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18 Apr 2024 02:09:40
Given it's on the tip of all our tongues:

Let go list:
Butland (if over 10mil), McLaughlin
Tav, Goldson, Balogun, Barisic, Davies, King, Devine
Jack, Raskin, Wright, Silva, Cantwell (if over 5mil), Hagi, Cifuentes
Lammers, Roofe, Dessers

Thats 19 players, seems dramatic but all either past their best or not contributing.

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18 Apr 2024 04:29:46
Trust me AC21,there won't be anywhere near that much of a cull and shouldn't be either as it ie. clement's rebuild will be done in stages mate ? It's just not feesible to get rid of that amount of players in the one close season ?.

18 Apr 2024 04:52:59
???? You should just have said everyone and saved yourself getting thumbs cramp!

18 apr 2024 05:48:43
players like goldson tav git very lucky in 55 season, no fansm no opposition, we are firtunate celtic chucked it or god knows how man6 they would be on now, hard to accept, yes, in my honest opinion, its a fact, lennon los5 his team and our players had no fans to worry about, i can't ignore that, the6ve shown how poor they ar3 many times,

18 Apr 2024 06:24:40
Agreed its d5amatic, but look at it the other way, which of ANY of these guys would you want to keep?

18 Apr 2024 06:53:28
agree with your list, but as others say not feasible to get rid of that many, but any out of contract have to go, that includes Lundstrum, of the others Lammers, cifuentes, hagi will also go, If King and McCronie have any sense for sake of there careers i would want out, if King does not get a look in at present with state of defence, what chance next season .

18 Apr 2024 06:58:41
I agree AC we need to empty a large chuck of these constant failures. If we keep Tav, Goldson, Lawrence, Dowell for example then we’re handing Celtic multiple titles and we’ll go though multiple managers.

18 Apr 2024 07:17:06
And yet you would keep Lundstram.

18 Apr 2024 07:30:04
Tbf coops we will prob need to sell butland to raise clement some cash. I'd perhaps keep cantwell raskin the rest of his list spot on I my opinion.

18 Apr 2024 11:52:49
For me Lundstram stays because he’s been our best player for the majority of the season.

18 Apr 2024 12:12:57
AC that's just a terrible over reaction of a list.

Cantwell isn't and shouldn't go anywhere, but I notice you've conveniently missed our consistently worst midfielder in tom lawrence.

King and devine have also played no part in this bottling. They need game time, King especially.

Also, 10m for butland is an insult.



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