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14 Mar 2024 08:14:42
Got to laugh, wee Rabbi gets in Wales squad, Lawrence doesn't, how has Ramsey managed it. Head scratcher for me, or is it just me cause Ramsey missed a penalty??.

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14 Mar 2024 08:48:32
It's about more than talent Lawrence ruined his international career with the hit and run in certain managers eyes.

14 Mar 2024 09:40:04
A don't believe that rabbi. The man who he hurt forgave him, so why wouldn't the Welsh manager? Ppl make mistakes, we are all human after all, should he be held accountable for the rest of his life, for a drunken mistake. Show me a man who hasn't made big mistakes in there life.

14 Mar 2024 09:43:51
Unfortunately, it could be his past indiscretions are hindering his international chances, but who knows? This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. Remember big Dunc?!

14 Mar 2024 09:57:37
Even though the man involved forgave him, BB3, doesn't mean everyone will. Unfortunately, not everyone is so forgiving, and can carry grudges, or a dislike for someone for a long time. A bit like some on here! ?

Or, it could just be that the players in his position are better than him? Who knows?!

14 Mar 2024 10:02:37
Boy blue. It’s easy because some people think it’s unforgivable what he done plain and simple and then some just make excuses for him. There is no
Excuse and I don’t care how good a player he is I honestly wish he didn’t play for us.
Derby didn’t sack him or the other driver just the player that was left behind because he was only player that wasn’t worth anything.

14 Mar 2024 11:27:07
Bit harsh storm, yes stupid thing to do when drunk but done them myself when younger and hard to find anyone who hasn’t, when people do things intentionally then that’s a bit harder, anyway am happy Lawerance is not in the wales squad or we could have another Ryan Jack on our hands.

14 Mar 2024 11:39:35
No One on here knows the guy personally . so judgement should be for those Involved in his life. plus the fact he is Injury Prone . tough one for the manager of Wales. He is doing a job for us at this time and if he scores the winner tonight then i'm sure you all will be jumping up and down without judgement.

14 Mar 2024 12:18:51
I think it's a blessing that he isn’t called up. I want him fit and playing for us in the title run in. Guy made a mistake in life, deserves a chance to move his life forward and learn from the past.

14 Mar 2024 12:38:54
. So we'll have at least one 'fan' who won't be cheering him if Lawrence scores the winner tonight.

14 Mar 2024 12:50:21
Man made a mistake hubby like everyone human does mate, i certainly don't hold it against him.

14 Mar 2024 12:51:53
Wales loss is to the benefit of Rangers?.

14 Mar 2024 13:04:00
Cooper it’s not harsh as I have posted my reasons on here why. They were people on here some that are making excuses for TL that wanted Bassey and Paterson never to play for the club again and sacked for a lot less that when he has done.

Hubby you can post what you like but don’t put put the fan in inverted comments if you think it makes me less of a fan because I don’t want TL to play for rangers than that’s fine it’s BS but be a man and say instead of silly stuff like that.

14 Mar 2024 13:04:16
Doubt it has anything to do with past indiscretions- more likely to be that he has not played enough since return from long injury layoff.

For me, Matondo definitely has something to offer but needs a bit of a run in the team to boost his confidence.

14 Mar 2024 13:09:58
Got to agree with otter. Any players getting rested during this int is a bonus to us, especially one that’s had injury issues.

14 Mar 2024 13:26:14
You must have hated Gazza then Storm.

14 Mar 2024 13:30:28
Rooney hinted at something between Page and Lawrence, might be the DD, but didn't seem so, he more or less said for Page to get over it and move in, Page denied it was personal and quoted, "Football Reasons" as the reason for Lawrence omission, may have something from Page's time coaching Lawrence at u21 level, kinda thought that was the gist, but maybe way off, Storm is entitled to his opinion guys, not mine personally though ??.

14 Mar 2024 14:20:11
Storm i remember arguing with you about this when we signed him. I admire your opinion but surely the boy must get a chance to make amends. I think he's been good for us.

14 Mar 2024 14:24:48
Maybe Rob Page is stormtrooper ?????.

14 Mar 2024 14:29:47
Yes he certainly is Fork --and when tom scores the winner tonight he will do cartwheels for our club and that's the bottom line. It really is all about "The Famous" at the end of the day.

14 Mar 2024 14:58:07
Storm very good point regarding patterson and bassey but i wonder if you will leap out your chair tonight when TL scores the winner?

14 Mar 2024 16:30:17
Hate when people come off all righteous and holier than thou. I'm sure he regrets what he did and would change the past if he could. Early 20s roughly, shouldn't hang over his career or the rest of his life. As someone said, I bet the righteous loved Gazza.

14 Mar 2024 17:42:00
Spot on seeker?? so will I then go to hospital wi something broken?.



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