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10 Mar 2024 19:39:59
In to the semis we go!
Hats off to Lundstrum. Collosal!
Goldson looks way short on confidence.
Everytime I see Diomande he impresses me.
Sorry but got to mention Dessers. Just doesn't do enough. (Don't give me this "He works his socks off BS".
Silva remains solid. Shame about getting more injuries. Onwards and upwards.

If we are being honest some of Steven McLean's decisions were terrible.

Roofe booked for nothing. Stone wall pen despite what that plum Stewart says. Second yellow for the Hibs player wasn't IMO. Straight red for Welsh? I'm not so sure.

Sorry but I always like to get honest.

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10 Mar 2024 19:58:35
welsh was a stonewhaller. can't do that stuff and stay on the park. he had venum in his eyes running at our lad. but agree about dessers he's just not the quality we need. roofe did more when he came on. stick outs for me lunny and silva.

10 Mar 2024 19:45:39
That was a battle, and a good win for a team that ran themselves into the ground on Thursday.

Dessers doesn’t covert anywhere near as much as he should, but to be fair to him he has contributed more than I thought he would. Until summer at least, he’s our 9. Also comes across a likeable guy from the interviews I’ve seen.

Diomande looks great, and Silva looks much better off the left.

10 Mar 2024 19:51:39
Dessers is really starting to grow on me but was really poor today.

Thought second yellow and red were both correct.

Yellow is a tactical foul as Matondo was away and he knew it. That boy lost the plot, manager should have taken him off really, if it was not for that he would have been off for something else.

Was so happy to see the second red, about time our players were protected by referees. Poor and unnecessary challenge that could have injured Lunny. 20 year ago a good challenge but not nowadays.

10 Mar 2024 20:05:37
Dessers ran them ragged and worked his rear end off, Pc said so.

10 Mar 2024 20:06:45
Agree with everything you said there As, love to see an honest assessment mate, doesn't make us any less of a ranger because you call things how you see it.
Whether bad decisions or not, I'll never believe that refs do it intentionally. Love the paranoia across the city, tonight will have them seething.

10 Mar 2024 20:10:02
Whatever Lunny wants give him it. The man is outstanding.

10 Mar 2024 20:16:27
The manager isn't likely to say that Dessers was poor is he. Dessers was poor as was Diomande, although the pitch wasn't great either for our passing game. I also thought Goldson was very indecisive again.

10 Mar 2024 20:33:19
The only bit of unbiased sense that bitter, twisted, apology of a man michael stewart spoke, was correctly giving big john lundstram the motm which of course he was by a distance tonight ? He was everywhere and The quicker we can get him confirmed to signing a new deal to stay with the rangers, the better and happier we'll all feel ?Big lunny has been a colossis in midfield for us, since clement became our manager ???.

10 Mar 2024 20:41:05
@john227. Dessers run them ragged? Wow. I must have watched the wrong game. He's awful. You can't sugar coat it. If any decent money comes in this summer we must take it.

@Decee wasn't a stone waller. The red card that is.

10 Mar 2024 20:43:32
Thats weird i thot along with dessers diomande was absolutely shocking 2night.

10 Mar 2024 20:44:46
Cant believe diomande stayed on the park as lomg as he did. Back 4 were good ridvan especially. Lunny was class. Gutted to lose sterling.

10 Mar 2024 20:49:47
Dessers always puts a lot of work in no denying that,
I’ve said before since the manager came in he has improved but will never be a clinical striker and not having a go at him, I do believe if our injured forwards were fit then he would be warming the bench more.
Done really well to create that opening for himself but you just know that he won’t score, why he cuts back on his left when he could have got a shot away.

10 Mar 2024 21:04:52
Thought Diomonde was off it to be fair, gave the ball away and lost control a few times, maybe being a bit critical, Lundstrum controlled the game and Silva impressed, Goldson gave me the fear a couple of times.

10 Mar 2024 21:12:36
Dessers is the new Tav. He works tirelessly, gives the defence the run around and creates opportunities and space for others.

Is he as prolific as McCoist etc? Nope but he contributes plenty and I expect him to be the the managers plans next season

Sorry, just being honest.

10 Mar 2024 21:42:40
Correct John.

Dessers got no service again, but he is the go to for having a go at a player these days ?.

10 Mar 2024 21:43:07
A bit of faith tb26, still think the guy can do a job, and I thought he kept them occupied with his work rate, in what was at times a frustrating game. Tbh if roofe wasn't Mr Glass he'd start, danilo is out 4 a bit, so we need him and he needs us to get behind him regardless, just a few thoughts.

10 Mar 2024 21:48:59
Ditto DK19 spot on? like the big guys effort and application.

10 Mar 2024 21:55:41
AS I thought John was saying what the manager said. Dessers is frustrating 1 touch can be different class then the next can be woeful but what I will say is he never hides.

10 Mar 2024 22:06:38
Sorry Dk but I don't know what Dessers you are watching.

10 Mar 2024 22:32:00
Dessers couldn't run my 9 year old ragged, he's the go to guy for criticism because he's awful and the majority of fans can see that a mile away, good win again despite the horrendous and never-ending injury list though.

10 Mar 2024 23:12:22
I feel an OWS or is it SWS poll coming on re:-dessers, always get my Walters mxd up?? sort of, is dessers good enough to deserve his jersey, or is the big guys workrate/ goals ratio good enough. Something like that?.

11 Mar 2024 18:03:32
As74, I have said dessers not the answer what bit do u not understand, I have asked u who you would playinsted, still no answer

Jackboy same to u, who would u play right now.



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