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08 Dec 2023 09:57:12
We've opened permanent talks for sima. Their initial price is too high. Will likely come down, they're happy to sell.

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08 Dec 2023 10:45:23
I think Sima has been solid but for the money he’d cost I’m not sure he’s worth it.

08 Dec 2023 11:08:33
Will be 23, family settled here, Brighton willing to sell, not first team and 1 year left on his deal

Could see it.

08 Dec 2023 11:57:42
Not worth it? Remove him from the squad this season and we’re a mess! I’d like to see your thoughts then?

08 Dec 2023 12:07:30
Hopefully he's a Rangers player next season.

08 Dec 2023 12:48:05
Timing of it is strange surely we must be looking to sign him permanently but not pay anything until the summer . We need any transfer budget we do have for other signings in January . We have Sima until the summer anyway.

08 Dec 2023 12:57:20
Not worth it ? totally disagree with you there davidb1996.Sima i'd love us to get on a permanent deal and i think with 1 year remaining on his contract, we could possibly get him for around the £4million-£5million mark ? This guy for me capable of scoring 20 goals plus a season for us and that itself is worth its weight in gold ?Great asset with that blistering pace and very hard working, not to mention being a very cool, composed finisher ?.

08 Dec 2023 13:10:51
Think Sima will only get better and more consistent, yeah a bit of a ted McMinn at times but we would not get a sniff at him otherwise, always available which is something which a lot are not, so fit, fast, strong and hits the target, if the manager wants him it’s a No brainer for me.

08 Dec 2023 13:33:20
He would be worth it, and that is plainly obvious.

08 Dec 2023 13:41:26
Yes he’s been our best attacker this season but that’s not hard. For me he’s technically not good enough and is too wasteful when he has the ball at his feet. If we could get him for a couple million then yes, but I don’t see that happening.

08 Dec 2023 14:34:49
If Aberdeen want 4-6 million for Miovski then Brighton are perfectly able to ask for similar for Sima. or a bit more.

08 Dec 2023 14:35:37
Raisetheroofe, if we were getting Jude Bellingham for a fiver, some on here would find fault with him, mate.

08 Dec 2023 15:38:40
A fiver I'd say no but £4 I'd take him all day.

08 Dec 2023 15:42:57
Sign him up. Hopefully David Weir won’t be too hard to deal with. His pace will cause the bigger teams problems and he’s pretty much propping up the whole team at the moment.

08 Dec 2023 15:43:28
He was getting a wee bit of stick at start of season but I remember that outrageous back heel volley in one of the early games that almost came off, he's fast, composed, strong, good in the air and has 12 goals off the wing, he's worth 5 million nae bother, he also was able to stand up when everyone else was crumbl8ng so he's got the mentality, tracks back too, if Kent was 6.5m then Sima must be worth at least that and we can sell on after a few years.

08 Dec 2023 16:13:16
Davidb you don’t know a player when you see one obviously.

08 Dec 2023 16:21:39
Very true, hubby11, very tue, mate.

08 Dec 2023 16:37:19
Blows my mind that most on here didn’t want Tillman but now want Sima.

08 Dec 2023 16:49:56
Hubby but we’re not we’re getting someone who’s not technically the best and is shining because of the lack of quality around him. 5m could easily be better spent elsewhere imo. Look at Palma who we could’ve had for 3 or whatever it was in the summer. I’d take him every day of the week over Sima.

08 Dec 2023 17:49:10
What nonsense Davidb, he's scored in Europe and looks the part, who are you watching.

08 Dec 2023 18:00:06
4 to 5 million when he's got 1 yr left means he is valued at 16 - 20 million, was valued at 8 so would of though it would be more like 2 million.

08 Dec 2023 18:55:13
Davidb1996, granted tillman was extremely skillful but always seemed lazy. Sima came to us low on confidence and has grown into this team. He tracks back puts challenges in and gets up and does the business. It's great seeing skill moves but i prefer going direct no nonsense style.

08 Dec 2023 19:11:20
It never fails to amaze me that we consistently complain about the poor standard of player that we sign and the cheap acquisitions, yet when we are reportedly interested in a player that is better than any outfield player that we have signed for a number of years.

The general standard of player signed for a significant number of years is simply not good enough, Sima looks like a decent quality player that could more than hold his own in the EPL. If we are fortunate enough to secure his transfer we should be thankful and hope that this sets a precedent and a minimum standard for future transfers.

08 Dec 2023 19:18:30
I don't think tilman was lazy think he just looked really casual, but probably the most naturally gifted football that has played a t rangers in years.

08 Dec 2023 19:27:51
Livi I think Tillmans work rate was massively underrated but no need to bring back old convos.

I’ve said Sima has been solid for us but for the assumed £5m+ price tag I don’t think he’s worth that much and we could do better.

08 Dec 2023 20:03:09
Glad you’re not the manager, DavieB. What has Tillman got to do with anything? Not even a close comparison. I’d be delighted to get Sima in permanently and play him as CF. Happy to get Shankland too.

08 Dec 2023 20:22:01
If we can get him for 4-6 million we can negotiate a reasonable sell on fee.

08 Dec 2023 21:10:40
I like Sima he’s a hard worker with a decent finish and a good attitude. If he becomes permanent he should only get better.

08 Dec 2023 21:12:44
Davidb1966 we had Ryan Kent who was technically brilliant but his end product was a shambles. Sima's got an end product and producing numbers Kent could only hope for. Whether he’s technically good or not, he’s producing! We also had big boydy who, technically didn’t do much at all apart from score an insane amount of goals.

Best and most valuable players aren’t always the most technically gifted. If we can pick sima up for under 7m I think that would be a steal in this modern day transfer madness.

09 Dec 2023 03:57:47
Gers I don’t think he’s worth anywhere near 7m but that’s just my opinion. I’d be looking at about half of that or move on to someone else.

09 Dec 2023 12:48:40
I can see why people say he's not worth it as he's not the traditional winger type but he brings a clinical edge that sadly rest of our team is lacking at the moment.

Really depends on the fee and if we can recoup money on other flops like dessers.

09 Dec 2023 16:39:17
By the end of the season, Sima will be worth minimum 10 mill upto 15 mill if you realise just how good he is as a CF, wasted at LW or RW.
Lads and out and out CF with pace and power and composure in the box, only 22 a very sellable asset for brighton, more than likely will end up at a decent european club, i doubt rangers could afford any player in the 8 mill plus bracket, we'd rather squander that kind of money on duds like lammers and dessers.

10 Dec 2023 22:25:15
Laudrup hagi I agree. I get the arguments to him playing on left but that means our play predictable down right side more 9ften than not for me he's better on air than dessers better finisher than dessers quicker than dessers more physical than dessers I'd play him CF and look for a better left winger.

Can still chop and change sima position if needed which is only a plus.



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