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23 Nov 2023 22:08:29
See Van Veen apparently looking to return to Scotland. Worth a punt? Thoughts?

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23 Nov 2023 23:14:18
I’d take van veen. ?
Thought he was smashing last season.
Great technique, great touch, eye for goal.
Seen him score goals from very difficult angles, I think he’s a great player and apparently availible on loan.
Could be a good shout if we’re not going to spend the money hearts want for shankland or if we don’t have the money for someone else.
I’d rather him than dessers, who we could in turn loan out and try to recoup money in the summer.

24 Nov 2023 00:23:30
Simply not good enough imho.

24 Nov 2023 00:35:37
Not defending Dessers in any way but I am old enough to remember Ibrox telling Ally to get to **** . Think that turned out ok in the end.

24 Nov 2023 05:51:09
Backward step too old.

24 Nov 2023 06:40:30
Penrith I think van veen is old enough to remember that as well.

24 Nov 2023 07:59:49
I don’t think that’s what we need.

24 Nov 2023 08:50:30
Great option off the bench for domestic games.

24 Nov 2023 08:56:30
Decent 2nd/ 3rd choice.

24 Nov 2023 09:07:17
Pentith, seem to recall doubts about mark hateley as well.
Not saying dessers is either hately or mccoist but we've given other players longer to settle in eg cifuentes matondo.

24 Nov 2023 09:25:35
He would get more game time than Dessers and Roofe lol.

24 Nov 2023 10:14:20
Doesn’t matter what age he is what matters is the immediate effect on the pitch.
He’s not costing any money other than small wages it’s a no brainier.
6 month loan deal with option to buy.
Totally makes sense in every aspect.

Manager has stated doesn’t matter if 17 or 36 if your good enough u will play.
Can veen is 33 I believe.
Plenty of players of that age have excelled at the club.

24 Nov 2023 10:26:34
Dessers should never be mentioned in the same breath as Hately and McCoist.

24 Nov 2023 10:38:09
Clement has ZERO interest in Van Veen.

24 Nov 2023 11:06:54
Van Veen? Jesus wept.

24 Nov 2023 11:38:46
Glad to hear that, Bornabear.

Van Veen has had 1 purple patch in his career, and that was at Motherwell.

For anyone on here who would be happy for us to sign him, can I ask you a question? You do want to win the league, don't you?

24 Nov 2023 11:46:06
Van veen is no Robert Lewandowski .

24 Nov 2023 12:00:09
The good ship Van Veen has sailed. we are better than this and will be celebrating #56 in 6 months.

24 Nov 2023 12:10:36
Even considering van veen show you how far some supporters will accept mediocrity.
We need better. Dressers can be our number 3 .

24 Nov 2023 12:14:22
Not for me, we need better.

24 Nov 2023 12:15:39
He’s more than able to perform in this league which is always the first thing we should look for.

He’s a goal scorer. Even has 5 in 10 this season. Fell out with manager and his child is being born in Scotland so he wants back to Scotland in January.

Clement may not want him, I doubt he does.
But he’s be a goo do player for us and wouldn’t cost much for a 6 month deal.
If Danilo got injured we can’t rely on Roofe and dessers isn’t great.
Makes sense to me.

24 Nov 2023 12:28:54
Let livie or killie sign him if he’s wants back .

24 Nov 2023 12:44:10
Can see hearts going for him given that Shankland is likely to go in the summer.

24 Nov 2023 12:55:52
I always said that Van Veen was too slow to be worth a punt for us however we managed to go out and spend a fortune on a guy who is even slower and less of a goal threat . In hindsight I wish we had bought him rather then Dessers but I don`t think he is the answer now, we need someone younger and quicker .

24 Nov 2023 14:44:27
Wsl we absolutely need to target younger players than van veen, he said in interview in his homeland the other day rangers were interested but he didn’t fit their player profile of younger players.

I’m not saying he’s the answer or the saviour, just think it makes a lot of sense everything considered.

24 Nov 2023 14:48:11
Stevie he scored 5 in 10 before the fall out with manager and it’s not a great record for the Dutch 2nd division there is goals galore in that league.

24 Nov 2023 15:49:31
I accept that aswell storm that maybe expect a few more goals from him in that league, it’s a good point mate.

24 Nov 2023 16:17:30

name me those plenty of players that have signed at the age of 33 and excelled at the club

Does he start ahead of danillo?

No! So how could he Excel at the club we are not going to play a 33year old ahead of an asset we paid 4.5 million for

Clement will have a remit to get more out of current signings while club try to get money back on them if possible

Also when teams in Scotland play the likes of Motherwell they don't have 10 men behind the ball, he got more time and space at Motherwell.

24 Nov 2023 16:18:57
Also if you look at his record in British football only really Motherwell could be considered a success.

24 Nov 2023 16:20:38
Also he's just signed for them so it would be a transfer fee for a 33 year old ?

We need to stop the stupid rubbish and start looking more at our own youth free transfers or younger players from other markets.

24 Nov 2023 18:47:12
Gofor u are wrong.

His club are willing to let him go out on loan if his wages are paid.

It’s been highly publicised last few days


De Boer (both) ?
Trevor Steven?
Ray Wilkins?
Dado prso was what 31/ 32?
Alex rae
Big Marvin

Listen some are right or wrong but there’s no limit on age mate.

24 Nov 2023 18:48:17
Doesn’t matter what his record is what matters if he can do a job or not that’s literally all that matters fu** his age and who he pamper for he’s a good player and he will score goals and he’s costing us pennies

Jesus mate it’s snobbery.

24 Nov 2023 18:52:51
StevieG2, the day after that article appeared Van Veen apparently rubbishd it as click bait.



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