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25 Oct 2023 09:34:21
Just seen the 5 candidates for the DOF role who are most likely be interviewed are below, the only one on that list i would not take would be Dougie Freeman.

Dougie Freedman
David Weir
Sam Jewell
Paul Mitchell
Carlos Bocanegra

Has anyone heard when the role will be filled and who the fav is for the role.

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25 Oct 2023 09:41:33
Can't comment on freedman.

Would steer clear of bocanegra, he's a disaster.

25 Oct 2023 10:20:57
Weir, Jewell, Mitchell no chance, James Bisgrove was talking last week in terms of weeks or even months before an appointment is made that to me suggests that the club is nowhere near even attracting a suitable candidate.

25 Oct 2023 10:25:43
Bocanegra has rejected us already, did not want to attend interview

Jewell was at ibrand auchenhowie

Mitchell going to Man U with ratcliffe.

Hearing noth Re freedman

Nerlinger name still being bandied around

Also believe me weir won’t leave his family.

25 Oct 2023 10:26:03
So if you take Freeman and Bocanegra out, Jewell apparently has turned us down already and DW has a dream job at Brighton.
Doesnt leave much!

25 Oct 2023 10:27:33
I don't know anything about Freedman or Bocanegra, but Weir, Jewell and Mitchell show that the club are definitely pursuing the right calibre of people.

25 Oct 2023 11:15:19
What about the Nottingham Forest DOF he’s not bad ?.

25 Oct 2023 11:53:13
Lazy journalism on the DR site!

Trust me, they would be the last to know anything that's going on inside Ibrox - they are just appalling!

Dougie Freedman? They've probably put 2 and 2 together on that one because Dougie is a Rangers fan, and made 7! The rest of the names have been on here, and other Rangers forums, for ages now, so they have probably lifted the names of there.

Honestly, no Rangers fan should ever believe what is in that rag!

25 Oct 2023 12:17:14
ZERO chance of Mitchell coming. That info is from people with no clue in footballl. Would be the equivalent of us signing Mbappe.

25 Oct 2023 12:17:54
This isn`t a list of THE 5 candidates for the DOF job, this is a list put together by the Daily Record, no doubt based on rumours they have heard and nothing more.

25 Oct 2023 13:26:26
I don’t know much about this sort of stuff as I just like watching the football, but who do you guys think would be the best person for this role?

25 Oct 2023 13:55:31
Cool Wsl. I thought someone had the inside track.

25 oct 2023 14:11:21
met bocanegra when the us womens team were at the based in glasgow yrs ago i was not impressed by him one little bit, came across as arrogant, aloof and unlikeable guy, , no idea why you would know how good or bad freedman is, but its a typical reaction to anyone scottish, don't want him, if he happens to be scottish and a rangers fan, shoot him.

25 oct 2023 14:47:54
strangely freedman is probably the only one gettable, anyone know hows he's doing these days?

25 Oct 2023 16:02:18
He's the sporting director at C Palace, Tom. If another doesn't know, he's also a very intelligent guy, who could do the job for us.

25 Oct 2023 16:57:09
***that should have said 'If anyone doesn't know'***.

25 Oct 2023 19:22:11
From that list Weir is the standout candidate.

25 oct 2023 19:22:22
well if he's employed in the epl he must know something, great wee goalscorer in his time.

25 Oct 2023 21:03:34
I grew up with Dougie and we played all of our youth football together until he went down to QPR on trial around 1990 when we were 16 ish.

He was actually a midfielder but when he turned pro he got moved up front.

Not the most academic (none of us were) but you don't have a playing career like he has and hold a role like he has at Palace without having something about you. didn't he hold an admin role at forrest as well?

25 Oct 2023 21:07:52
Weir won't leave Brighton it's obviously proving difficult to attach suitable candidates, Jewell apparently turned the job down instantly saying for what Rangers are willing to pay for a DOF it's not worth the headaches.

26 Oct 2023 07:53:35
Greeley. Jewell on 2k a week at brighton.

26 Oct 2023 11:24:57
Im mentioned that I had heard Freedman's name mentioned last week and John kindly confirmed that he had been interviewed previously and personally having spoke with Palace Fans, I reckon that he would be a good appointment but would he leave Palace for rangers.
As regards Jewell, I really wouldn't discount him as Manny are writing him off. He is on a quite low salary and assuming that he is ambitious he will not want to be an understudy to Weir for ever and personally I can't see Weir leaving Brighton any time soon.
So, unless we are going to pull a rabbit out of a hat with one of the better International DoF's I would suggest that Jewel is definitely a contender that could say yes!

26 Oct 2023 13:17:59
I think Freedman’s been there for a few years and they seem to be doing well during that time.

26 Oct 2023 13:50:20
John anymore updates on appointing a DOF?

26 Oct 2023 13:46:45
Hope its paul mitchell, seems to have all the credentials for a great appointment.

26 Oct 2023 13:58:37
Too many clueless chiefs not enough of the relevant Indians.

26 Oct 2023 16:10:05
My personal top 2 choices for our director of football job would be paul mitchell or big davie weir, in that order, but hand on heart here guys, i very much doubt we'll get any of those two ?Looks like mitchell might well be going to man utd and big davie weir i can't see leaving a superbly run club from top to bottom in brighton ?.

26 Oct 2023 16:50:19
Mitchell recently bought a house in Manchester.

Doesn’t guarantee anything but if he bought one in Glasgow for example?

27 Oct 2023 03:29:42
I don’t have any info on who we’re looking at for DOF.

From what I remember from a while ago whatever club Bocanegra was at (maybe Atlanta) the fans were calling him useless and calling for head, so I wouldn’t think the club are looking at him.

I have mutual friends of Weir and they are of the opinion that he absolutely still loves our club and supports us but he wouldn’t be in a hurry to come work here again after his experience of being sacked with Warburton.

Especially when he’s a valued member of staff at Brighton there is some bad feeling there on how things are done (and yes I’m very aware the board has changed since then) .

27 Oct 2023 06:29:06
I should add by the way for full clarification.

This info I was told about Weir wasn’t recent, was around the time of our Europa League run under Gio (was also not a conversation based on any concrete info of Weir returning just hypothetically at the time) .

So things could’ve very much changed on Weir’s end in that time but just sharing that info I was told.



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