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12 Mar 2024 18:27:40
As much as we're all delighted that philippe clement is the rangers manager coupled with the terrific job he's doing, we all realise that a manager with his talent will eventually be head hunted and move on to be a manager in a better league, with a decent size club. ?

This brings me onto a football insider post i just read, stating that rangers are already planning for clement's successor and they reckon current hearts manager steven naismith could well be that manager to succeed clement as the next rangers manager ?Now i now big football club's always look beyond their current manager and who they would go for to replace him as you just never know how fast these things can unfold ? However i don't ever want that wee rat steven naismith anywhere near our club in any capacity never mind our manager ?Not after what he said and did in our darkest hours ?.

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12 Mar 2024 18:45:53
100% agree I'd hand back season ticket. But let's enjoy what we have big Phil just starting. Might come the time we lose him but enjoy the moment.

12 Mar 2024 18:51:54
I agree 100% coops, can't stand him. Expect a backlash nevertheless.

12 Mar 2024 19:10:59
Pc has won a cup and nothing else let’s calm down.

12 Mar 2024 19:19:23
For me all the animosity for everything that happened at that time went away after 55.

I was just becoming more bitter towards everyone and everything in Scottish football which was ruining my enjoyment of the game.

I understand why your bitter as both he and SW could have handled it better but at end if the day you have to look after yourself and your family. In his shoes with the potential to make millions of pounds as a free agent I doubt most of us would have done it differently.

It up to you if you want to hold onto it as with everyone but life is too short buddy.

PS He should not be anywhere near the rangers job because the experience of managing hearts is a million miles away from managing rangers. When PC goes I want another experienced winner in the job as we have seen the risk involved in havimg relative rookies in Gio and Beale.

12 Mar 2024 19:23:05
Get over it, they were not advised properly and at the time we were unsure if there was ever going to be a Rangers and if so in what capacity. Leave the past in the past. Clement is here 6 month and already you are talking of other managers. Stop reading click bait and getting wound up. We are going for 3 trophies with 1 in the bag. Enjoy the moment.

12 Mar 2024 19:37:48
Let it go SWS he was young and badly advised and you welcomed Laferty, McGregor and even tho he got us £1m Davis jumped ship as well when he was worth more all back.

12 Mar 2024 19:46:19
Coops preferable to Bily Davies. Clement going nowhere anytime soon, relax and enjoy the next few years.

12 Mar 2024 20:09:51
Give it to wee Davie he'll have us buzzing up n down on lines, sorry up and down the lines??.

12 Mar 2024 20:19:00
PC is building something special with us. As long as he is backed to his satisfaction by the board he will be with us for a few years. We are lucky to have him
and he seems to be enjoying being our manager.

12 Mar 2024 20:50:16
??? what a giggle! He will never be rangers manager don’t be silly.

12 Mar 2024 21:14:55
Here’s my take on it, PC is only doing his job well, and it sticks out because we haven’t had that in a wee while. There’ll be a dozen managers out there who could come in and do a good job.

12 Mar 2024 21:23:03
Is this the click bait football insider site that knows nothing inside football by any chance?

12 Mar 2024 21:51:34
Lol Billy boys, think we need to get him, with all "speed"?, Sorry, I mean haste??.

12 Mar 2024 21:52:35
Not sure your getting my jovial drift Billy?.

12 Mar 2024 22:06:07
RTG. Alloager1, agree with you both.
PC is new to the game and going very well thanks very much.
Naismith and others didn't know what was going on and were only trying to protect themselves and their family. NONE of us knew if we would still have The Rangers to follow, let's be honest.
Let's enjoy what we have Just now. Cause in 2 years it will change again with different personnel.

12 Mar 2024 23:02:05
Why are you always looking so far into the future, SWS, with replacements for our captain and now our boss? Multiplied by quoting such obvious clickbait nonsense about Naismith. Let's all enjoy the next two years at least with both making massive contributions to our success.

12 Mar 2024 23:56:37
The Yanks and Goiain did the right thing though and it worked out OK for them in the end. Just couldn't believe what I was hearing during that press conference with Naismith and Whittaker. What they said that day was unforgivable and will never leave me. My opinion. Everybody else can throw their arms open wide and welcome Naismith back if they want. Won't be me I'll tell you that.

13 Mar 2024 05:30:08
Absolutely spot on The Seeker ?I totally agree with everything you said there mate ie. the key sentence is what steven 'the rat' naismith said, as nobody was grudging him his move ?Even ally mccoist was sickened by what naismith and whittaker said and the speed they moved at, shocking ?.

13 Mar 2024 07:23:21
Sir Walter, yesterday's history tomorrow's a mystery today is a blessing. I'll never wallow in the past, life is much too short to waste energy on such things, I'll just enjoy PC while he's here. Of course he'll move on at some point but kinda early to be fretting about it because of a story from a terrible site. Enjoy the moment.

13 Mar 2024 07:43:29
Spot on Jfm63, my auld boy used to say enjoy your teens, because blink and you'll be 40, feels like he said it to me yesterday, he's gone 33years and I'm 57. Wy do we have to get auld to get the knowledge we need as teens. ?.

13 Mar 2024 08:11:25
Spot on Seeker.

13 Mar 2024 09:58:29
Save me all this "badly advised" single fish, it just doesn't wash. They were grown adults at the time and knew exactly what they were doing. I never had any issue of them wanting out, but the way they went about it was wrong.

Anyway, it was cluck bait rubbish, and he's never getting the job.

13 Mar 2024 10:19:49
I wonder what many would have done had their employer went into liquidation and had families to care for. They could have transferred to the new company amid the uncertainty or they could have left and went to a new employer that offered stability. I guarentee 100% including seeker and sirwalter, we would all have done the latter. Would that have made us rats? let's try and look at things from a logical perspective instead of through the old blue tinted specs. You's welcomed lafferty, McGregor and Davis back, why because the got us little bit of cash before jumping ship? Why didn't the stay for the journey back if they were true 'Rangers men'? Honestly guys, spare me the dramatics please.

13 Mar 2024 10:43:15
Football Insider/ Ibrox Noise - clickbait p*sh.

If you’re trusting these as sources, I’d suggest The Beano or Viz which probably know more about our club.

13 Mar 2024 11:17:06
Football insider / IBROX noise are as reliable as me coming back from pub in time after an old firm win.

13 Mar 2024 14:58:19
Life is too short to hold grudges for something that happened 12 years ago. It was a time of massive uncertainty of whether there would even be a Rangers football club anymore. Yes, what they said left a sour taste, but we can't continue to hold a grudge. I for one, have more important things to concern myself about.

13 Mar 2024 17:47:49
Tbh I wasn't that enamoured with guys like McGregor and Lafferty coming back to the club. Davis was slightly different in that he was instrumental in negotiating a deal that meant Southampton weighing us in for some cash. As I've said, the way Bocanegra and the other US player whose name I can't remember along with big Goiain left the club in the proper manner was exemplerary. Says a lot for their character imo.

14 Mar 2024 08:35:23
Loved the Beano Ibrox, wanted a dug like Gnasher? whisper it had a thing for Beryl the Peril too?? OK I was 7 for gods sake, judgements still as bad 50 years later??.



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