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13 Feb 2024 14:59:12
Just read on twitter celtic are getting 2,750 seats at ibrox for the next old firm. Anyone know if there’s any truth in it?

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13 Feb 2024 17:24:20
****ing better not be! All for away fans again, it's a must imo. But from the START of NEXT season onwards.

13 Feb 2024 17:51:46
Would be even sweeter beating them in front of more of there fans. after watching them against st Mirren have no doubt we'll beat them. They were camped in there own box for large parts of the game and still said they were happy with there performance afterwards.

13 Feb 2024 18:13:07
Can't see anything about it?.

13 Feb 2024 18:17:16
Must be for the upcoming women’s game because there isn’t any room at Ibrox for that amount of away fans for league matches.

13 Feb 2024 18:38:03
What section of the stadium are they getting? Hard to give them that number of seats in a segregated area.

13 Feb 2024 19:07:41
I know people will be against the idea but I fancy our chances at home whether there’s 0 900 or 3000 of them. If we can get 3000 into park head for the last old firm of the season it could make a big difference for us.

13 Feb 2024 19:16:11
Good news that. Any moving the IB to copladn also is indication it will be back to full allocation at some point.

13 Feb 2024 19:37:46
Its time to bring them back their silence shall be deafening.

13 Feb 2024 20:54:08
I agree paul 100%.

We need to get back to having a good amount of old firm away fans back in these games atmosphere is so much better.

13 Feb 2024 23:29:12
Will always split opinion this subject but the games have died a death without a large number of away fans. i'd like the option of going to piggery too.

14 Feb 2024 05:04:13
Can't stand them give them nothing but if it changes give us behind goals at piggery not stuck on a corner.

14 Feb 2024 06:39:44
Give them nothing until we are guaranteed an unrestricted view. I would insist on that if its to return to normal, otherwise beat it.

14 Feb 2024 07:26:12
I just googled it and it's a story from some rag called the celtic star, wouldn't wipe my a**e with it.

14 Feb 2024 07:38:17
To be honest it just encourages the loony element of both supporters to damage seats n lavvies, other teams supporters 2, look at what the Hibs scumbags did recently, just ends up costing money and grief.

14 Feb 2024 07:45:37
Fork we used to shop in the asda close to hampden, the staff there always said the worst support was the hibs fans, they used to walk down the booze aisle smashing bottles and rubbish in the sinks in the toilets. Total scum.

14 Feb 2024 08:20:43
Aye Jfm spoon burning clowns.

14 Feb 2024 09:14:27
100% Dado it’s not the same and needs adjusted. Seeing our players score at park head to absolute silence feels so wrong. Even the 900 is rubbish when we score and you can hardly even see them celebrate. How many iconic goals have we had there with 9000 fans going absolutely mental in the background. After Kyogo scored at ibrox at the start of the season the atmosphere died completely. The matches used to be the fans going at each other no matter what was happening on the pitch. I think 3,000 is a realistic outcome for both teams.

14 Feb 2024 09:56:18
Only place I seen this was a Celtic blog site to be fair, think a euro allocation probably the way forward from next season, would of been fun and games if we had drawn them in quarters of cup tho then a big allocation would of had to be given at either ground, remember a game early 2000s when they got Broomland and all the Govan in the cup, when I started going early 80s they used to get the Broomland and west enclosure (standing ) and a part of mainstand, at parkhead we got over 20,000 tickets the rangers end and a part of their Mai stand.

14 Feb 2024 10:26:37
It's a winde up. They won't take the 800 we will offer them and I'm happy they won't be in our stadium. For decades the SMSM have said the atmosphere was poisonous and an embarrassment for Scotland, now they want it back because its not the same. How couldn't make these clowns up!

14 Feb 2024 11:46:29
JFM it actually came from a rangers supporter on twitter.

GMS so you're happy to go to parkhead in a potential title decider without any away fans? Terrible mentality.

14 Feb 2024 14:33:36
Rangers fans - the UB are a disgrace with their sectarian songs etc and I'm not bothered if they create an atmosphere, ban them etc. ?
Same Rangers fans - I'd love Celtic fans to come back to Ibrox for an Old Firm game with their sectarian bile because the Old Firm games has lost it's atmosphere without them?.

