation when it relies on 2 wingers also we can't keep putting 2 in against there 3 in midfield because it's not working.

5.) 13 May 2024 09:28:52
Crazy that most the fans could see we needed a decent striker (like Shankland) in January but Rangers decided against it and its likely the major factor for losing the league.

6.) 13 May 2024 09:30:06
If we back clement with £20m in the summer and he doesn’t get it right then we’re fooked as a club for the foreseeable

So far he’s not gootten it right.

7.) 13 May 2024 09:45:48
The knives are out for PC but for me the truth is they just have a better team right now better squad to chose from PC has had one window and very little to spend in that window so loans or loans to but yes we needed a striker and yes a CH but if we don't have the money you can't blame PC, this is going to take two or three windows to fix, we need stability right from the boardroom to the pitch we need to free up wages from out of contract players look at any bids that come in for players use the wages wisely and any money we have wisely but the fans need to be patient this scatter gun approach would do further damage we have to stick together and support our team.

8.) 13 May 2024 09:56:46
We only got back into title contention because celtic had a mini implosion where they dropped so many points. I think its right to question PC as he hasn't figured out his tactics don't work against celtic - we give up the midfield and allow Mcgregor to dictate the game. If he loses the SC final and with the first OF game next season at their place, he could be looking at not winning an OF in 5 attempts - not a great stat for a Rangers manager.

9.) 13 May 2024 10:50:58
Celtic dropped points due to injuries at a time when we were getting injured players back. unfortunately we then got hit again with a dreadful pile of injured players as their players were returning. however it was dropping points against the other teams when we should have won those games that cost us. Losing Cortes and Sima was disastrous imo.

10.) 13 May 2024 10:53:27
All this talk about PC . A tradesman needs good tools. Give the guy a chance to build his own team, then if it doesn’t work, criticise him certainly.

11.) 13 May 2024 10:55:23
Aye, let's just sweep the 11 points lost out of a total of 12 (8 of them under PC's watch) against the tims, eh! They don't matter do they? ?.

12.) 13 May 2024 11:15:06
After same amount of games both beale and gio have more points tally than Clement.

13.) 13 May 2024 11:26:46
Ally we had no money in jan to sign shankland or anyone else how can the fans not see that?

14.) 13 May 2024 12:30:22
PC needs at least two windows to bring in his own players, And must be backed by the board $$$$$$
Hopefully keep Butland, Sterling and Raskin
On the fence with Dessers, Ridvan, Souttar, Cantwell and Davies
Sign Cortes, Sima and Diomande
Sell Tav, Goldson, Wright and Matondo
Thanks but let go Jack, Roofe, Barasic and Lundstum
Hopefully play some of the younger guys in the remaining league games, You never know they could make the final against the Tim’s if they do well. We need some new blood in the team, Its been stale for too long. ???????????.

15.) 13 May 2024 12:52:39
We simply cannot keep changing managers.
Joshua on the Rangers review hit the nail on the head, as a football club we have no real identifiable playing style subsequently the last few managers have recruited what they thought suited how they would like to play the team. This has meant that we have a scattergun approach to recruitment. The board need to dictate the style of football they want to see at the club and players should be recruited to suit, any manager should then need to accept this and work with a squad tailored to play this way. We are in a right sorry state at the moment.

16.) 13 May 2024 13:30:34
Totally agree again Sima, probably talking too much sense buddy.

We need to stick to a playing style, happy with the 4231 high press, and sign players for that style. Then if a manager leaves we hire new on who plays in same style.

PC is not the problem, it's lack of vision from the club, what we need is stability to get this up and running. We should take lessons from how Celtic have operated.

17.) 13 May 2024 13:50:13
Sima this was the case under Mark Allen and Gerrard. We were to be a physical fast hard pressing 4-3-3. Idea manager leaves, but style remains.

18.) 13 May 2024 13:57:49
Souttar, Cantwell and Davies have got to go, all three are pants.

