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24 May 2024 08:06:39
Heres a question lads.

If we get beat tomorrow is PC's position under the spotlight?

Personally I think if plays the same way and with the same personal then I think yes.

If we fail to win against our biggest enemy no manager can survive that.

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24 May 2024 08:45:42
Bit early for that considering the mince he has. Got to win first auld firm next season.

24 May 2024 09:11:33
As1974 I don't think it will mate but if he loses then he starts the new season under pressure.

24 May 2024 09:14:07
I don't t
Think he has any leeway with personnel, even a few of those who play will not last more than 60 minutes.
Playing style?, again we are limited because of what we have on the pitch.
Let's be realistic lads!

24 May 2024 09:19:28
Our biggest enemy is fans like you that think every time we lose a few games we change the manager. We need to support the manager and give him the resources to create a winning team.

24 May 2024 09:33:10
Sense at last simababyjive.

24 May 2024 09:35:57
Pep wouldn’t make a good team out of our players and all our injuries ?‍♂️.

24 May 2024 09:50:02
That's pure single fish, Storm. Behave!

24 May 2024 10:27:27
Cant expect PC to accomplish much given the players he has been saddled with.

24 May 2024 10:41:58
Very well said sima.

24 May 2024 10:48:09
@Sima. What you on about? It's a simple question. We can't keep playing the same way against Centric and expect a win.

24 May 2024 11:12:46
It took Gerrard 3-years and it might take Clement 2-years but he's a strong leader and everyone must support what he's doing.

24 May 2024 17:00:13
PC will be given time to bring his own players into the club, and reading the media news Jefte will be the first one through the door.
The way forward is not to constantly change managers.



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