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18 Feb 2024 07:58:23
I think the majority of rangers fans will agree if not all jelavic was a great striker for us and I ain’t saying dessers is anywhere near as good as he isn’t.
Jelavic scored 19 goals in his 1st year for us 16 league 3 league cup.
Dessers is on 14 at the moment am sure he will at least equal that but more and likely better it unless he gets injured.

Lastly let’s go and smash it today and bring home the 3 points and hurt this lot a wee bit more.

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18 Feb 2024 08:21:54
Great shout Storm,

There’s no doubt Dessers will hit 20 goals with a far few assists. I don’t think he’ll hit 30 but I’d like to see him get close.

I can’t remember but did Jelavic score pens within the 19?

18 Feb 2024 08:27:36
Storm he's certainly winning everyone over.

I feel most of it is down to clement you can see a clear difference in players fitness and he seems to be great at rotating squad.

18 Feb 2024 08:28:06
Watched him in one of the legends game, still had it, but had a derriere bigger than boydies?.

18 Feb 2024 08:28:21
That’s the thing, Storm.
Nobody thinks Dessers is the answer long term.
But at the minute he is doing the business.

18 Feb 2024 08:34:38
This is a stretch and a half.

18 Feb 2024 08:46:42
Jelavic was 10x the player. Wat a find he was. That overhead kick up pittodrie to win was worth the cold ?.

18 Feb 2024 08:54:19
You are correct, Storm, Dessers is nowhere near as good as Jelavic, but there's no denying that he's delivering the numbers.

This will be our 3rd attempt at going top, and we must take our chance. We will!

18 Feb 2024 09:10:59
David what’s a bit of a stretch?

18 Feb 2024 09:13:11
Dado I can’t remember either if he did. Don’t know how we would check that either.

18 Feb 2024 09:18:16
MPH not the guy for that Storm/ Dado?

18 Feb 2024 09:22:04
Storm, i agree mate ?You said from the start dessers wasn't anywhere near as bad as some on here were making out and i agreed with you then and do so now. I'm not going to say here that dessers is a better striker than jelavic, because he's not imo, as i rated jelavic very highly? Having said that give dessers credit where credit is due and i honestly do think he'll score over 20 goals for us, before the season finishes ?Fair play to dessers for sticking at it, with especially all the abuse he took ie booing him when he was being subbed ?In all my many years of going everywhere to watch the famous glasgow rangers, i've never booed a rangers player as imo it ain't right and achieves nothing ?I always support whoever plays for us when they pull on that famous rangers jersey, even when they're playing bad.

18 Feb 2024 09:34:30
Looks like 5 pens and 2 free kicks (on transfer market)

18 Feb 2024 09:49:25
Who could forget Jelavic's free kick against Killie, Dado, the day we won the league?! On top of his virtuoso performance, that strike was a screamer, mate. I wasn't far from him when he took that kick, to a chorus of Jelavic Jelavic from the stands.

18 Feb 2024 10:14:43
Cheers dado.

100% coops.

MPH they are still a good percentage of fans against dessers tho in short term.

18 Feb 2024 10:17:45
Sorry I should have also said I am not ruling out long term but I am also not saying he will be. A lot of players get better in the 2nd season in some leagues dessers could be that player.

I also think we need better in every position not just striker as that’s how you grow as a club and get better. We need to start making this model work of buy potential and sell on.

18 Feb 2024 10:26:36
Dessers needs about 6/ 7 chances to score 1 goal, he fluffs way to many his hold up play is poor. He plays better coming on as a sub.

18 Feb 2024 11:08:01
Storm - good point re dessers v jelavic.

Its funny how some players are easier on the eye though, even with lesser numbers.

And some seem to make harder work of it.

I like big dessers though but I wouldn't want to go into next season with him as our main striker.

18 Feb 2024 11:15:40
Scored 2,hit post, 1 off the line. Don't know why everyone constantly moans about the guy. Amd btw man city suffocate teams week in week out, have batrel loads of shots, but they don't go out and beat teams 5,6,7-0.

18 Feb 2024 11:33:26
Kingandulster . I must disagree on hold up play, he leads the line well wins his fair share of balls into the box bringing players into play, i fear to many fan won't rest till he's out the door, his numbers aren’t to bad he works hard never hides get behind him build his confidence.

18 Feb 2024 14:50:55
King haaland missed 5/ 6 chances yesterday is he rubbish?

18 Feb 2024 14:51:31
Hold up play is good don’t know what you watch king clearly not rangers.



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