19.) 13 May 2024 14:10:55
I agree OWS?I'm a fan of our manager and do rate him but that's 3 games against celtic and especially the 2 at breezeblock boulevard the same tactics and mcgregor gets all the room in the world as their playmaker ?I thought his team selection was wrong on saturday and we're far too pedestrian and slow in the engine room, where the game is always won or lost ? I'm hoping he can maybe think out the box and tweak his tactics against them in the cup final, to give them something fresh to think about ? Sterling and raskin for me, have to start for us in midfield in the cup final ?.

20.) 13 May 2024 15:37:08
Mark44, what sort of pants; Short, long or s***?

21.) 13 May 2024 16:52:32
Newman, very smelly ones?.



26 Apr 2024 21:44:39
Evening All,

I may have missed something in recent weeks when I've been travelling but what has/ is happening with Ben Davies?

Is it injury or ongoing personal issues?


1.) 26 Apr 2024 23:07:46
I don't have a clue what is happening with him but he can't be injured as Clement never mentions his name when he goes through his weekly long list of injured players. I just think Clement doesn't rate him.
I hope that you got some sun burn and hangovers on your travels.

2.) 27 Apr 2024 04:16:07
He’s been listed on the bench in nearly every recent squad, would suggest he’ll be moved on in the summer.

3.) 27 Apr 2024 06:17:43
The manager just doesn’t fancy him by the looks of it.

4.) 27 Apr 2024 06:26:05
Has he not had his troubles to seek outwith football, sure someone posted on here in relation to that.

5.) 27 Apr 2024 07:30:29
He did Fork. The big guy's wife was very sick and he helped nurse her through a torrid time, and I believe this is a factor in him not being able to settle up here.

Look, the guy wasn't that bad! Apart from one horrendous mistake against them, and a couple of wee mistakes, has he really been that bad? Is he any worse than Goldson?

6.) 27 Apr 2024 07:40:28
Thanks lads. Just thought i'd missed someting.

Three Cheers - unfortunately no sun. Airport-car-hotel room- construction site-airport-rinse and repeat.

7.) 27 Apr 2024 09:22:01
Agreed RtR, Davies has been solid enough when he has played, some players just get bashed by a section of our 'fans'.

8.) 27 Apr 2024 09:47:23
Ain't that the truth, bizz?

9.) 27 Apr 2024 10:53:35
That shoulder header to Kyogo at the piggery when it was going out for a goal kick was the final straw for me.

10.) 27 Apr 2024 11:19:30
That was probably his only mistake borna, can read the game very well, as raisetheroofe pointed out he'd have his mind in other places mate.

11.) 27 Apr 2024 12:03:37
Cheers RTR, I thought he done well when he played, better than goldson for me too bud?.

12.) 27 Apr 2024 13:50:37
Would still like better though.



08 Apr 2024 07:37:42
Ive said it before on here and I'll say it again

We are mentally damaged against them.

We have a huge mental barrier to get over and the bulk of this team don't have the minerals to do it.

We almost start every game 1 down and scared against them.

It won't be until we turn the majority of that squad over and squeak a few wins that we'll see a step change.


1.) 08 Apr 2024 08:05:42
100%, athole.

Guys like Tav and Goldson go into these games expecting to get beat because it's what they're used to. It's ingrained into them, and is buried into their psyche. This game turns them into quivering wrecks who are all over the place. Sorry, but there's no getting over it with those 2, and they'll always be the same.

Honestly, the way they laughed and joked as their partook in that bile inducing "lap of honour" was both infuriating, and embarrassing. What a rid neck celebrating failure, and getting out of jail by dropping 2 points in such an important game.

We were hoping they would lay down a marker, but all they done was lay down themselves and got pumped in that 1st half.

2.) 08 Apr 2024 08:30:27
Yeah I agree, I’m happy to acknowledge that some of these guys have been great servants to the club and they’ve be remembered fondly for winning the league and the Europa league final but it’s time to move on and get players who can play with no fear again.

Too many of our senior players are scared of Celtic and simply don’t perform time and time again.

I’m with you Roofe, I’ve no idea what the lap of honour was about, this was actually driven by PC, he told the players to clap the fans.

A draw at home when we’re so close to winning the league should result in the players apologising, not clapping.

3.) 08 Apr 2024 08:49:19
Absolute B*llocks?