14 Feb 2024 15:07:50
MPH I agree 100% with your comments. For the record I love the UB and I know a few of them. Personally I wish we would ditch some songs. i. e. Bought a flute and NPOR and a few others. We have some fantastic songs that get the juicies flowing. It's no coincidence that when the stadium is rocking its the new age songs that are being sung. Old fart loyal!

14 Feb 2024 15:08:13
Mph sectarian bile on both sides but you think the Union bears are fine which is even worse.
Are you telling me the atmosphere isn’t worse now

If both sets of fans just sign the songs without sectarian bile then we have a great atmosphere at the games ?

For old firm games with 2 sets of fans you don’t need to good brigade or the onion bears. Boths of these groups are an embarrassment to their teams.

14 Feb 2024 15:14:13
Nailed it MPH! The hypocrisy on here is mental at times.

14 Feb 2024 15:45:26
Correct, NRD. Someone who gets the point.

14 Feb 2024 15:48:28
Where have I said the UB are fine singing sectarian songs, Storm? I’ll wait.
And you have said you would ban the UB on many occasions whether it affects the atmosphere or not. But are quite willing to invite 7500 Celtic fans with their bike to create an atmosphere.
Irony hypocritical overload???
P. S. Onion Bears is Tim Patter???.

14 Feb 2024 16:35:05
NRD that's just wrong. Every atmosphere from during a game is NPOR, BMG or 50pF, rightly or wrongly.

14 Feb 2024 16:41:44
Agree Storm religious and or sectarian bile has nothing to do with football. Aye sing songs create an atmosphere, but leave the sh#t outside. On top of that how much have these fools cost the respective clubs.

14 Feb 2024 18:42:41
tjn if you thing those songs get the stadium up then you've obviously not been to a game at Ibrox for years. RB Leipzig in the semi not one of those cringe songs was sung and that's a fact. It's more at away games you get them but hardly ever at Ibrox now and I'm thankful for that mate.

14 Feb 2024 19:12:36
Nothing beats cheering your team on in a hostile arena, we all get that, and prob want it 2, but tbh I can't be ar#ed with all the sh#! that goes with it, some of the loons on both side's live in the dark ages. No place for the garbage that pervades the stands from people who profess to love their club, but cost them money with a religious and sectarian narrative that's decades out of date. Just my humble opinion.

15 Feb 2024 01:11:35
Apart from aberdeen and ross county at home of course NRD where lousest songs of the night were build my gallows.

15 Feb 2024 07:29:37
Funny thing MPH and Storm none of the two of you said what you appear to be " discussing" none of the 2 of you utter the exact words" Union Bears are fine singing sectarian songs" in this stream. Just saying.

15 Feb 2024 11:18:06
a mate of mine sits in BR5 (nearest to the screens) said he had recieved comms from the club that he would be getting moved next season. He is under the impression that section will be used for away fans next season. Could that mean celtic get corner and BF5 and BR5?!

15 Feb 2024 11:32:51
We offered them 750 seats they sayed no then sayed we could not go to there stadium due to safety concerns would give them **** all

15 Feb 2024 11:40:24
Paul there are no sectarian language in BMG so I don't know what your point is. Ok it's not a Rangers song per say but I'm talking about NPOR and songs that could getvus a ban in Europe. ie Super Rangers which has been eradicated from the song book. My point is the atmosphere at Leipzig was the best ever and no songs containing sectarian language was sung.

15 Feb 2024 16:43:57
I have always said onion bears and good brigade they are a joke to both sets of clubs and you big up the onion bears constantly so you are what they are doing is fine. You are saying sectarian bile is fine as that comes along with both sets of groups. They bring atmosphere they can sing what they like ?‍♂️?.

15 Feb 2024 16:45:50
Some good posts there fork about songs. These idiots don’t need to bring the club down by singing the sectarian bile that some on here seem to think it’s fine because they bring atmosphere.

15 Feb 2024 17:36:23
Cheers Storm ??.

15 Feb 2024 17:57:53
NRD I am at every home game. Which song got the fans going yesterday? Fathers advice. The leipzig game was 2 years ago, and it began with Build My Gallows, as all euro songs do. Stop lying to yourself.



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