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12 May 2024 15:58:50
Was told there the now from a guy who i sit beside at ibrox and knows john gilligan that he's been told that current hearts manager steven naismith will be the man our board go for whenever clement leaves rangers either with being successful or with being not successful ? Naismith has allegedly support within some of our prominent board members ? Surely not ?I wouldn't want that rat naismith anywhere near our manager's job in the future and would honestly prefer derek mcinnes over him ?.

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12 May 2024 16:15:43
Rat is very harsh.

Davis n mcgregor were welcomed back with open arms.

Don’t agree with the slack Naismith gets. I find it disgusting.

Great player for us who I remember fondly.

Manager wise.

Probably not yet for me.

12 May 2024 16:52:33
And see that at all mate

If anyone from the Scottish game surely Mcinnes gets first refusal.

12 May 2024 17:08:17
Would rather go for a successful manager with more experience. We have went down the rookie route a few times and it's not working.

12 may 2024 17:10:48
he is heading fir bigger things than hearts that's fir sure, he should never have been out in the position he was at that age, , he knew nothing of what he was speaking about, i'm sure he knows that now.

12 May 2024 17:14:17
StevieG2, it's not the same as davis and mcgregor mate because it's the way naismith and whittaker done it and the quickness and what they said which even had ally mccoist fuming ? Our club wasn't going to stand in their way to leave but we nursed this wee rate naismith through 2 serious, possibly career threatening injuries and that's the way he goes about things ?Na not for me mate he's a wee rat!

12 May 2024 17:31:00
Coops, you are 100% bang on mate.

12 May 2024 17:36:35
Sir Walter you sound so bitter pal! I personally know Naismith absolutely loves rangers, always has. He should never have been put in the position he was and to be honest new nothing other than I’ll advised.

12 May 2024 17:37:45
Rat is 100% not harsh it’s being kind. We didn’t sign him a few year ago cause of fan backlash there is no way in hell we will appoint him as a manager. One cause he’s not very good and two cause Koepen will have better options.

12 May 2024 17:38:02
It’s all right to bad mouth Naismith and McLaughlin but no one can have a opinion on tav or borna.

12 May 2024 17:44:47
Spot on John, SWS supports Tav and thinks he can't do wrong and we're not allowed to say so, that's up to him it's his opinion (wrong obviously) plus borna has been looking away for at least 18months if not longer.

12 May 2024 17:50:38
Stewarton warmer.

12 May 2024 18:23:58
????imagine tbat. right how can we totally turn the fan base against us. Aye let's get naismith in.

12 May 2024 18:24:40
Fork I don’t mind his opinion at all, but don’t lecture us.

We r all entitled to our opinion, more than half our board and major shareholders don’t even know who Naismith is. Ie John halstead. Julian Wolthardt et al.

12 May 2024 19:18:11
Great post John.

TT, 100% he knew what he was talking about surely people are not that naive to believe he didn’t ?.

It's no from me for him and it has absolutely no chance of happening.

12 May 2024 20:13:17
Not lecturing anyone John, he has his opinion it's his not mine, yet your lecturing to use your words about mcclaughlin several times to sws past few weeks, he has a pop at naismith and mcclaughlin and you call him out again about other peoples opinion on tav n borna. A bit contradictory.

12 May 2024 20:51:47
I've known John Gilligan for more than 30 years and I'd be astounded if he fed anyone this stuff. There is no way that members of our board are in favour of Naismith becoming Rangers manager.

13 May 2024 00:11:00
Correct Fork.

13 may 2024 09:54:15
i never said i would want naismith, i'm saying every s8ngle one of us said things in our twentys we wouldn't believe or say today.

13 May 2024 10:30:06
Hubby 100% agree.

13 May 2024 19:56:16
I wouldn’t want Naismith as manager at the moment but if he became an outstanding candidate for the job through training, experience and achievement I would happily welcome him back.

His choice of words away back when our club was toiling was not the best, but I felt at the time that he was worried at the direction of travel being taken by those persons running our club (and his club) . Rangers is a club he had a lot of affection for and he was a good player for us, one who always gave his all.

I do not support the level of vitriol aimed at Naismith. I’m sure he has regrets as we all do and I harbour no ill will towards him. Just my opinion folks.



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