The simple fact (IMO) is that Celtic have been the better team in recent years and have had better managers for much of the time.

Their first goal was a freak ~ ball held up by the wind before anyone settled Tavs clearance could have gone anywhere. You could argue that Butland was caught flat footed.

Did we play well? nope. Was the level of play acceptable? Nope

2nd half showed who we are as a team ~ we won the half at a canter despite a poor goal against. Again Butland could have done better as should a few other players.

Tav is one of our all time greats (despite the turncoats against him) and to say that he is beat before walking on to the pitch against Celtic is an insult to him, the manager (s) and the club in general.

On the lap of honour ~ I thought it was a thank you for the fans who continued to support the team and did not throw in the towel at half time.

4.) 08 Apr 2024 09:16:46

5.) 08 Apr 2024 09:17:20
As much as I can hardly fault PCs time so far, to play Scott Wright is just beyond me and the difference was clear when Sima went on instead. Also why Dowel and not Raskin?

6.) 08 Apr 2024 09:19:45
So, if you go by DK's reckoning, we won a half game of football. So, do we get half a title? Automatuc half entry into CL? Half bragging right? The answer, of course, is no!

What have you been told before about flogging dead horses?! ?.

7.) 08 Apr 2024 09:42:41
Dowel fully fit putting raskin lunny to bed around better football player than both, just not seen enough a think.

8.) 08 Apr 2024 09:48:22
We were not good enough and in big games like this were continuously let down by the same group of senior players.

Tav didn’t have a clue what he was doing for the first goal, he’s looking at Butland and Goldson until the penny drops that he needs to get to the ball.

He’s the captain, he should be taking control and dictating to everybody what they’ll do.

Tav has been sensational for us, great player who will always be remembered as our captain, his goal scoring records will remain intact long after my life is over. The reality is we need players who can play without fear of Celtic, Tav is one of many who struggle with this concept and he’s not the only one.

Don’t turn this into a Tav bashing because it’s not.

9.) 08 Apr 2024 09:50:28
I didn't see it as a lap of honour.

More of an apology lap and to say thank you to the fans for their support.

Without Rangers giving Celtic a 2 goal head start it could have been a very different game.

10.) 08 Apr 2024 10:05:44
Unfortunately, Dado, DK can't help himself, and when anyone dares criticise Tav, he accuses them of bashing him. It's just who he is mate.
Remember, DK has backed that many losers over the years that he's become a bookies dream. The guy has got 95% of things wrong, and backed every failure, but still comes on here all high and mighty telling anyone he disagrees with, they're taking "B*llocks"!

11.) 08 Apr 2024 10:27:52
You might be right Ally, I seen PC telling them to go to the fans but I was still trying to claim myself down from that performance.

Even the defending for the 3rd is shocking after just getting the game back level. Absolute school boy.




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14 Jun 2024 20:59:09
Hi John - just what you said about us scouting Beale and Gio players.

You've kind of elaborated on it but just curious as to your thoughts on us scouting 'legacy' players.




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14 Jun 2024 17:36:32
Hi John - what's your opinion re your statement above?




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03 Jun 2024 12:18:21




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28 May 2024 18:06:10
Frank - that actually made me laugh mate ??.




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20 May 2024 10:57:29
Wishy ???

I read that 1st sentence and nearly choked on my coffee!

My Da plays dominos in the Sarry Bar, i'm sure he beat JL. he's 79 yrs old and faster than JL.





athole's banter replies


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10 Jun 2024 15:05:30
FFS Dream4Lads that's some username ?.




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08 Jun 2024 19:11:48
It looks good in the air.




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24 May 2024 14:12:10
Cammy - you're a right ray of sunshine aren't you?




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24 May 2024 07:42:14
Not good enough for Rangers ??

Highest scoring full back in British football EVER.

Averaging what 17/ 18 goals a season.

He has his flaws defensively and i think its time to be moved on but not good enough for Rangers

Take a day off.




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17 May 2024 09:44:06
Baz - good balanced post.

The tendency sometimes is to look at new signings for someone to blame but definitely think the old guard are past their best and need refreshed with some fresh blood.




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